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Who are the destination experts on the forums?
Destination experts are forums users who exemplify the best features of our forums—they give helpful, friendly advice, and are extremely knowledgeable about the city or region they're a destination expert of. They may be residents of that place or frequent visitors who have up-to-date knowledge of what's going on there, and who are regular posters who welcome new members to the forums.

Do they get paid?
Nope. The destination experts are volunteers.

Are they forum moderators/administrators?
No. They do not have the ability to remove posts, ban users, etc.

How are they chosen?
TripAdvisor forums administrators select destination experts based on their contributions to our forums. We look for people who contribute good advice, are friendly and respond to many different topics on a regular basis. Members who meet our qualifications are invited to participate by email.

I'm interested in becoming a destination expert. What do I have to do?
Participate frequently in our forums and give detailed, helpful advice. Help us set the right tone by not encouraging trolls, getting into arguments with other users or treating the forum as a chat room, and by letting us know if anything in the forum is getting out of hand. We monitor forums to look for users like this, but you're welcome to e-mail us to nominate yourself as a destination expert.

Can I nominate someone else?
Sure—we love it when our users tell us there's a great participant in our forums! E-mail our forum support team. Please tell us why you think this person would be a good candidate.

Someone who's a destination expert just called me a really nasty name. If I tell you about it, are you really going to do anything, or are they given special treatment?
Destination experts have to uphold the same forum guidelines as every other user... if they start breaking the rules, we'll deal with them in exactly the same way.

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