Spring Creek Gardens

Spring Creek Gardens, Spring Branch

Spring Creek Gardens - Spring Branch
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jul de 2021
Great place to walk around while your sipping your lime in the coconut wine. Flowers, water falls, Plants, a visual fantasy of how most wish there garden looks. A must visit !!
Feita em 28 de agosto de 2021
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San Antonio, TX2.353 contribuições
jul de 2021
Being so impressed with my first visit here I took someone who had never been here before.
They were equally impressed and we enjoyed a relaxing time walking through the nursery, buying a lovely plant and then enjoying some wine tasting on the patio.
Since my last visit they have opened the coffee tasting room which also has wine tasting with a multitude of different wines than the other tasting room.
We love the idea of a wine card to self serve either a tasting or glass of wine of your choice from the separate dispensers.
They do sell wine by the bottle too.
The cold case has a nice selection of meats and cheeses for munching while you drink.
All areas were very clean and the staff is helpful and friendly.
They were working on the chicken coop area so will see what that is when we make a return visit in the future.
The gift shop has some nice gift items from birdhouses to apparel.
The landscape is lovely and there was plenty of parking.
Stop in if you are in the area and you will be pleasantly surprised.
We plan to visit again when in the area.
Feita em 15 de agosto de 2021
Esta avaliação representa a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor, e não da TripAdvisor LLC.

San Antonio, TX2.353 contribuições
mar de 2021
I have seen this venue many times while traveling Hwy. 281 but never had the time to stop. Recently they had a Market Day and I made the trip over to check it all out.
I had in mind this was a small nursery with plants BUT was I pleasantly surprised to find it was SO MUCH MORE!
If you are going north on 281 you might miss it as it is on the west side and blocked by a treed median so you have to turn around and go back.
If you are going south on 281 you will see the sign for it.
Once you turn in it is a short drive and there is an unpaved parking lot as you enter but you can also go to the right and in the back area is a much larger unpaved grassed area parking. There was plenty of parking even with a crowd.
As I mentioned they were having a market day the day I visited and so they had a food truck and several vendors set up with homemade goods. I believe this was the first one they had had. So the venue does not generally have this specific event.
BUT no worries as Spring Creek has enough on its own to interest you.
It is a large property, superbly mainained and well laid out for social distancing and browsing around.
Granted they do have a large nursery with loads of an abundance of plants of all varieties, as well as a lovely gift shop and garden shop along with a chicken coop with chickens (not for sale) and in one of the large green houses they a beautiful finches in a cage.
All of the plants are healthy and beautiful.
They have a large covered check out area and were having free wine tastings when I visited.
BUT that isn't all as the most unique venue here is the wine tasting room and patio that has a really nice wine station serving wine on tap. I had not seen one of these before and was thoroughly impressed. You purchase a card in any amount you want and then you can select from 16 different wines and either pay at the machine for a tasting, half glass or full glass of wine.
They provide the plastic stemless wine glass and all of the wines are priced differently depending on the variety (ie. Rose, Moscato, Tempranillo, and other white and red varietals). You can browse around the other areas while you sip and then return and try something else.
The tasting room has really nice décor and off from it is a nice rock patio with seating and fire pits which overlooks part of the property.
There is also another building that has a coffee tasting bar and they are also installing another wine station there as well. I believe this room is where they hold workshops and seminars of different interests.
The restrooms are very clean and conveniently located.
The staff is super friendly and helpful for anything to make your visit enjoyable.
They also have a cooler with beer and another with cheeses and trays of meat and cheese to enjoy with your wine.
The gift shop has a nice selection of chimes, birdfeeders, some jewelry and clothes plus more.
Outside there is selections of statues, bird baths, pottery and of course all the items you need to fertilize, plant and nourish your yard and garden.
I was really impressed and plan on going back even though I do not live close by.
The others with me were equally impressed.
If you are in the area I recommend you stop and and check it out whether you are shopping or just want to take a break and get a snack with some wine.
Feita em 21 de março de 2021
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