Gaya pind daan

Gaya pind daan

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Dubai, Emirados Árabes10 contribuições
jan de 2022 • A sós
I visited Gaya Ji & Bodh Gaya in Jan 3022

Gaya Ji is the place for PIND DAN
Bodh Gaya for Budha Temple

In March & April every year there will be Festival Celebration in Gaya Ji
Feita em 25 de janeiro de 2022
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Manish Kumar
9 contribuições
dez de 2021
I performed pindaan for our ancestors in gaya on 01.12.2021. I pre-booked that with Pandit Bhanu Kumar Shastri and Kumar Kripa lodge, which was just 100 meters from Vishnupad Mandir. I planned to do all pind daan ritulas within Rs. 10,000 including cost of purohit , panda and puja samagri.
Kripa hotel is quite clean, and hygienic and it cost us Rs. 600 per room (for 3 persons) with geyser. Pandit jee is highly qualified literate and he has a great knowledge of Hindu dharma and rituals.
Currently it is difficult to get the pinddaan done as based on proper Hindu Shastra and dharma in gaya and and there is a more chances of getting cheated. Pandit Bhanu is a true gem to perform a peaceful and pure pindaan.The whole puja took 4 hours. If you want to perform a peaceful and pure pindaan in gaya than just do with it Pandit Bhanu Kumar Shastri. I was overwhelmed and 100 percent satisfied. He is so down to earth and not a greedy for single paisa. He is purifying gaya.
If your parent or ancestors died a natural death (age or disease), then pind daan is straightforward. You just have to do pind daan at Phalgu River, Vishnupad Temple and Akshay Vat Tree.If it was an unnatural death (accident, suicide or something else) , then rules are little complex and one should also perform pind daan at pret shila.
If you want to perform pindaan with calmness and without losing your inner peace, just do it with him. Highly recommended. His mobile number is +91 8051402269 or +91 99340 89203.
Feita em 4 de janeiro de 2022
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Gayaji Pinddan
Bodh Gaya, Índia15 contribuições
out de 2021
pt.gokhul dubey ji nice person and cooperative person . he provides me all serices liks . pind daan gaya ji .
Feita em 8 de dezembro de 2021
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4 contribuições
dez de 2019 • Família
My husband and I, as well as my brother, performed pind daan for our ancestors here. We pre-booked with the Kanchi Mutt, where we were charged Rs.7500 per family, with meals free on the day of pind daan. This included the cost of Purohit and havan samagri.

It does not include the cost of stay (which was Rs.1500 per night with 5 beds in one AC room) or any transportation (which is extra - about Rs.1000 each for pick up and drop to/fro airport and about Rs.100 to and fro Vishnupad temple).

All meals on other days (other than the day of pind daan) are extra and cost about Rs.200 per person per day.

Needless to say, the purohit and guides demand extra voluntary donations, so do please carry some Rs.50/100 notes. Otherwise you will end up spending a lot.

Apart from this, we made a voluntary donation to the mutt in kind, given that the arrangements were very good. You also need to carry a large amount of coins/notes in small denominations, as it is believed that you should not refuse any requests/beggars. These poor people dot the Vishnupad temple.

Rituals are done both at Vishnupad temple as well as the mutt premises. Summer tends to be very crowded and hot I am told. So our choice of December winter was an excellent one.

The rooms and toilets are very clean and neat. Meals are commendable.
We visited Gaya in December 2019 to perform Shradham for our ancestors. We stayed at the Kanchi mutt near Vishnupad temple. AC rooms cost Rs.1500 per night and can accommodate 5 people. There are 5 to 6 rooms. Rooms and toilets are clean. Food is great. The cost of pind daan, which was very elaborate and well-organised, was Rs.7500 per family.

We made a small voluntary donation in kind to the mutt for excellent service provided. Please carry several coins and small denomination notes to donate to beggars/needy.

There are several street food shops near the mutt, but they use onion and garlic, which are usually avoided during Shradh. But you can get some branded biscuits, Haldiram's namkeens nearby.

