Big Fish Grill Cooking Classes

Big Fish Grill Cooking Classes, Rehoboth Beach

Big Fish Grill Cooking Classes - Rehoboth Beach

Big Fish Grill Cooking Classes - Rehoboth Beach
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Santiago de Compostela, Espanha4 contribuições
I just called to reserve two spots for April. My partner and I were going to join another couple who had already made a reservation . Unfortunately, the employee I spoke to talked me out of it. 'I have the flyer in my hand', I told her, 'but would like more details'. I inquired about what we would be cooking and she said that they don't select the menu until the week before the class. Fair enough. So, I asked if she could tell me what the menu was for any of the previous classes, just to get an idea. She said she didn't know because 'she has never attended a class' and 'she works in the kitchen'. Hmmmm. So I tried one more time by asking her what exactly we would be doing and she repeated exactly what is written on the flyer: tour of the fish market, cheese pairing, coffee. But specifically how the class would work, she couldn't say (and wasn't about to find someone who could) 'So do you want to sign up?' she asked. My response was 'well I guess so, but it's a lot of money to pay for something without really knowing what I'm getting for it'. Her last comment sealed the deal. 'Well, you don't have to sign up'. Which I didn't. I'll skip the mystery class. My friends have cancelled their reservation as well. We will find another one somewhere else. To the owners: this may have been a wonderful experience and may be worth a gamble. I will never know, however, thanks to a staff member who couldn't be bothered to sell it to me.
Feita em 5 de março de 2015
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