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Club Execption, Myrtle Beach

Club Execption - Myrtle Beach

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Raleigh, NC211 contribuições
dez de 2019
Club Exception, and its predecessor The New Attic, only lasted a single season. The entire club space, including a convenience shop once beside it in the alley, has been turned into a t-shirt shop/souvenir shop at the corner of 8th Ave. North and Ocean Blvd.
Feita em 2 de abril de 2020
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usa7 contribuições

wow, monday night I went to Club Exception , They told us that they were letting in teens . But only on monday , wednesdays and fridays cuz they were having foam partys and NO alcohol was being served . 9p.m to
Once we got in , a huge dance floor was staring me in the face, surrounding it were tables and chairs. the lit dance was great, with the theatrical smoke blowing from the celling to create the effect. it was just perfect. Once it filled up a bit more , we went to the center and did our thing. I just love music and when you put dancing with it , I am in Heavan .
After awhile it got so filled up that some of us took a brake , we went to the bar to buy drinks they also have a great range of food as well as drinks and at a great price . so if you get hungry or dehydrated you can have it all right there , with out missing a beat. the night was filled with glow- in - the dark wands, you can buy them at the door or at the bar cheap ! there were also flashing earrings.
The music was great , they played all the latest as well as any rquest..
From what I understand , every month there will be a themed night and of course foam partys. this is so they don,t have the same old party every night , holloween and christmas and special events they have, you will dress up for the occasion accordingly .
Also did I mention the Dj's they have are pleasant and so are the rest of the staff. They arn't to old , some are quite young. the bouncers arn,t to mean either, they are only as intimidating as they need to be.
I know I will spend most of my summer going to the Cub Exception . . They are open 7 nights a week but only monday, wednesday and fidays , they have NO sale of ALCHO, so us teens can come in and enjoy ourselves. This I think is a wounderful thing the club owner would do so that we come in and share in the fun . You rock club owner!!!!
Feita em 15 de junho de 2008
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usa7 contribuições
I just deleted a great review but i did it in caps and they tell me I can,t use caps. so in stead of wasting another 1/2 hour let me just say ,
My brothers and i went to this "New Attic' that everyone is saying isn,t there and had a blast. we went to all three nites of foam danceing, we had a blast. it is very much there and will be there. why else would they have named it "The New Attic" and the building isn't torn down . it' been there for years. the owner , ownes two other retail stores and has this club for teens 13-20 he has two up comming teen himself thats why he made this club so his kids would have a fun and safe place to come to and there friends as well as anyone that just want to go and dance the nite away with loud music and dancing and tons of colored lights. we stayed with our grandparents while we were in myrtle beach they were all to happy to take us there as so they could go and do adult things with our parents.
So if your looking for something to do you teens the New Attic is there and very much in full force.
Feita em 24 de agosto de 2007
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