Once in Palestine..

Good Morning all,

We are going to Palestine beginning of April, crossing the border next to Amman - Allenby Bridge - on the 2nd of April (Monday) and we have some questions:

1) What is the best time to cross the border? Since it's Easter season should I expect more people than usual?

2) It's ok if I bring dollars with me or better to exchange some money to shekels?

3) The taxis on Palestine side can go easily to Jericho before we go to Jerusalem? We want to stop in Jericho (West Bank) but i'm not sure what is the best way to do it.

4) From Jerusalem what tour do you recommend to do? Bethlehem tour? Visit Ramallah? Other?

5) Any guide in Jerusalem that you can recommend?

Thanks a lot.

Looking forward to receive your tips!

Best Regards,