Cowabunga Bay Water Park

Cowabunga Bay Water Park, Henderson

Cowabunga Bay Water Park - Henderson
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Bognor Regis, UK35 contribuições
abr de 2022 • Família
We had a brilliant day at Cowabunga Bay! The weather was hot and although it was obvious that many staff were being trained they were all so polite and helpful.

I’d like to give a special mention to Bobby at Guest Services for helping us get back to our hotel via a cab. He really went above and beyond.

If we weren’t on vacation we would definitely buy a season pass!
Feita em 9 de abril de 2022
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Justin C
Orlando, Flórida6 contribuições
ago de 2021
Great Water Park, with lots of slides, clean and well maintained. Great entertainment with friends and family!
Feita em 19 de dezembro de 2021
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Las Vegas, NV160 contribuições
set de 2021
1st visit to Cowabunga Bay and I have to say our family quite enjoyed it. We went at the end of the season so it wasn't extremely hot and wasn't overly busy but a good crowd. I do feel having to pay for parking is unnecessary and the ticket prices are a bit pricey - I could get into Legoland for basically same price and there is more to do there. But with all that said - we had a fun day, finding shade was a bit of a challenge so if you are going and want some shade to sit in, get there early. I do have to say the food was not overpriced and was actually pretty good. All in, we'll be back during the early spring or late summer times, but not during the middle of the summer, just too hot.
Feita em 29 de setembro de 2021
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Janesville, WI24 contribuições
jul de 2021 • Família
The park is nice and kept clean. We were only there two hours when the park closed for the day due to a storm. Thankfully we were able to come back the next day but it is worth noting this because you may not want to go on the last day of your vacation. When everybody was leaving the park, a manager was requesting a receipt for our tickets in Order to give us the rain check ticketsand then argued with me about what I told him. We had two hardcopy tickets when we came in that were given to us by someone locally who had their carpet cleaned and were given tickets as a promotion. We didn’t receive a receipt for those. He told me the park didn’t even have hardcopy tickets and basically said I was lying which is completely inappropriate and inaccurate. He kept arguing w me and finally gave us the tickets. Other employees were just giving out tickets and not harassing people trying to leave before the storm broke.

The ride lines move extremely slowly and we were there on a day when the lines were short. There are a lot of instructions given to every single rider individually and delays between when riders come down and when the last riders got off. We did enjoy all of the rides that we went on and liked the wave pool which is much milder than others we have been in. The lazy River was also nice. Overall, we would Have enjoyed it more if we could have gotten on more rides during the time given.
Feita em 25 de julho de 2021
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Miami Beach, Flórida286 contribuições
jun de 2021
This is not a good option if you're visiting Las Vegas and only plan one visit. Hugely overpriced unless you have the season ticket and you plan to go A LOT or if you got some amazing discount on Groupon. You'll have a hard time finding a chair in the play area for the small kids, and even harder finding a place with any shade. We got on line for one major ride and gave up after half an hour even though the line wasn't that long. The line didn't move at all. I could see the ride and they were sending out one raft every five minutes. It seemed like they just had one raft and had to wait for one group to finish and the raft to get hauled back up to the top before sending another group. Ridiculous. The only place my kids were able to have any fun was the wave pool.
Feita em 24 de julho de 2021
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Henderson, NV106 contribuições
jul de 2021
This is a review of the VIP Cabana experience only.

I was only going to send this to customer relations at Cowabunga Bay, but they did not return any of my emails over the last 2 weeks. And good luck trying to get anyone on the phone.

Get ready, this is a long one…

I paid more than $200+ for a VIP cabana. I expected at least a certain level of service. The only real “service” we received was at check in and the escort to our cabana. It went downhill from here.

Once at the cabana, service was practically non existent.

Our server (who was very nice by the way) appeared quickly after our arrival (tease!). We asked her some questions, and ordered a pitcher of soda for the kids to kick things off. Before enjoying the park, we waited for the soda to arrive. And we waited. And waited. It took more than an hour for her to return with the pitcher of soda for our kids. Over 1 hour. When she finally came back with the pitcher, she explained that she “got stuck helping at the front”. So after an hour wait, the kids had warm, flat Root Beer. But since we are not really complainers, we just shrugged it off.

*Note: To make matter worse, there were 2 servers servicing the VIP cabanas that day. One on our side (our server), and one on the other side (the other server). We saw (our server) no more than 4-5 times over a 6+ hour period while we saw the other server, every 15 minutes! No joke, at least every 15 minutes we saw the (other server) taking care of her people. The cabanas to our left were getting what they paid for. We were not. At least twice we had to ask her if she could help us or find our server for us.

