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Power Park Fitness, Spring Branch

Power Park Fitness - Spring Branch
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San Antonio, TX2.331 contribuições
jun de 2020
We went with my family to this ninja park location on a Wednesday morning. Currently, they are open on weekends to the public but you can call ahead to gain access during the week. The facility has an indoor ninja gym, a separate building with restrooms and a party room, and an outdoor ninja obstacle course. It was a reasonable price for children ($12) and adults ($20) to participate in all ninja activities. Spectators were free but everyone had to sign a wavier.

Indoor gym: Has many ninja obstacles including two warped walls, floating steps, wing nuts, cliff hanger, big dipper, salmon ladder and various ropes, rings and exercise equipment. The owner, David, was helpful in showing the kids how to do some of the activities and took our picture when we went to the outdoor course.

Outdoor “Green Mile” course: This is a 1 ½ mi. course with about 20+ different obstacles along the way. There are various skills tested during the course such as climbing, hurdles, crawling, strength (carrying, push, pull), upper body movements and even a spear throw. The terrain for the course is rugged and rocky but has a clear path, I would suggest good outdoor shoes for participants and spectators. There are various water stations and blow horns for safety. You are able to “challenge by choice” any obstacle. The course took us about 2 hours but we had kids with us.

Overall this was a good family adventure. We had people in our family from age 4-71. The indoor and outdoor course are much better suited for older kids (10 +) and adults though my young boys still had fun.
David was helpful and patient with the kids.
Feita em 13 de junho de 2020
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Dann C
Surrey32 contribuições
mar de 2017 • Família
Power Park Fitness is a fantastic place for any wannabe Ninja Warriors or obstacle course racers. The best part is that David and Vance have made their training facility open to the public, including letting kids try it out. Our two daughters (11 and 8) are such huge fans of obstacles that we made the 1 1/4 hr drive from Austin to check out Power Park...and it was totally worth it. Adult ninja warrior obstacles are definitely hard for kids, but the girls had a blast on the modified warped walls and the crazy cliffhanger. We walked the 1.75 mile outdoor obstacle course around the ranch, and the obstacles were also amazing (perhaps a bit more do-able for kids). Met David and Vance briefly as they came into train - they are great people and very open and friendly! Would love to visit again next time we're in town.
Feita em 19 de março de 2017
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Brad H
Keller, TX3 contribuições
ago de 2016 • Família
Went this morning to get a workout. Didn't know exactly what to expect, but we had a blast!!! We were all smoked at the end of the workout, but it was absolutely worth it. Lots of obstacles.
The terrain is pretty rough, and I recommend wearing good athletic shoes laced-up tight. They have water stops along the trails, but sure wouldn't hurt to bring your own. You will definitely want it!
Feita em 6 de agosto de 2016
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Washington DC, DC158 contribuições
mar de 2016 • Amigos
Make the effort and head to Power Park Fitness. Located on a family farm about 35 minutes from San Antonio, this place is incredible. Consists of a 1.75 mile obstacle course and a fitness facility focused on training for American Ninja Warrior. David and his family are incredibly nice and they take impeccable care of the course and facilitates. For our first visit, we chose the guided option led by David himself. He took us through the entire course and each obstacle, showing us proper technique. There is water along the route and safety measures built in in case there is an emergency. We went through the course two additional times. Was a great workout and will work your body in ways you normally don't move. The fitness facility is extremely well kept and they take great care at keeping it clean and sanitized. They offer discounts for military (20%) and students (10%) on their packages. GO!!!!!!!!!!
Feita em 6 de março de 2016
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Paulette M
Houston, TX1 contribuição
out de 2015 • Família
Wonderful experience!! Not sure who had more fun-the kids or the parents!! David was super with the kids. Would recommend it!!!!!
Feita em 7 de dezembro de 2015
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Yardley, PA24 contribuições
ago de 2015 • A sós
I love the show "American Ninja Warrior" and was eager to try some of the obstacles. The operator of this fitness park, David Yarter, is a two-year (and counting) veteran of the show along with his father Vance. They were the oldest city finalists ever to appear on the show as of 2015, with David advancing to the national finals. I only met David, and he was extremely friendly, humble, motivating, and gracious.

Power Park Fitness is built on the Yarters' residential property, so don't expect it to be clearly marked off a major highway. It was easy to find, but use a GPS! I had to call a phone number to get in the gate, so don't forget to bring a cell phone. Once you're in, everything is remarkably well-organized and superbly constructed with ample parking and water stations where expected.

As for the obstacles, I went for the Ninja Warrior course and left loving the "Green Mile" which is a Spartan-esque trail of obstacles. The obstacles are labeled as intended for lap one or two, so the ~1.7 mile course can become a ~3.4 course if you wish. Feel like you've got the hang of it? Many of the obstacles have an additional challenge to them, so if you really want to push yourself, there are ways to really up the intensity. I really loved how scalable the course was; I felt like I could bring my young son and we'd still be able to continue at roughly the same pace while doing exercises of very different intensity.

The Ninja Warrior gym was what I came for, and it was as tough as I expected. David is always willing to give advice, and as he says, technique is everything! As with the obstacle course, the ninja course has some concessions for beginners and experts. There are two warped walls- the shorter, at 12 feet, has a cutout to grab at 11 feet. The tall wall has a cutout a the regulation of 14 feet, but it actually tops out at a challenging 15 feet. The cliff hanger has two ledges to hang from parallel to one another, one is 1.5 inches in depth and the other just one inch.

To get a great idea of what's there, find Power Park Fitness on any social media platform. It seems like they're adding obstacles quite rapidly although there's already a ton of stuff to do there. There was certainly more than I could do in one visit before my arms and legs went to jello.

I loved it. I absolutely loved it.
Feita em 26 de agosto de 2015
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Harlingen, TX72 contribuições
jul de 2015 • Família
I found this place online when our 16 year old asked if we could find an American Ninja Warrior training facility to visit while on our San Antonio vacation. We found Power Park Fitness online and were impressed by what we saw in the pictures. They had all of the basic "obstacles" or events from the first two seasons like the salmon ladder and 2 warp walls (beginner and regulation). My husband and son payed $30 each to be trained by Vance Yarter for an hour and a half. Since it was their first visit, you are required to work with a trainer, which is either Vance or his son, David, whom were both on the show American Ninja Warriors this year. Vance didn't get to the city finals, but David did and as of this posting, is still in the competition. The park is technically in Spring Branch which is only a few minutes outside of San Antonio. The boys had a blast and a good work out. The 90 minutes included the use of the gym and the outdoor obstacle course as well as the hiking/running track. They were worn out just from the gym and decided to skip the outdoors. Now that the boys have their first visit behind them, they only have to pay $20 from now on and can train on their own. The place is awesome and the Yarters are very kind, patient, informative, and helpful. Give it a try.
Feita em 29 de julho de 2015
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