For shopping, I recommend the small Banarsi saree shop opposite the mutt, the Gita press book shop a few blocks to the right of the mutt, and bells/Vishnupad/granite vigrahas from some of the several shops here.

If you want to pick up something authentic, and create a family heirloom, I suggest you pick up a bronze kamandalu. These are available in various sizes and cost Rs.500 plus.

Do please fix the rates with the guide before you go - it is said that they are never satisfied with anything you give due to Sitaji's curse- and they live up to that reputation😅

A trip to Bodhgaya is absolutely a must - they are open from 4 pm to 9 pm, and listening to the group chanting there is heavenly. We spent about 30 minutes there. A free wheelchair facility is available at the entrance if necessary. On the way, you can visit the Shakthi peeth as well. It is best to take a return auto ride to and fro Bodhgaya, which costs around Rs.500/600 from Kanchi mutt.

No cameras or photography is allowed inside Bodhgaya. So remember to leave your mobiles and camera behind.

Bodhgaya is filled with tourists from all over the world. So do carry some face masks to protect yourself, just in case.

Souvenirs I recommend: A Vishnupad in copper from the Vishnupad temple; lovely Buddha prints from Bodhgaya for gifting; and a bronze kamandalu.

Enjoy your trip.
Feita em 1 de fevereiro de 2020
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Bangalore, Índia1 contribuição
nov de 2019 • Família
Me and my sister (unmarried) conducted shraddha for our father and ancestors. If you are from WB,Northeast,Bihar or Odisha,it's best to stay at a hotel near Gaya station and take help from Bharat Sevasram nearby.
Go to Bharat Sevasram the evening before you want to give pind daan and discuss with the office there. They will give you a yellow card and ask you to come next morning. When you go next morning, they will arrange a pujari for you based on your needs who will conduct the shraddha based on proper Hindu shastra, and there is less chances of getting cheated. That day, they will give you and your family free satvik veg lunch also after pind daan.

However, you will have to negotiate with the pandas by yourself as pujari won't get involved in this. You have to be smart and give the pandas max 100-200 rupees or so at Vishnudham, even if they demand more.

If your parent died a natural death (age or disease), then shraddha is straightforward. If it was an unnatural death (accident, suicide etc), then rules are little complex so find out properly first before coming to Gaya.

