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The Peacock Bakewell

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Bridge Street, Peak District National Park, Bakewell DE45 1DS Inglaterra
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Nós visitamos Bakewell uma vez por ano para participar do Bakewell Mostrar e garantir sempre que uma das nossas noites é gasto no Peacock. No ano passado, esquecemos de pré-reservar uma mesa e teve de esperar por um futuro livre, mas a espera foi memorável e a comida excelente.
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Resposta de thepeacockbakewell, the guy who is here year after year after year after year after year! - Hell, I gotta get outta this place do estabelecimento The Peacock Bakewell
Respondida em 12 de ago de 2014
Maria M - your post is lovely, and so a Big Thank You for coming back, and hopefully we will be even better next year, it will take some doing though, but we will be on our toes to do so... See you next year!
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Estamos a duas mulheres que tiveram uma incidência muito desagradável no Peacock. Chegamos 6th Agosto ter reservado uma noite em um estúdio em £147 (não é barato) mas nós não tivemos nenhum problema com isto como se estivéssemos visitando parentes e indo para o Bakewell Mostrar.
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Resposta de thepeacockbakewell, when the pointing duck is not a dog, do estabelecimento The Peacock Bakewell
Respondida em 8 de ago de 2014
Did I expect this review - too damned right, as I don't think I call recall two more ungrateful women during my time at the Peacock.... Pony7 come's to Trip Advisor and attacks me as she certainly can't see the wood for the trees, as I went unreservedly out of my way to put a simple oversight as a Double Booking right, and Boy did you have your day in the sun! If strange behaviour is construed as leaving you at the bar for less than three minutes - yes I even timed it on the cctv as you accused me later of a twenty minute disappearing act, to check the confirmation on the web, - two fold, to check your reservation and confirm you had indeed paid. I found you alternate accommodation in Bakewell - excellent accommodation, which I accept was my responsibility, and at the same price tariff, be it £2 cheaper, and the fuss you caused at the restaurant accusing me of short changing you was unreal, but we'll come to that later. You report in your post that the alternative accommodation was not as convenient and for every bodies information it was Bagshaw Hall in a beautiful apartment that my personal friend Georgina at Bagshaw let me have and under the circumstances, for one night, when it should have been a two night minimum. Let every body also be aware, who is not familiar with Bakewell, that the distance between the two properties ie. the Studio the couple had booked with us at the Peacock and Bagshaw Hall is approximately 150-200 yards and with the added bonus of private parking, where as with the Studio, unfortunately we can't give parking during the times of 11am and 4pm, such are the restrictions in Bakewell, as we only issue a permit for parking at our Cottage and Studio that is valid from 4pm - 11am. If a further 200 yard walk is an issue I can only apologise. They then further go on to accuse me of being rude as they arrived for an evening meal at 8.40 in the evening, when incidentally the Peacock was 'heaving' (Bakewell Show remember) and I mean heaving to bursting point, and as they arrived one of the ladies asked me if she could have a private word when we were less busy, which I informed her it wasn't a problem and rather jokingly added "Ladies you're late - where've you been" The look of contempt I received from one of the two ladies was, well how does the saying go? 'Like a scalded cat" - anyway I think you get the picture, and I tried to cheer them up by again rather jokingly ' Come on my love, it can't be as bad as all that" Pony7 - the author of this zero rating review then sharply informed me that we hadn't booked the couple in for evening dinner, which I replied was 'simply nonsense' and retrieved the diary and showed her the confirmation which as you both acknowledged, as it was booked two weeks previous, and clearly shown in the diary in the name of Bailif, and I had changed to Bailiss quite clearly in red ink to 8.30. on your arrival..... Yes ladies, I did didn't I, the fact that the waitress, who is new to the staff made a simple error and didn't realise - probably due to the immense pressure she was under in a pressure cooker situation as people were filing into the Peacock at such a late hour looking for a table(s) - I then left you in the hands of the waitress, who did find you a table within 30 seconds and when I came to look for you, basically see if you were OK - you unfortunately were not to be found. This rather upset me IN the moment, so I was very curious for my own piece of mind, so I decided to look for you to see where you had got to. I visited Le Mistral, Rajas, and finally The Pointing Dog & Duck - such was I perturbed that there was an issue, and found you sat at a table sharing I think was a Garlic bread. I approached you, and quite politely asked you 'what the problem was as I've been looking for you' - please remember you had asked to see me on your original arrival for your evening meal, but your immediate reaction and first question was to ask if I owned this establishment also? You then went into a verbal of saying how I had over charged you, saying the alternate accommodation was a lot cheaper, and I immediately stopped you right there and then, and informed you I had only rung the owner at Bagshaw five minutes previous showing you both on my phone the confirmed record and Georgina had confirmed it was £140 or £145 if you booked on the web, - you didn't want to listen, as you further went on in an aggressive mode that we had not booked you in for dinner, and you felt uncomfortable at the Peacock - was this due to