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The Washington Post
November 19, 2000


"To start--and, maybe, finish--a search about a destination you plan to visit: www.tripadvisor.com

This recent debut, essentially a search engine that directs you to human- and machine-selected travel info from fairly credible sources, is a minor breakthrough. Put a query into the engine (only for U.S. places now) and the site returns lists of: links to relevant sections of guidebooks and other overviews; targeted newspaper and magazine articles; lodging and restaurant lists; and comments from individuals plucked from around the Web.

By sticking with name-brand information sources, the site filters out a lot of commercial rubbish, perhaps its greatest benefit. And a profile feature, so far only marginally useful but promising, lets you add an idiosyncratic personal filter over the information. The site is strongest on the most trafficked spots and needs to deepen. But once it goes international (promised in several weeks), Tripadvisor could become the leader in the best-place-to-start-a-search-on-a-place category."