Better not to take pujari from hotels and all as expenses will be more. In Gaya, you have to keep your eyes and ears open and be smart.
Feita em 21 de novembro de 2019
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Chennai, Índia2 contribuições
nov de 2019 • Casais
Bodhgaya visit and Budha temple of many countries reflecting their culture were quite pleasing.Maha bodhi was wonderful.But wehave to go through restrictions.
Pinda Daan rituals at Karnatak Bhavan was well carried out.Pundit Acharya was explaining the meaning and systematic.we were quite satisfied in fulfilling pitru karma.No fleecing anywhere.
Feita em 9 de novembro de 2019
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3 contribuições
out de 2019 • Casais
It's religious place where we performed pindadan for ancestors.We went their at the time of Navarathri time.Vusited Boadh Gaya it's around 20 Km from Gaya. I felt very pease full at mind and heart after visiting the must hire a guide to know how budha got enlightment at this place.
Feita em 7 de novembro de 2019
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Rangassamy L
Guadalupe165 contribuições
set de 2019
The name itself is misleading, it is a private one. The money you pay is just to group you with other victims. Grouped and sent to a dirty place to do Pinddaan. The priest there is arrogant and shouts at you, utters some mantras and fleece you for money. In 15minutes you are chased away to another agent at temple. Pay again to him and again to another one.
The heavy money we pay to Manoharji is to group you, keep you bag for 2 hours. The first thing he asks us is money, proposing different rates for the same service in different names, cheating is the name of the game. The meals said to be free, but he collects Rs. 100 for a meal worth Rs. 50 only.
To find this place you have to take many narrow lanes. As soon you contact him, he send some one to trace you before other agent like him hijack you.
The people who wrote the reviews may be his own people, what ever written is not correct to me.
We love to do Pinddaan to our beloved parents, these touts make us ATMs for them
My advice, do your own PINDDAAN, without any route Pandits. Read the procedure, buy the materials, make pandas, pray to your parents and god and offer at the temple. Your parents will be more happy with this. You save time, money and insult by Pandit rouges.
Feita em 11 de outubro de 2019
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Help to visitors
1 contribuição
set de 2019 • Família
I have visited Gaya after contacting to officia site Pinddaan app.
From there I contacted to customer care of pind daan app site and customer care executive provided me a number of Kanhaiyala Sharma ji and then I contacted to Kanhaiyala Mishra then he gave me number of Rajasthani dharmshala and then I called Rajasthani dharmshala and i asked about the ritual and charges.
But they said we will not ask for any money from you it's up to you .
But when I reached Gaya and there at Jaipuria Dharamshala
He said DEPOSIT RS 5100
I then asked him that you said money will not be demanded but you are asking for money rs 5100.
Then he very rudly said if you want to do pinddaan then deposit rs 5100
As I have no option then I bargained and deposited rs 2100.
So I clearly want to tell go with knowing each and every thing it would be great if you visit with someone's reference for Panditji for Gaya pinddaan.
After that Rajasthani Dharamshala emplyee arranged me a Pandit whose age is around 17 or 18
Means after charging such amount he is not worried to arrange a good and experience panda.
And then pandit does not know the complete pinddaan Pooja .
And the he also demanded some money but I paid him rs 500
Kyunki hum jis kaam ke liye jaa rahe Hain wo ek Gyani pandat hi karay to achcha hai.
So in conclusion its my request to you that if you want to visit Gaya for pinddaan then take proper time and reach there 1 day before so that you can directly select Panditji.
And the pinddaan Pooja will take 5 hours.
Feita em 2 de outubro de 2019
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Gopi Krishna B V
3 contribuições
jun de 2019 • Família
We went to Gaya in June 2019 to perform Gaya Shradh (Pind Daan) for our father and our ancestors. We were 3 brothers from Bangalore however our ancestors are from Andhra Pradesh. After researching online we had decided to go with Andhra-Telangana Bhawan in Gaya (Phone - 9973430184 or 9431628949 or 9431224942). There is Andhra ashram which is different one, this review is for Andhra-Telangana Bhawan which is focused on supporting pilgrims from Andhra/Telangana/Karnataka/Kerala/Tamilnadu. We met the head of the Bhawan - Manohar Lal the previous day. Manoharji and his ancestors are providing service to pilgrims in Gaya for over last 200 years and he is very well known in that area. He had explained all the details of the rituals and also explained the costs involved for the various options. He was very professional and the costs were reasonable. We had asked for dedicated Priest for our Pooja which he had arranged. We went with the following - Gaya Shradh, Das Dhan to Brahmin and Annadhan to 5 Brahmins. All of these cost us about 5500 INR. If you wanted to do just Gaya Shradh it will cost you 1500 INR without Das Dhan or Annadhan. The Pooja was done on the banks of Phalgu (Falgu) river within the premises of temple of Rama which is next to Vishnupad's temple complex. Manoharji has arranged a Telugu priest which we had asked for and the priest conducted pooja to our satisfaction.
The rituals were performed at 3 different places 1) At Phalgu river where the majority of the time was spent and main ritual was done here. 2) Vishnupad Temple and 3) Akshaya Vat Tree. Manoharji was there with us from the start, till the end of it, even though he was not required to be there. He even came with us to the Akshayavat complex (Banyan Tree) which is 1.5 KM away from the vishnupad's temple complex. The entire ritual took us around 2 hours. Very impressed with the ownership and commitment shown by Manoharji. They also have accommodation (A/C rooms with TV) in the Bhawan. We did not use them, as we stayed in Oaks hotel in Bodhgaya however rooms seem to be decent. They are building a new larger premises which should be ready by end of this year. Would highly recommend Andhra-Telangana Bhawan in Gaya.
Feita em 14 de junho de 2019
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