the fact also that the Peacock was packed, buzzing, maybe intimidating to two women on their own, as opposed to the peace and tranquility of the empty restaurant you were seated - I don't know, but what I do know is, you and I fully understand, you had got totally the wrong impression of my visit. You even accused me of only caring about my business - well yes, that's the whole point you were my business, my responsibility and I wanted to make sure you were OK, Alright, you know, that you had found some where to eat and get to the bottom of your request to have a word! I had from your arrival on realising my mistake, which incidentally was acknowledged with truth and integrity from the first moment, made sure you had fantastic accommodation, double checked you were booked in for dinner, concerned something was a matter on your late arrival, tried to make light of the situation and then - how did you put it, left a busy pub and scoured Bakewell to find you.... If that deserves a zero rating - then so be it, but that on my principles, my standards, means, and meant I care - I cared about you, as it was such a busy day and night in Bakewell, I wanted to make sure you were alright, but you seemed to think I was not on your side, but let me inform you I'm the guy you want at your side in the trenchers, I am the guy you want when the chips are down and you're left stranded, because I can deal with things, I can change a lost cause into a fruitful and beneficial one.....but some how I doubt whether I would put you on my team sheet! If I appear some what arrogant, confidant, that beats a non describe wimp who can't even follow his own tail, it is the formulae that breeds success, and the arrogance is not meant as such, it is to put across an opinion that makes sure you are in good hands, and if I do it my way you, can be rest assured you will be on the winning team. And I have to close your scathing attack, on the fact I went round to the restaurant you dined at, and asked the actual waiter about your accusation of being threatened, and he simply informed me that you were both drunk and as he lived just below where you were staying, he offered to walk you home and you made no reference to me what so ever - and again that is the truth isn't it ladies, not you felt threatened! FYI - call the PD & D to confirm. Maybe it is down to the fact you were well lubricated, and required assistance to find your way home that night....... You asked for my comments, and here you have them in black and white - funny how there are two sides to every story!!! ....and “I never made a mistake in my life; at least, never one that I couldn't explain away afterwards.” and as a post script, you never did come back to have a word as you originally requested - I wonder why.... Because it's easier to put down in print with no mitigating circumstances - isn't it??? ....and just one more post script - we're even better than last year - according to the review that sits on top of you!
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Eu falei com o senhorio que me garantiu que era reserva um quarto acessível com um chuveiro com acesso. O acesso ao corredor protegida é estreito e seria difícil para uma grande cadeira padrão, embora a porta do quarto é muito vasta e condições equitativas limiar. Há muito
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Resposta de thepeacockbakewell, The landlord who cares, do estabelecimento The Peacock Bakewell
Respondida em 6 de ago de 2014
This response is a very difficult one to reply to as 23RosyP has personally criticised myself and the room she occupied with a quite vindictive and bitter attitude which given the actual circumstances, is so far from the truth it has left me frankly dumbfounded, and from a personal view - it has upset me! The lady in question unfortunately is wheelchair bound, and did indeed phone the Peacock and ask if we had a disabled room for a one night stay and my answer was simply to say 'NO' we do not have a 'Disabled Room' but what we do have is a lovely spacious ground floor room which although is not designated 'Disabled', is very much wheelchair accessible and disabled friendly. Fine was the reply, and to confirm her requirements further, the lady asked a few follow up questions which as you can imagine given we do not have a designated 'Disabled Room' I was particularly careful in answering, and so to go into the extreme detail she has has posted in her review is astonishing and extremely unfair - especially as we have done everything possible to accommodate her and her requirements. To highlight this: She asked if the ground floor corridor to the room was wide enough to take a wheelchair? - It is 5ft 6ins. She asked is the entrance door to the room was wide enough? - It is 3ft 7ins. She then asked a couple of questions re: shower access and the space within the room - all answered to her satisfaction with the 6 inch step to the shower clearly explained and acknowledged. The interior of the Peacock is accessible with two entrances, the main entrance from the front of the property and a rear entrance through the garden access, which indeed has two standard steps not three as stated, and if her husband had just asked at breakfast we would have opened the front door main entrance access with pleasure..!! A door by the way, that was installed in 1820 with wheelchairs in mind, given that the Invalid Carriage or Bath Chair dates from around 1760. Once inside the property, the ladies toilet has a flat level entry and provides for a standard toilet together with a disabled friendly toilet (with THREE grab rails) where the entrance is 2ft 6ins wide, against the standard toilet entrance of 1ft 10ins. So in this instance, the Peacock falls victim to a completely unfounded review and save for being called prejudiced against the disabled (which I can assure as someone who works in the public domain I am not) this ladies review is so wrong its unbelievable and its reviews like this that often make me feel I am wasting my time........
