CJ Dennis Statue

CJ Dennis Statue, Laura

CJ Dennis Statue - Laura

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Adelaide, Austrália5.675 contribuições
out de 2019
Towering 4 metres over the lawned median strip in Laura is the sculpture celebrating local links to Australian poet C. J. Dennis. Situated on Horrocks Highway, also known as Herbert St and Main North Road, in the Laura CBD area.

Created by Adelaide artist Dave Griffiths, the steel and copper structure is of Dennis holding a pipe and reading a book of his verse. The detail in the sculpture is amazing given the materials used. Besides being a local attraction, the sculpture itself offers creative challenges for photography. The statue stands as if reading, pondering and recalling “Of the long gone Laura days”

Erected in front of Biles Art Gallery in South Australia’s 150th Jubilee Year 1986 and was gifted to the community by former resident, Gallery owner and inaugural president of the Laura Folk Fair Dick Biles on his 2011 death.

C. J. Dennis’ boyhood was spent in Laura as his parents owned a former hotel hence some of Dennis's poems reference Laura landmarks. It is of interest that his first published poem appeared in a local newspaper.

As I was standing, I recalled lines from Dennis’ famed “The Sentimental Bloke” and wondered what it would be like if, whilst looking, recordings of Dennis’ work were to be playing. His poem "Laura Days" was written in 1932 to commemorate the town’s Golden Jubilee.

I suppose that this 4 metre sculpture could be included the Australian Big Things list as “The Big Poet”.

Return? My love of Laura is mainly connected to Golden North Ice-cream, but would accept an opportunity to return to creatively photograph the sculpture.
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Greater Melbourne, Austrália35.101 contribuições
jan de 2018
Laura was the boyhood home of famous turn of the century (1900s) writer/poet CJ Dennis who was famous for his work “The Sentimental Bloke”. The township of Laura is quite a pretty little town with many historic buildings.
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