On line Transfer Company - stay away from them!

Dear Friends,

I have rental apartments in Albufeira and recently some very good guests of mine booked a transfer on line through a good website, which I have contacted them to let them know about the situation. The names that appear on the reservation paper are Cab Force and the Portuguese company is Lisbon Ryder Lda.

They simply did not show up on arrival day it was 12.00 midnight I had to sort them out last minute with a Uber Service. During their stay they tried to contact them several times, once they picked up and said they would call back and did not, and rest of the time they simply recognized the number and hung up. They left today and they did not show up to pick them up, I organized another transfer for them.

If was very cheap, £38,00 for 4 people and return. Sometimes things that cheap can be very expensive and stressful!

I have checked all three sites mentioned the first was great and will probably be able to get a refund for the guests - Irish based company (they were not at fault as it is was one of their providers). The other two Cabforce Lda and Lisbon Ryder Lda, not sure how they are connected are Portuguese companies. I did not contact either just checked out their websites and they do not have much security or recommendations.

I just thought I should put this out there so it can avoid further victums