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Airai Forest Villa

OCHELOCHEL AIRAI, Airai, Babeldaob Island 96940 Palau
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OCHELOCHEL AIRAI, Airai, Babeldaob Island 96940 Palau
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Stayed there for 2 nights and don't plan on returning. The room was very basic...shower stall too small that bathroom floor got wet everytime someone took a shower...no bath tub. The toilet kept getting clogged for no reason...the mirrors were not clean and I really don't know when they cleaned them last. TV was programmed to cater to Chinese customers and the phone...it didn't even have a dial tone. Swimming pool had leaves in it...water color was questionable...the hotel should invest in some chlorine. Went to take my trash to dumpster and saw a rat in the hedges...once I saw dumpster area, I understood the presence of rats. They had old furniture piled on the sides. They have absolutely no local staff...kind of questionable. They have Filipinos, Bangladeshis, and Chinese. Its definitely not a hotel I'd recommend.
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My boyfriend and I went to Palau on a hotel+air ticket package so we did not get to choose the resort to stay. Airai Forest is located extremely close to the airport however quite a bit of distance to the city centre in Korror. The resort does not provide any shuttle service and has proven to be very inconvenient during our trip. You can call for a taxi but it will take 20-30 minutes to arrive and the trip will be very expensive. (We were advised not to rent a car due to the construction going on in Airai and it might be dangerous to drive) The resort is new and the staff lacks training. They are not able to give directions or suggest attractions to visit. The staffs speak Chinese and English which is helpful. There are not a lot of staff on site so the reception is often left unattended. We stayed in a little cottage. The room is fairly big and has most of the necessary equipments and amenities. The bathroom consists of a shower with glass walls. There is almost nothing stopping the water from seeping under the glass walls so you do need to use up one of the towels to wipe up the floor after you shower. On the second day, we found some water leakage from the ceiling. The staffs were quick to fix it once we notified them. It is a pity that you don't get much of a sea view let along being walking distance to the beach. The resort does not have a pool so there is nothing much to do on site. (Note: not suitable if you'd like your children to play on site). My boyfriend and I tried to visit the beach from the resort but took at least 20 minutes to walk. We did not find it in the end due to the park next to the beach being locked up blocking our way. We highly suggest that you book long day trips out doors and only come back to the villa for your nights rest. The meals were OK. An interesting mix of Asian and Western style food. We enjoyed that the chefs chose to use local ingredients we never tried before. Overall, we were expecting a better resort with great views. We were also hoping to be near a beach. We do not recommend Airai Forest Villa and if we get to visit Palau again we will most definitely choose to stay in Korror.
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