Cwmglyn Farm

Cwmglyn Farm, Eketahuna

Cwmglyn Farm - Eketahuna
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Gabriel H
Bellaire, TX6.991 contribuições
mar de 2019 • Amigos
The Cwmglyn Farm housed for many years one of the outstanding creameries in New Zealand. The heart of soul of this operation was Biddy Fraser-Davies, an artisan cheesemaker, who dedicated her life to the production of English style Cheddar. Unfortunately, she died in July 2018, and with her died the creamery too. Her husband runs (and is passionate about) the Middleton Model Railway. Multiple engines run at this elaborate and complex scenery and it is mesmerizing to watch the perpetual motion of all these cars in various directions.
Feita em 16 de abril de 2019
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Palmerston North, Nova Zelândia19 contribuições
jun de 2018 • Casais
The Cwmglyn Farm houses a model railway and cheese sales. Slightly off State Highway 2 between Masterton and Eketahuna, it is worth stopping for. The model railway has taken 38 years to complete and is still growing. Absolutely fascinating and definitely a labour of love. The shop also sells model railway parts for an enthusiast. We sampled cheeses and was able to purchase same. Fascinating for children and also the "big boys and girls". They prefer eftpos as a bank is so far away, but will take cash as well.
Feita em 10 de junho de 2018
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Montpelier, VT3.239 contribuições
mai de 2018 • Casais
The overused word "quirky" really fits Cwmglyn [pronounced COOM-glin] Farm, which features tasting and sales of prize-winning organic farmhouse cheese currently made from the milk of 3 Jersey cows named Patsy, Lily, and Dizzy (a 4th one named Aelwyn will be adding her milk in about 3 months).

This is a tiny dairy with a big heart and great cheese. Its products are scooped up by some of the finest restaurants in Wellington, so you're lucky to be able to buy it here, at one of only 4 farms in NZ officially licensed to make cheese from raw milk. Cwmglyn Farmhouse Cheese, a hard variety aged for up to 6 months on-site, also has 100% natural edible rind, really quite tasty, and not something you see everyday.

It's definitely worth the trip here for the chance to meet the cheesemaker herself, Biddy Fraser-Davies, who milks the cows one at a time using an old single-cow herringbone milker and then applies both science and imagination to her delectable creations in a purpose-built cheese room. "Imagination" comes into the process because she may add a touch of juniper berries, special spices or even a pinch of sea kelp to get just the right touch of subtle flavor. For Biddy, cheesemaking is as much an art as it is a skill, acquired over years of practice and experimentation.

Given this background, you can probably appreciate why Biddy can hold forth - and definitely hold your attention - when it comes to any aspect of cheesemaking, including what to look for in a new milk cow, a topic occasioned by her recent acquisition of Aelwyn that I thought quite unexpectedly remarkable. There's a lot that goes into choosing a new cow, and then getting her ready to add her milk to the product. It requires scientific knowledge as well as deep understanding of cow behavior and personality, something Biddy has gotten down bone-deep over many years of interaction with Patsy, Jolly, Dizzy and all the others in her special little herd.

Husband Colin Davies assists as both herdsman and cowman, when he's not working on the model railway layout that is another of the farm's attractions.

Somehow, these 2 people, and 3 or 4 cows, manage to produce something on the order of three-quarters of a ton of cheese, including medal winners in international competitions, to include taking silver at the World Cheese Awards held in England in 2013.

One of the more charming aspects of a visit to the farm is the poster-board collection of clippings, illustrations and photos on display to give a fuller picture of the farm's "story." I loved seeing the pictures of the cows, including "memorials" to some of the early ones, like Gwenny, who have passed on but are fondly and affectionately remembered. There's a good photo-story of the two-dozen or so "steps" needed to make Cwmglyn cheese. And I enjoyed reading about the family patriarch, Glyn Davies from Ebbw Vale, Wales, whose bequest to his son Colin allowed him and Biddy to buy their 7 acre farm. It's very appropriate for them to call it Cwmglyn - in the Welsh tongue, "Glyn's Vale."

If you've brought kids along, there's a play area where they can amuse themselves, and they might also enjoy having a look at the model railway on display adjacent to the cheese counter, for a small additional charge, with Colin as their guide.

HOW TO GET HERE: Regrettably, there is no easy or efficient public transportation that will get you here. From Wellington, you can drive on SH 2, through the steep, twisting but very scenic Remutaka Pass, between the Rimutaka and Tararua mountain ranges. Beyond Masterton, look for signs to the Pukaha/Mt. Bruce National Wildlife Center. 2 km NORTH of the Center, in the direction of Eketahuna, you'll turn left onto South Road No. 2, then left on Morgans Road, where you'll see the farmhouse sign. The farm is open most days (except Thursdays) from 9:30 to 4:00 PM, but it's best to call ahead just to make sure, as dairy farming can be unpredictable. Tel. in NZ is 06 375-8643. If you have an international phone, delete the "0" and substitute +64, then dial the rest of the number as indicated.
Feita em 9 de maio de 2018
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John S
Wellington, Nova Zelândia1.442 contribuições
mai de 2017 • Família
Unless you’re really into cheese don’t make a special trip - but combined with the model railway it’s worth a visit. Cheese is made on site and if you have time you’ll be regaled with interesting stories about cheese making and the NZ bureaucracy that controls the industry. Cheese is not the cheapest but is good.
Feita em 18 de abril de 2018
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Astarte I
Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand49 contribuições
set de 2017 • Amigos
The female partner of this enterprise makes her own raw, Jersey milk hard cheeses that are just divine. She took the time to explain all the wonderful details of how she came to be specialising in raw cheese and every one of the 11 members of our group made a purchase. It's not the cheapest cheese in town but I'd suspect it's among the healthiest available in NZ.
The cheesemaker's husband is an avid model railway fan and was entertaining a bunch of enthusiasts with his massive track set up in a large shed whilst we were there. Impressive even for a non-enthusiast like me. This place is a different, quirky and wonderful diversion for travellers journeying on SH2.
Feita em 1 de outubro de 2017
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