Heart Lake

Heart Lake, Parque Nacional de Yellowstone

Heart Lake - Parque Nacional de Yellowstone

Heart Lake - Parque Nacional de Yellowstone

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Ashland, OH505 contribuições
set de 2020
Heart Lake is about a seven mile hike from the trailhead on the South Entrance Road to the park. I had made plans to spend several nights at a backcountry campsite with friends and we spent three nights here in September, 2020. If you are in decent shape you can make a trip to the lake and back into a decent day hike.

The trail starts out thru mostly thru forest recovering from the '88 wildfires. There is minimal elevation change over the first five miles until you reach Paycheck Pass. At the pass a view opens up the the Witch Creek Watershed in the valley below with a view of Factory Hill and Heart Lake itself. The last two and a half miles head downhill and pass several thermal pools before reaching the gravelly shores of Heart Lake. A ranger cabin is near the lake shore but it was unstaffed during my visit.

Heart Lake is a great place to sit and have lunch. You can cool your feet in the water before making the hike back out (don't forget about that uphill portion!). If you choose to reserve one of the backcountry campsites you can plan further adventures near the lake including climbing Mount Sheridan and checking out parts of the Heart Lake Geyser Basin.
Feita em 8 de outubro de 2020
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Montreal, Canadá78 contribuições
jul de 2018 • Família
Oui la randonnée aller-retour au heart lake est assez longue (15 miles totale) mais si vous voulez avoir une rando ou vous êtes pratiquement seul avec un lac au bout ou vous avez la plage à vous tout seul, c'est la place! Faire attention par contre, l'aller est en descente mais le retour monte quand même beaucoup...contrairement à beaucoup de randos en montagne ou on monte en haut du sommet et on redescend à la fin!
Feita em 20 de agosto de 2018
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jesse o
Jackson, WY6.607 contribuições
nov de 2017 • A sós
But not too much. It had long been on my list to visit but had been hesitant to go alone because it’s bear country and the lake is 12 kilometers from the trailhead. A bear attacked a hiker here just last month so please be alert, be bear aware and follow the rules: no parties of fewer than 3, make noise on the trail, if you see a bear give ground calmly, never run or yell, and carry bear spray, knowing how to use it of course. The way to enjoy this place most would be to get a backcountry camping permit and take your time. My visit was in and out because my objective was Mt. Sheridan but it was a satisfying pleasure to investigate the heart lake Geyser basin while in the vicinity. Please do not approach the hot pools too closely. There are no trails and the crust may be thin.
While there are deeper and even more remote corners of Yellowstone, this one is remarkably accessible and able to reward the tiny percent of visitors who wish to see more than simply the front country.
Feita em 9 de novembro de 2017
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Paul W
Homosassa, Flórida99 contribuições
set de 2016 • A sós
The trailhead is south of Grant Village with ample parking. I got there before 8 am and there were 7 vehicles in the lot, all with windows fogged over with frost. My thought was overnight hikers. It was early September and the morning started out very cool and clear. I was alone and was aware that this area has bear activity. It starts in the forest and in the early morning stays pretty cool. I am perhaps 15 minutes into the hike when. Coyote runs across the trail in front of me and stops and looks behind to where he ran from. The coyote is not aware I am there and just keeps looking behind. A little concerning, what scrared him ? I stayed still and he then took off. I took a few minutes to watch and listen for any activity in the forest. I decided to go on being a little nervous about what had occurred. The trail winds a little and has some opening to your right. Tall grass and wallowed out spots, animals maybe, dried up water holes perhaps. I have learned since that people hike as far as it takes to see the lake in the distance and then go back. I never saw anyone until my return hike and they all asked me how much farther to the view. My guess would be about 1 hour in. As you head towards the lake it opens up to a large meadow, I saw a small waterfall far off to the right. I love waterfalls but it would take some bushwhacking to get there. I continued on the trail and the view of the lake is great but the cool part is you get to go through a thermal area. The pools and vents aren't huge but you are up close. The trail has some ups and downs and winds somewhat but it keeps it interesting. I came to the ranger cabin as the ranger is getting ready to leave, he asked me if I was going to summit Mt. Sheridan. I was not and told him my goal was to sit on the lake shore, have a snack and enjoy the scenery. He was packing his canoe and heading across the lake. He told me most people camp and go to the top the second day, it was another 3 hours with a steady climb. I a couple hiking the other side of the lake but otherwise I was on my side alone and it was very quiet. On the return hike I stopped and rested a few minutes near the thermal area and watched two hawks flying high above. Making that distinct calling sound as they did some acrobatics. Another ranger was heading to the lake and joined me to watch. Good guys those rangers, had a chat and then continued on. I did not pass anyone until I was within a half hour of the parking area. How far to see the lake they asked ? From there I saw a deer at the edge of the forest just off the trail. It was a long hike. Close to 14 miles total. It got pretty warm on the way back and I was tired. 61 years old, good hiking shape at that time of the summer. I had been hiking all summer in the Tetons and Yellowstone. Carried a day pack, water, warer filter, snacks, bear spray, light rain jacket, iPad, phone, flashlight, bug spray. No mosquitoes this time of year. Great hike. One of my favorites that doesn't involve much elevation change.
Feita em 11 de julho de 2017
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jesse o
Jackson, WY6.607 contribuições
out de 2015 • A sós
For years I have wanted to walk the 7.5 miles to this lake but have only just seen it. All day long, I saw no other humans though tracks evidenced two had walked in from the trailhead south of Lewis Falls after I did at sunrise and walked out ahead of me. Roaring thermal features, bugling elk and locked backcountry ranger cabins were seen on the way to Mt. Sheridan. The lake is beautiful and relatively unknown to most casual park visitors and is well worth the hike but do please make noise on the trail, travel in a group and carry pepper spray. I didn't see any bruins but this is their domain. If you venture off trail to see Rustic Geyser or other features, please respect the thin crust area and do not approach too closely.
This is a remarkable region and is just a hint of the even deeper Yellowstone backcountry seen by so few but available to all. This is our park. Please respectfully enjoy it to reap it's bounty.
Feita em 8 de janeiro de 2016
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