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Amber Beauty Therapy Suite, Twickenham

Amber Beauty Therapy Suite - Twickenham
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Twickenham, UK16 contribuições
Created more stress than it alleviated
out de 2015 • A sós
I am local to this place, and was very happy when a Groupon came up offering a 25 minute facial and 25 minute back massage, which would go perfectly just before a stressful weekend way at a relative's wedding. Having booked it well in advance, I was a bit unhappy when they called that day to cancel and reschedule as one of their staff was off sick. But these things happen so I rescheduled for another Friday evening in preparation for another stressful wedding weekend in October.

The week it was rescheduled for, I was called again and asked to move my appointment to an earlier slot in the day. I explained that I worked far away and could try and come for 5:45, but it would be closer to 6 (which was the original time of the booking) So they changed it to 5:45...

The first thing to mention is that I couldn't find the place. (Me, having grown up in area and walked to school down that road!) I then found out it was inside a "gym" (which I later found out wasn't actually a gym) called 'Movers and Shapers'. There was no signage, no banner, not even a stand outside advertising the place. But on closer inspection there was a leaflet affixed to the doorway of the gym.

Inevitably, there were traffic and parking issues and having been called already and declared late, I arrived bang on 6. My therapist then revealed that as I was "so late" I couldn't have both treatments, I could only have one. She suggested the back massage. Fury swallowed, I was ushered into the treatment room which was a concrete box, with some small attempts to turn it into a place of peace and relaxation, such as the painting on the wall, and the very quiet music on shuffle in the background.

Unfortunately due to it's location, it could barely drown out the pumping music from the gym-that-isn't-really-a-gym next door, nor could it drown out the yummy mummy's outside who were talking at what was probably a reasonable volume, but to me, sounded like they were hollering to each other.
Also, the door to the treatment room, had the peculiar problem, of being entirely closed, but rattling after a draught from outside or a person walking by, which gave the impression that someone was about to come in to the room!

To the massage itself. It was not relaxing. She apologised before hand for having cold hands. (A masseuse to have cold hands -is that ok? I didn't feel it was...)
The pressure was not checked with me, and I found it to be too light, except in the neck/shoulder area where it went from being almost no pressure to painfully hard.

What with the awkward "late issue", the continual impression of someone being about to walk in on us, the loud music from next door and the odd balance of pressure - I just could not relax. I even contemplated asking to leave and go home, I was that miserable, but of course I didn't. I did the British thing, and said nothing about the pressure, or the door, or the lateness, or wanting to leave. I just grinned and bared it.

I will say though, that though I wasn't relaxed, I did feel limber afterwards.

It finished abruptly after 25 minutes, (I did half expect she would make it a little longer to at least make up for the lack of facial, but she didn't) she finished the massage and walked out of the room. Having dressed myself I just left. There was no thankyous or see-you-agains on either side, she said "bye" curtly, and I responded in kind.

If I put the poor management of staff and appointment bookings aside, I still don't think I would return to this place, for it's unfriendly manner and poor location next to a gym-that-isn't-really-a-gym . I would instead encourage any readers thinking of going to instead google Beauchamp Beauty in Richmond, a mere 5 minute drive or 20 minute walk away, for a far superior facial/massage experience.
Feita em 21 de outubro de 2015
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