Salve o assunto
Stay away of RIAD VERUS is a Scam.

Warning, this hostel is a really well made SCAM. First of all the reviews are manipulated: a mix of bride people to review and a enormous amount of false profiles created just to give 5 stars and excellent comments. They are hundreds of profiles with just one review.

Noor, the owner, is a wolf in a sheep's clothing. Looking all nice, all welcoming, he is just interested in your money. The city taxes don’t exist in Morocco, neither the banking taxes, in the case you pay with credit card. Also, the cambio they use will be generous for the hostel.


Noor is also really picky with the tours, especially the desert tour, which is a scam: he sells it sometimes for 400€, sometimes 300, and we meet people who did for 190€, with equivalent conditions. Also, the hotel is regular, not what is shown, and the stops are not really stops, once you most of the times don’t really stop there: the places are just announced. With the excuse that we must arrive early in the desert.

There are lots of reviews denouncing all this Riad Verus scams, but they are hidden for the false comments and manipulated rating. Read them, inform yourself before book any trip.

 I am sure Noor will answer all well-educated to this review, well, this is for you: Take care of my money, hope Karma finds you well.