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Thread Lake - Flint

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The Forgotten Lake
set de 2014 • A sós
Just South-East of the downtown area of the City of Flint, there is a hidden lake that isn't easy to get to (you can see it from North-Bound 475 just before the I-69 interchange to the right).

One way to get there:

Get out your map and find the intersection of Atherton Rd. and Saginaw St. (just South of Downtown Flint about two miles). Start here (in front of Applegate Chevrolet) and drive North on Saginaw Street. Take Lakeview Avenue or Livingston Dr. to the East and turn Left (North) onto Collingwood. At the North end of Collingwood Parkway, you will find McKinley Park and Cummings Park (as seen on Google Maps). Look to the East and there is Thread Lake.

A long time ago (before I was born) there was once an amusement park in this area. Just imagine what it must have been like at that time.

The lake water is now brown and in some places lots of algae and lily-pads grow, but in other areas the lake is still scenic.

There is a "drop-In" community center at this park which is currently being used by a county agency for the mentally-challenged. I didn't have any disturbances while viewing the lake, however, be aware of your surroundings while visiting this area (the neighborhoods are a bit shabby here).

I'm hoping that some day in the future that this area will be restored to be a "Gem" of a park like it once was.
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