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Aisawan Thai Spa & Massage - Honolulu
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10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
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Por Ruth&Mark
Best Massage Ever
Muito bom terapeuta, limpo, amigável e profissional. Encontramos este lugar enquanto caminhamos. Entramos e tivemos a sorte de poderem nos dar massagem imediatamente. A massagem de Mona foi muito boa. Ela estava atenta, com boa pressão e me manteve quente o tempo todo. Voltamos pela segunda vez hoje e eu tinha Macy como minha terapeuta, meu marido tinha Paula. Paula focou em seu pescoço e ombro enquanto ele acordava com o pescoço rígido esta manhã. Ela aliviou um pouco da dor. MACY foi provavelmente a melhor massoterapeuta que eu já tive (na minha vida - isto é) e tive minha parte de inúmeras massagens em todo o mundo. Você o nomeia: Tailândia, Indonésia, China, Oriente Médio, Europa. Você teria muita sorte se conseguir conseguir Macy como massagista. Ela era simplesmente incrível. Ela não poupou esforços para endireitar seus músculos rígidos, não importa onde eles estejam. Meu pescoço foi tratado de uma maneira que nunca havia sido antes. Ela encontrou todas as minhas outras áreas de interesse por conta própria, sem necessidade de marcar o jornal, eu nem disse nada. Ela verificou se eu aguentava a pressão, muito intuitiva e experiente. Do começo ao fim, seu movimento a separa de todos os outros. A experiência não mente. Cada momento que eu pensava comigo, oh, isso é tão bom, ela continuou e fez um derrame melhor. Durante a massagem, ela cuidadosamente me cobriu, ela sabe que eu fico com frio facilmente. Ela torce o lençol desta maneira e daquela. Ó meu Senhor, ela realmente cuidou de mim. Eu estava no paraíso das massagens, do alto da minha cabeça até a ponta dos dedos dos pés. E por isso deixamos dicas extras para ela na recepção. Altamente recomendado. Experimente se você estiver na área e precisar de uma boa massagem.

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Bairro: Waikiki

12 avaliações
Muito boa

Solo Pro
74 contribuições
dez de 2021 • Família
Beware of TWO things here. 1. They are NOT from Thailand hence they’re not Thais. And 2. You have to fill a form when get there and give them your name, email and phone number. I did so, but the next day I get a couple of junk mails and messages in Chinese on my phone from people I don’t know and I don’t read Chinese. So closely keep your eye on your credit cards transactions.
The massage was okay.
Feita em 14 de dezembro de 2021
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Alemanha13 contribuições
Very good therapist, clean, friendly and professional.

We found this place while walking around. Walked in and were lucky enough that they were free to give us massage right away.
Mona's massage was very good. She was attentive, good pressure and kept me warm throughout.

We came back for the second time today and I had Macy as my therapist, my husband had Paula. Paula focused on his neck and shoulder as he woke up with a stiff neck this morning. She relieved some of the pain.

MACY was probably the best massage therapist I've ever had (in my life - that is) and I've had my share of countless massages all over the world. You name it, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Middle East, Europe.
You'd be very lucky if you're able to get Macy as your masseuse. She was just amazing.
She spared no effort to straighten your stiff muscles, no matter where they are. My neck was taken care of in ways it had never been before. She found all of my other concern areas on her own, no need to mark the paper, I didn't even said anything.
She checked if I can handle the pressure, very intuitive and experienced. From beginning until the end her movement separates her from all other. Experience does not lie.
Every moment I was thinking to myself, oh this is sooo good, she went on and made a better stroke.
Throughout the massage she carefully covered me, she knows I get cold easily. She twist the sheet this way and that way. O my Lord, she really took care of me.
I was in massage heaven, from the top of my head till the tip of my toes.
And for this we left extra extra tips for her at the reception.
Highly recommended. Try it out if you're jn the area and in need of a good massage.
Feita em 2 de dezembro de 2019
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Seattle, WA11 contribuições
nov de 2019
Clean and relaxing spa with professional, friendly staff. Tessa was so great I came back for another massage during my short stay in Honolulu. I’ll be back again next time!
Feita em 28 de novembro de 2019
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Glenn M
Kahala, Havaí11 contribuições
out de 2019 • Amigos

Did a little staycation in Waikiki after having done the 2019 Century Ride a few weeks ago. In my search of some much needed post event relief, found this highly rated with great reviews place on Yelp, Aisawan Thai Spa & Massage.