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Tínhamos grandes expectativas para A Peacock devido à positiva comentários no tripadvisor, mas fomos um pouco decepcionado quando visitamos. Nós basicamente espera-se melhor refeição para o preço que pagamos. Eu pedi o Southern Fried Chicken que foi ok, mas não ótimo. Eu também
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Resposta de thepeacockbakewell, The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting another outcome, so are we insane, do estabelecimento The Peacock Bakewell
Respondida em 4 de ago de 2014
It's a pity that you have to post a review on Trip Advisor dap73 with high expectations of a meal at the infamous Peacock in Bakewell, when you only choose and have had the Southern Fried Chicken and Thai Fish Cakes - and I say "only" because of all the lovely choices we have on offer - these are the most basic! I'm not sure how you can in all seriousness post a review on Southern Fried Chicken as Southern Fried is just that, it is what it is, and please don't take this the wrong way the chicken is whole breast - not on the bone, and is of the highest quality, but let's be honest here, it's not exactly the creme de la creme of choice! The Thai Fish Cakes are also very nice and likewise good quality, but if you look at all the options on our menu I really don't think you have used your imagination to the full range. I'm not trying to say you didn't choose wisely, but to review Southern Fried Chicken, I think even Colonel Saunders would be hard pressed to put some sort of variation on, and this was his star attraction, also the Thai Fish Cakes, again are what they are, they are indeed very popular with many a visitor at the Peacock, but they are there for the basic choice, for customers who don't want the full monty - the finer dining experience, so how does one review basic food? The Thai Fish Cakes, which your wife said were good and they are, but to go on and state you had better meals in Bakewell I feel is a little harsh, because we serve better meals, better choices, in fact I would even declare you probably chose the two less exciting meals of everything we have on offer... What am i trying to say here - I am saying if you had chosen the famous steak on the stone, or the Peacock homemade fish pie, maybe the hot smoked salmon with sweet chilli king prawns, the lamb cutlets, dare I go on - the homemade burger, I defy you to find a nicer one - many many more I will state quite categorically you would not have eaten better any where in Bakewell. It's just a pity you came to us and had one of our less interesting meals - so shall we leave it at that? Not really, - I can't really close without mentioning the chips, as it is fries that are served with the SFC, just like the Old Colonel Saunders puts on his orders, but you could have always requested the delicious homemade chunky ones, but you didn't you see, and we are to blame??? So in conclusion I would always have high expectations of your review dap73, but if you think on these terms, that Quality in a product or service is not what we the supplier puts in. It is what you the customer gets out and is willing to pay for. A product is not quality because it is hard to make and costs a lot of money. This is incompetence. Again, you the paying customer pay only for what is of use to you and gives you value, so nothing else constitutes quality. Comprende!
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Fomos recebidos por uma senhora encantadora que nos mostrou dois quartos que foram .... para uma noite duas semana estadia planeada em bakewell. 89 Libras por noite por quarto no andar superior e 99 libras por noite para pátio de quarto no térreo. Nós reserva o quarto no andar
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Resposta de thepeacockbakewell, not rude - just honest, do estabelecimento The Peacock Bakewell
Respondida em 2 de ago de 2014
How Rude - who are you trying to kid? You came into the Peacock and asked for a room for two nights, and when Julie - my sister-in-law, gave you the rate for two nights, she unfortunately hadn't checked the chosen room was booked out the next night by a disabled lady, who had specifically asked for the four poster room which is wheelchair friendly, so you suddenly changed your mind and said you only wanted it for one night so I informed Julie that I have given the couple a two night discounted rate, and if they were only taking the room for one night it would be £10 dearer. Julie had offered the couple an alternative for two nights - again discounted, but to state I wasn't prepared to clean the original room twice is a complete contradiction of the facts.... I informed Julie that if the couple were only staying one night it would be an extra TEN POUNDS - where do you get £30 pounds from? - oh yes, I get it so your post would look damaging, and the £10 extra I quoted is for the extra cleaning the room entails! The status is, you can't ask for two nights, then pay for a one night stay for the same price tariff, and if that is rude - so be it, but it's a lot better than telling lies to get your post across!!! d20mrs's you are at liberty to post what ever you want - but please don't give the readers exaggerated opinions to give your review substance - THIRTY POUNDS - I simply can't get my head around that one, and shouting - where does that one come from? Trip Advisor at it's strength yet again - post a review with no threat of being proved wrong - Shame Really......
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Hello Luke, as Christmas is a busy time in Bakewell and the Peacock, I would always suggest booking a table, so you aren't dissapointed if we are, as often is the case very busy! Hope that helps!
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What are the parking arrangements
Parking at the Peacock in our car park which is for residents only and during the summer months we have 8 spaces - during the winter months (October - April) we have approx 16 spaces on a first come first served. You can purchase an all day parking voucher for £3 on designated Zone B parking bays in and around Bakewell. These allow you parking from 8am - 8pm, thereafter up to 8am parking in these bays is free, which gives you 24 hour parking 8am - 8am for £3. The nearest Zone B bays are approx 100 metres from the Peacock with secondary bays approx a two minute walk - about 500 metres. There is also parking available in Bakewell from 8am until midnight for £5 in the public car park approx a two minute walk from the Peacock. These prices are very comparable considering I was in London last week and paid £24.80 for four hours - £6.20 per hour for parking outside the Imperial War Museum - worth a visit though, and admission was free!!!
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