$250,000 Game Show Spectacular

$250,000 Game Show Spectacular, Las Vegas

$250,000 Game Show Spectacular - Las Vegas

$250,000 Game Show Spectacular - Las Vegas
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  • Westgate Las Vegas Station • a 4 min de caminhada
  • Las Vegas Convention Center Station • a 4 min de caminhada

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So Calif7 contribuições
The review by Yzerwing was very thorough, and I only have a few comments to add.

I saw the show with my mother in March 2008, and we also saw it hosted by Bob Eubanks. This was quite a thrill for my mother, who loves him. This is a good thought if you're in town with someone who really enjoys daytime TV. Unfortunately you can't tell ahead of time which of the hosts (Eubanks, Chuck Woolery, or Jamie Farr) will be hosting that day.

Another thing I noticed was that, naturally, the crowd was not too big on a weekday. (We were there Monday or Tuesday, I forget which.) This meant the odds of our numbers being drawn for prizes or to be chosen for the games was much better. Sure enough, I was the FIRST person called for the first game. (I was so shaken, I couldn't relax for 20 min after I was done and back in my own seat!) I was thrilled to get that $50 cash consolation prize for not winning! So if you want to improve your odds of going on stage to play, go on a weekday. And, you might consider deciding who of your party actually WANTS to go up. Consider any of your numbers "his" or "hers", because the player will do much better if not scared to death! My mother refused to play any game at all - she was too scared.

I found the show to be a little stagey, but entertaining. If you get the discount tickets, it's a fine value. This is especially true because it's not easy finding entertainment for mixed company or if you're with senior citizens. This is mostly good fun, with only a little naughtiness thrown in. (Remember those embarrassing questions from Newlywed Game? Clips from the old shows are shown as part of the entertainment.)
Feita em 22 de julho de 2008
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Chicago514 contribuições
I attended the $250,000 Game Show Spectacular in February 2008 at the Las Vegas Hilton. Bob Eubanks was the host during our show, but the hosting duties rotate between him, Chuck Woolery and Jamie Farr. The show takes place in a theater off of the Las Vegas Hilton's casino floor. We had a 2 for 1 discount coupon for the show through Expedia, which we received when we booked a room night at the LV Hilton through Expedia. They also gave out 2 for 1 coupons to all people attending the shows so that you could go again for half price. Later, we also saw that they were selling discounted tickets to the show at the 1/2 price ticket booths.

Before the show starts, everyone is given a number as they walk in (like a raffle number). After everyone gets settled (there were approximately 200 people at the show we attended), Richard the pre-show emcee/show announcer comes out to get the crowd warmed up. The games start right away as Richard picked a random person as he walked through the audience to win a prize. Then he started a game called "I Bet You Don't Have." He would call out common items that people carry and the first person to get his attention that had the item, won a prize. Some items were open to everyone in the audience and some were done by sections of people seated. The items called during our show included: nail clippers, a Hilton room key, a family photo, a $100 bill, a brown sock, a souvenier from the show gift shop, a New York Driver's license and dental floss. Prizes for this first game varied, but my wife had one item that won and she got a $15 certificate to the cafe in the hotel. We recomend coming prepared with items. Have things out and be ready to jump up and shout to get Richard's attention.

After Richard finished his game, Bob Eubanks came out and started the show. They called out a ticket number and gave that first person $100. After that, the real game show games began.

Six game show games were played in addition to the final chance at $250,000. Everyone who went on stage won something ($50 most of the time if they didn't win the game being played). Winners of each game won cash prizes (usually a few hundred dollars and varying by game). The games were:

Who is telling the truth: 4 women were picked and brought to the stage. Each was interviewed briefly and asked their weight. Then, the show people brought out a scale and found out who was the most truthful about their weight. Winner was the person with the actual weight closest to what they told Bob.

Name that Song: Three ticket numbers were called and they played name that tune. Songs played included: Walk the Line, Joker, Superstitious, 9 to 5, We Will Rock You and Hit the Road Jack. First person to three correct won the big prize.

Gong Show: Three ticket numbers were called to be judges on a gong show. Then, three ladies were chosen from the audience and they competed in a go-go dancer contest with wigs and boas. Judges gonged people to stop them, but the audience applause decided the winner.

World's Best Lover Contest: One man is chosen from the audience and he is supposedly the world's best lover. He is taken backstage to get into a Hugh Hefner-type outfit while three women are chosen from the audience. He is supposed to pick the best kisser of the group of women while he is blindfolded.

Higher/Lower Game: Three ticket numbers are chosen to the stage and each is given a row of cards. The contestants go down the row of cards and guess whether the cards are high (9 of higher) or low (8-2). Person that guessed the most right won the big prize.

Newlywed Game: Three married couples are chosen from the audience. Men were taken back stage while women were asked three questions: 1) Where is the strangest place you've ever made whooppee? 2) If your husband wrote a book about all of his past lovers, how many chapters would it contain? 3) Would you describe your husband as handsome, sexy or intelligent?

The final game gave someone a shot at $250,000 cash. Had the person won (they didn't), everyone in the audience would have won $100 cash, too. To play this game, they chose 10 ticket numbers from the audience. Each person was given a card with a red side and a black side. Each person had to hold up the side color they believed the next card in the deck of cards would be. People who got it wrong were eliminated and they played that until 1 person won.

That winner then chose three cases from a screen over the stage in an attempt to get the amounts in each case to add to $1000 exactly. The person that did the choosing won over $800 (you win the amounts you choose), but did not take home the grand prize.

Approximately 40 people from the audience were chosen for games on the stage, with half being picked by ticket number and half being chosen by the host on stage. They sell small "Pick Me" signs before the show, but from my observations, the signs did not give a audience member any better chance of being chosen. Enthusiasm and jumping up out of your seat to get noticed was much more important. We also noticed that Bob Eubanks seemed to veer toward his left (right side of the theater as you walk in) when picking contestants. That may have had more to do with the number of people sitting on his left vs. right, but he definitely spent more time looking to his left when picking people.

Overall, we had fun at the $250,000 Game Show Spectacular. It was especially convenient while staying at the Las Vegas Hilton. While I felt like there were a lot of fun games played, I did not particularly like the process of picking audience members for the games. I would have preferred just selecting ticket numbers for all of the games to keep things objective.

I have also been to the Price is Right Live stage show at Bally's and I think I enjoyed that experience a little more. They are both fun shows, but the Price is Right games are fun because they often involve a lot of full audience participation with yelling out prices for items. However, the prizes given at the $250,000 Game Show Spectacular were far superior. The $250,000 Game Show Spectacular gave away more valuable prizes to more people than the Price is Right (for example, money at $250K Game Show vs. t-shirts at Price is Right) I would recommend seeing the $250,000 Game Show Spectacular, but trying to find a discounted ticket through the methods mentioned above. It is also a good show if you're staying on the north end of the strip and are looking for a fun afternoon.
Feita em 18 de fevereiro de 2008
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