Requested for a 90 minute session focusing on the length of my back, as being hunched over my bike for over five hours had took its toll. My masseuse, Tukta, started it off with a little warm up massage, followed by some back walking to loosen me up and to identify the areas that needed attention. Just to note, I just love it when they walk on the back of my thighs & calves as well, so painfully pleasurable.

Then the real course began with some acupressure to my back. With the broader part of her elbow, along various points along my spine, she pushed hard and deep into the muscles. While holding down on the pressure at each point, she rotated her elbow to dig deeper, at times her motions felt like she was trying to scoop my skin off the bone (OMG).

Next she added some heat with some hot stones. As having had hot stone treatments before where they lay the stones along your back and leave you for ten minutes, I was not a fan, but this one was totally different. Tukta actually took those stones in her hands and worked them into my back. What a way to finish off my back work, leaving my back fully loose and relaxed. On the flip, she worked those stones into the bottoms of my feet and then continued to massage her way up, from toes to head, not missing an inch along the way.

Already thinking I was done with the head massage, she topped off the session with some Thai stretching, bending my body to places where it has never gone before. One was called the Butterfly, where lying on my back, she placed my ankles up against my butt and then began to spread knees apart as far as they could go and even then some (YEOW).

Totally amazing experience, Tukta is a skilled professional, great personality and easy on the eyes…. A total repeat.

Feita em 15 de outubro de 2019
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Jim B
Grand Rapids, MI197 contribuições
fev de 2018 • Casais
We searched for a nice and special place in Honolulu for a romantic and relaxing couples massage. We found it in Aisawan Thai Spa & Massage. We will return! Our lovely masseuses were Janie and Bella. Both were both experts and so friendly! We selected a relaxing Swedish massage with hot stones. We almost fell asleep.
Facilities were very clean and nice. Prices were very reasonable. Aisawan Massage has been voted best massage by Hawaii Best in 2015, 2016, and 2017. With our experience we both feel that they will be a shoe-in for 2018!
We can’t wait to return!!
Feita em 9 de fevereiro de 2018
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Fukuoka, Japão1.874 contribuições
set de 2017 • Casais



Feita em 17 de setembro de 2017
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Nadia M
3 contribuições
ago de 2017 • A sós
Such a fantastic experience. I have never felt so relaxed. Stacy is excellent and such a beautiful friendly person, as all the staff 😊
Feita em 4 de agosto de 2017
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Westlake Village, Califórnia94 contribuições
mar de 2017 • Amigos
The ladies at Aisawan were very friendly and sweet. The location is odd, because it's on the 39th floor of a tall building. This seems strange, but once inside, your thoughts melt away while you are stretched and massaged. The ladies accommodate different pressure requests (I like more firm, my friend liked less pressure). I was so relaxed afterward, I was considering booking another appointment but our trip is short and we can't fit it in. Prices were fair. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for an amazing massage!
Feita em 25 de março de 2017
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Phillip M
1 contribuição
ago de 2016 • A sós
If you are looking for the most relaxing professional massage you ever had, visit Lea from Aisawan Massage.
She is really lovely and welcoming, I highly recommend her.

I have been to other places in Hawaii and others in Australia and can rate this place as one of the best.
Feita em 30 de agosto de 2016
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Chester, UK219 contribuições
mai de 2016 • Casais
I looked in to booking a couple’s massage in Hawaii as a gift for my wife’s birthday and was horrified when I saw the prices the Waikiki hotels were charging, most of which were literally 10 times the price of our local hotel spa back home. After a bit more digging I stumbled across Aisawan, who offered a 90 minutes couple’s massage at a much more reasonable price, so I booked it in the form of a gift certificate.

Having never had a traditional Thai massage before it was an eye opening experience – it’s not quite as relaxing as something like a Swedish massage where you can completely switch off from the world, as you’ve got knees and elbows pressed all over you and you’re occasionally folded into some pretty extreme positions – but we both felt amazing afterwards, with glowing skin and ache-free muscles, despite having run a half marathon earlier that day. It even helped with some lingering problems from an old shoulder injury.

As an aside, you’re also made to feel very welcome, and the surroundings feel surprisingly luxurious considering it’s basically a few small rooms on the 39th floor of an office building. After our massage we were given free hot tea, strawberries and chocolate. Just make sure to tip!
Feita em 1 de julho de 2016
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