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Noruega Fórum: Norway trip - Feb 02 2017 to Feb 14 2017 - Doubts

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Norway trip - Feb 02 2017 to Feb 14 2017 - Doubts


I'm planning to go to Norway on February 3rd (arrival date) to February 14 - 2017 (flight back), and I've actually already bought the tickets.

I'm going with my girlfriend and we're planning to do the following route:

Feb 3 - Arrive Oslo and stay for the night;

Feb 4 - 7 - Fly to Tromso for the Northern Lights

Feb 7 - 11 - Fly to Lofoten (which airport? what's the cheapest way in?)

Feb 11 - 12 - Ferry to Bodo, stay the night

Feb 12-13 - Fly to Bergen and stay the night

Feb 13-14 - Train from Bergen to Oslo and go home the next morning.

Ok, so my doubts are:

1) I've mentioned 3 flights inside Norway: Oslo - Tromso, Tromso - Lofoten, Bodo - Bergen... Is it the best way to get around or maybe I should consider ferry or train between some of these cities? Each flight is around USD 100,00, so I'd spend $300,00 altogether. Is there a cheaper way or cheaper website to look for flights inside norway?

2) I won't be renting a car because of the snow (i'm not used to driving in this weather), so inside Oslo, Tromso, Lofoten, Bodo and Bergen i'll be needing public transportation, such as BUS and TRAIN (not planning to use TAXI), so what should I do? Oslo PASS is great, but I won't be able to use it in these other cities, right? EURAIL NORWAY pass is USD140,00 for 3 days use. Is it worth? Is there a better one that i'm not aware of?

3) Inside lofoten i'll stay in REINE for 3 nights, what are the best parts of Lofoten I should visit for northern lights (at night) and what to do during daylight? What's the best idea to spend my days there?

3) In Tromso i'll be mainly searching for northern lights and I haven't booked hotel yet. Should I stay in Tromso (city centre) and do the tours for northern lights? Or should I rent a house outside of tromso (15-20km away from it) for less light polution, which makes it better for northern lights, so I woudl'nt need to spend money in tours?

Considering i'm aiming my trip on both Lofoten and Tromso, these cities are the ones I need more advise about how to get around, cost and best way to enjoy my time there without spending a lot of money.

The rest of the Hotels in Oslo, Lofoten, Bodo and Bergen are already booked, so it's mostly about transportation between and inside cities and cost.

Other than this, any additional information will be great to know!

I really appreciate the support of all those who find some time to answer my questions and clear my doubts!

Thank you and best regards,


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