Anyways, after the warm Root Beer was dropped off, it would be another hour+ before we would see our server again. Since we are season pass holders, we were mostly excited about just taking advantage of the cabana and the service it offered over any slides that day. So we were at the cabana most of the day, being lazy, and swimming in the VIP pool with the kids. And when we did finally our server again, we had to ask for more water as it was 110 degrees outside and well, people need water in 110 heat. Not sure why we had to ask and not just receive, but whatever.

We all put our phones in the safe, well, because there was a safe for us to use for our belongings. But I use the word “use” lightly because half the time, the safe would not even open. I had important business emails to check throughout the day but was unable to since we could not find our server most of the time, to open the safe. Ugh.

When our server finally paid us a visit, she took the battery out of the safe to replace it with a new one. Of course, that meant we had no safe to use until she came back and hour+ later. So we waited. And waited. And when she did finally come back, she forgot the replacement battery.

Flash forward another painful hour or so watching our neighbors to the left of us being treating like royalty by their server, it was time for a late lunch. I already knew this was not going to go well. But at least we finally had a working safe.

About an hour later we saw our server. She was taking an order at the cabana farthest from us and then began to walk away! She did not appear to have any plan to check on us as she began walking away, again. So my wife ran up to her to get her to come take our orders. She did.

Don’t get me wrong. She was super nice and very friendly.

Lunch took the expect “long time” but at least it did finally show up. And the food was not horrible. They did offer some great deals for season pass holders on the food. At least I was very happy about that.

When it was time to leave, my wife cleaned up our area (since nobody else came to pick up the remnants of our lunch that was still resting in the heat of the cabana). When it was time for the bill, we did what we did best during our cabana experience at Cowabunga Bay. We waited. When we finally saw her almost an hour later, again, we had to walk up to her in order to get her attention. At least she was consistent.

The End.
Feita em 20 de julho de 2021
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Henderson, NV295 contribuições
jul de 2021
This place is run by teenagers that have no clue what they are doing. It is unbelievably unorganized. It was not crowded and almost every ride we had to wait because of some malfunction or the workers not enforcing the rules such as no shoes or sunglasses on the rides. So they had to stop the rides and find the persons lost articles. The one ride that you don't have to carry your own raft broke down after standing in line for quite some time. Stay out of the lazy river ride. It smells bad and the water tastes funny. We all know what that is. The park itself is in bad shape. They could use help in the landscaping areas as a lot of the grass is dead in the sitting areas or covered in dirt. And the trees have dead palms hanging off of them. On a side note the Henderson police department is on property with 4 officers. They all stay in their group in the shade and really don't do anything but have a presence in the park. Which is good but they definitely do not need 4 of them.
Feita em 11 de julho de 2021
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Las Vegas, NV775 contribuições
ago de 2020
So happy we kept our passes this season. We enjoyed the extra buddy passes and food credit plus with the limited capacity was nice.
Feita em 14 de agosto de 2020
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Tamara B
Okinawa Prefecture, Japão112 contribuições
jul de 2020 • A sós
Have a season pass for this LV water park so have been here many times. Midweek in the afternoon is the best time because it’s not crowded at all. It can be very relaxing. Lifeguards seem to be on top of things and overall it’s a nice experience. Cons: they don’t say or do anything to the rowdy groups who get physical and out of control, usually on the Lazy River. I’ve heard groups curse out the lifeguards and it’s rude. When a guard blows their whistle for supervisor assistance I never see anyone respond. i would recommend having security wandering through the park. Food is expensive as you would imagine but it’s ok. Looking to beat the desert heat this is definitely the place.
Feita em 20 de julho de 2020
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Jacksonville, Flórida83 contribuições
jun de 2020 • Família
If you are in Las Vegas area and looking for a fun and fabulous day I highly recommend going to Cowabunga Bay Waterpark. Staff is very friendly and helpful. There is plenty to do for all ages, slides. Lazy river, wave pool, etc. Our granddaughter (just turned 4) had an awesome time. It’s very reasonably priced, we bought online and saved $10 off each adult ticket. Season Passholders gain entry about 10-15 minutes before daily entrants. But that’s a perk they deserve. Water is Ice cold. It was 107° the day we went and water felt amazing. Will definitely be returning next time in Vegas.
Feita em 28 de junho de 2020
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