Noble Canyon

Noble Canyon, San Diego

Noble Canyon - San Diego
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Pj J
San Diego, Califórnia9 contribuições
fev de 2020
One of the most spectacular hikes in San Diego. You pass through multiple ecosystems on the 10-mile hike.
Feita em 9 de fevereiro de 2020
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Jim A
Springfield, VA62 contribuições
mai de 2015 • Amigos
One of the best runs in SoCal. Take two cars, stage one down in Pine Valley and then drive to the top. You can also park at the base and ride up via Sunrise Highway. Either way, it's an epic run. Technical switch backs, banked super turns, steep runs, single track and jeep trails. It has them all. If you are looking for a great ride, go for it! Definitely not for the beginner rider, but not too hard for your average biker. I prefer my hard tail, but a full suspension would be fine. Have fun!
Feita em 29 de agosto de 2015
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smokecheck t
Alpine, Califórnia124 contribuições
mai de 2015
The noble canyon trail is a fantastic trail located in the Cleveland national forest. The trail varies greatly depending of the time of season, so be prepared depend on the time of year. Mountain bikers like this trail because its fast, but difficult. Backpackers like it because of the wide variety of plants and creatures that can be seen. ( if you're quiet) and there's even and old gold mine to explore. This is a point to point trail so many people take multiple know the drill. I always go by myself and always start at the pine valley trailhead where you climb the first 1/4 mile then desend into Noble canyon. The trail is 10 miles long with a 650 foot gain in elevation so I would list it as a moderately difficult hike. Along the way you will pass through pine, sylan oak, manzanita, yucca and in the spring....wildflowers galore. You ford several small streams and you make the climb toward the big laguna meadow and I would definitely make this a whole day event. To get there take hwy 8 from san diego about 40 miles, get off at the pine valley exit and enter the hamlet of pine valley. Turn left onto old highway 80. Go about one mile and make a very sharp right turn onto pine creek road and travel several miles till you see the trailhead signs on your right. The trailhead has toilets and thats about it. It's a great way to spend a day! Trees, small streams and lots and lots of quiet...except when the mountain bikers fly by! I'd recommend going early...spend the day and then finish off by stopping at the Alpine Beer Company pub for a cool drink and great food on your way back to san diego.
Feita em 30 de julho de 2015
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San Diego11 contribuições
Take 2 cars-trucks, one drop off on top! another on bottom. Great ride! super fast! Dangerous some spots! Be careful! Great burger stop while leaving the canyon. Beware of the "Mountain Burger" HUGE!!!
Feita em 21 de setembro de 2009
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San Diego1 contribuição
Date: 11-18-08
Reviewer: World Traveler, San Diego, CA, USA
Noble Canyon was definitely an experience the first time I went. My dad and I drove up for Chula Vista, CA in the morning towards Pine Valley, CA. Pine Valley’s quiet streets, relaxed atmosphere, and local crowd deserve a stop of their own. I’ve always enjoyed going through Pine Valley, even if it is only to park the car.
While you can drive directly to the top, park your car, and take off down the trail, this leaves a not-so-beginner-friendly hill on one side and an ever more excruciating one on the other. At the bottom of the trail is a rest stop (of sorts) and from their if you head out of the camp and up the service road (which turns into a paved road) for the next 7 miles up a seemingly never-ending hill. I would like to think of myself as somewhat of a climber when it comes to mountain biking, but I will admit with such distain that this was the first hill I have ever had to stop on, not because of lost balance or a missed line but simply out of sheer exhaustion. I had nothing left.
So, you can go that way, or find a friend and take another car; leave one at the bottom and shuttle your other to the top. The second time I had gone to Noble I went with some high school friends of mine. We took a full hitch trailer with two vehicles. We took off down the trailhead and started what would be one of the most exciting, enjoyable, and all out terrifyingly fun rides of my life. The shuttle service back to the top didn’t hurt either.
I can’t spend much time explaining to you the intricacies of the trail or what spots to watch out for because it is something to be experienced for yourself. It may be only 11miles of “downhill” but you’ll find yourself going through an endless change in terrain and scenery, up hills, down hills, switchbacks, rock gardens, river beds, drop off, fall trees, and certain technical sections like you wouldn’t believe.
I will say, though, this is not for beginners. Noble Canyon has its reputation for a reason. It’s incredibly fun but takes skill. I would rate this for intermediate to experience to kamikaze level riders. The first time rider would be in for one heck of a day.
Well, I know this may not be the most detailed review ever but I hope it’s sparked your interest enough that when you come check out all the amazing mountain biking in San Diego you’ll put Noble Canyon on your list.
Feita em 18 de novembro de 2008
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