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The Street

Sun and Ski Getaways for the Rich and Not Necessarily Famous

Winter weather is cranking up just as the holiday season winds down, making now the best time to plan a January vacation.

"I always think that January a great time to get away because it's really the beginning of when I start to tire of cold weather," TripAdvisor.com(TRIP) travel expert Josey Miller says. "I'm in the holiday spirit in December and enjoying the chill -- but by January, I'm starting to think: 'OK, when is spring coming?"

Miller adds that January is a "shoulder season" at some resort destinations, offering lower prices than you'd find either around Christmas or in February when many schools have vacation weeks.

In fact, the only major downside to taking a January vacation is having to choose between a warm tropical beach and a cozy ski resort.

"There's no real right answer," Miller says. "It all depends on your personal preference."...