The Nest on Ninth at The Oread

The Nest on Ninth at The Oread, Lawrence

The Nest on Ninth at The Oread - Lawrence

The Nest on Ninth at The Oread - Lawrence

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Wolfgang S
Duluth, Geórgia360 contribuições
mai de 2018 • Amigos
Our first time in Lawrence and finishing off the multi day visit at the Nest with a cold beverage was perfect. The view truly cannot be beat (see pictures that I submitted) and the sunset behind the football stadium is a delight.
This is a fun place to have a drink. Food is better enjoyed at the downstairs restaurant.
Feita em 17 de maio de 2018
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A. Townsend Peterson
Lawrence, KS535 contribuições
The view from the top of the Oread hotel is perhaps the best in the city. It is perched on the top of a high Hill, and the view is 360°, and spectacular in every direction. Having a bar with this view is very exciting, and very tempting to go and spend time there. The reality of the bar, however, is pretty disappointing. That is, the drinks are more or less OK, but the food is terrible… It is served in Styrofoam takeout boxes, and the portions are miserably small. Check out the photograph of the hummus attached to this review: it was a few pieces of pita bread, and one small tub of hummus. Really, are we going to serve a single tiny tub of hummus as a full appetizer? The quantity of hummus was approximately 2 tablespoons. And no silverware, no plasticware even, and not even a napkin. One would think that the owners of such a nice looking hotel would find a competent chef incompetent management staff to make the place really shine… I do not doubt that they turn a profit with the sports crowd, but can't we aim for excellence instead of just profit?
Feita em 5 de junho de 2016
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Thank you for the feedback and the compliment about our spaces and views. We are a great place to take in sports and also for pre- and post-game fun! Every year thousands of travelers visit The Nest. It is disappointing to hear about your experience. You are right. Your server definitely should have provided utensils. Additionally, what’s pictured does not reflect the portion of hummus that is usually served. It’s much bigger than that. We apologize for our mistakes. The message has been sent to our servers and our kitchen about proper food service on The Nest. We do aim for excellence with each and every customer who enters our property. Oread management as a whole puts a premium on training our servers to help create positive memories of one-of-a-kind experiences coupled with the breathtaking views. The Nest on Ninth, being located 9 stories in the air, does not serve on china or provide silver to dining guests, with the exception of special banquets. We are sorry, but this is for the safety of everyone considering the steep drop. We hope you will try us again and look forward to you sharing how your experience is the second time.
Feita em 25 de agosto de 2016
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