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Pleasure Chest - West Hollywood
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San Diego, Califórnia1.092 contribuições
jun de 2018 • Amigos
I've been here on many different occasions. The classes are so much fun and informative. "Knowledge with some ass and titties" lol

Plus you get 15% off your total purchase if you attend a class. It is first come to get a seat and seating is limited because it is a small venue.

They also have a huge selection of lubes and toys. And their employees are very informative if you have any questions.

Love their "Cirque Sexualle" performances. The performers are so talented. The burlesque dancers are amazing.

Yes parking is limited depending on what time you go.
Feita em 25 de fevereiro de 2019
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Los Angeles, Califórnia66 contribuições
ago de 2016 • Casais
My friend a best selling author of about 70 books heard about the Basic Bondage free session at the store from 8pm 10pm. We started out early enough but arrived close to the start time. I dropped her off and searched for a parking place in what used to be my old neighborhood. Well there aren't any. Either you have Permit Only or meter. Or you can hope that no one at Whole Foods will notice. Good luck with that one.
After several spins around the area I lucked up and zoomed into a just available open to all space. After a long walk I was in and greater luck got a seat. My friend on the other side of the room was busy taking notes. I would not surprise me if she puts up another title while I just get this review done. In front of the seating area there was a table covered with products from the store and two people hosting. One blond and one brunette. Talking about sex acts in public is dicey at best. Having a safe word-rope burns --and soft handcuffs explained sent some into laughter while many listened intently.
I was glad I went if only to realize that love is the best drug of all when it's good.
But when it goes bad nothing is worse.
For me causeing someone pain in the name of pleasure is a foreign country that I am not visiting. When those I love are hurt my pain is inconsolable.
But while I like my eggs sunny side up I realize that others do not. Just how adults want to go about it has a lot to do with personal taste and little or nothing about morals or anyone else''s business.

It was a nice group with even dumb questions answered with a gentle touch. They took turns instructing us.I thought something over and after a host switch--bad timing there on my part-- I opened my foolish mouth and said
" I have a idea about what the other lady said...." And all hell broke loose from the brunette.
I have done far more with malice and not gotten such a dressing down.
But now my good manners had earned me an undeserved punishment.
I was being publicly humiliated-- it was not consensual-- I had not signed a release
or warned to wear body armor.

When the brunette was finished I ignored what was said about me and stated my thoughts about paying more attention to what we say to our partner and how we say it and less about how it may all look. And I said no more.
Not a word about the outburst.
And I will not now spill here who that was. This is not about revenge.
This is a warning.
For our greater convenience the two hosts did not wear a name tag.
I had not seen any printed information and no host names were offered up that
I heard. There were about 50 people at the event.

Venting at your client for not fully understanding the exact personal tightrope of identity you are traveling and then expecting one and all to buy from you.
Well that's building a bridge to nowhere.
This happened at about 915pm. I sat in silence until it was all over. In that time no one ever came over to me though the place was humming with staff who were in and out of a nearby store room. Someone in management will be informed and will want to at least chat me up a bit and make things right with me if possible.Do not hold your breath if you get into a dust up here. No one cares,
When I connected with my friend she asked if I was OK.
I am sure I'll live.
Did you get what you needed ?
I could have googled more in less time and missed the sales pitch.
As we were leaving I over heard a woman saying --quite loudly
"So your saying that I can not open the package until I buy it and then I can not return it if does not suit me. Right? Well honey I'd sooner drop the 250 in Vegas at least they will give me a drink."
We went out side. I did not speak to anyone neither did she.
My friend told me that she had been ready to leave if I had made the move.
No that would have just added gasoline to the fire
We had stayed to the finish but now outside on the long walk to the car I let it all out.
By way of background I was raised by English born grandparents who I never called by their first names. I knew full well even at 5 misbehaving in public meant I would be left home. Manners. Respect. Not optional.
In my work life at what has become the world's largest airline I make it my rule to be as nice to everyone as they would permit me to be,
One name mega stars to down on their luck royals. And everyone in between. As often is the case those with the least-- needed the kindest hands.

Being unprofessional to staff or clients meant
"Your fired"
I retired after 30 years of excellent sales and service.
So I know a thing or two about good and bad operations.
If you have read any of my other reviews you would know that I have only given out gold stars. Because I believe in the happy hours are to be remembered.
Sure even the best restaurant can turn out a bad meal.
Even the meanest dive can get tea and toast right.
This place is flying under a false flag. A good name that has been taken over by people only trading in a quick buck.
On yelp I read that another valued customer of this place was given the runaround
after repeated visits the poor woman broke down. I am sorry but my pet just died.
Well that's not our fault. I am sure that many readers of that said --Sure and we're suppose to believe that one. After my visit I believe that is exactly what they would say.
When a big box mind set takes over a cool no hassle sex toy store you end-up with the No Pleasure Chest. A mine field for the customer. Good and horrid service.
NO REFUND no returns. Unless you are ready to go balls to the walls to get some value for money.
No end to the mark-up where ever possible.
Just like the big home appliance store we all know know about good for a browse but not a buy. And nearly never a best buy.
Everyone has it for less. And some places offer kind service and clear and consistent policies.
So have a tour if you can find a place to park. Cell photo the product information. If you see a fun card or other small thing sure pick it up.
Back in the day it was here or almost nowhere. Now like Starbucks sex shops are where you are. Would I ever set foot in there again?. I can't think of a reason. No inducement of a 10% discount would lure me into that quicksand. I am sure that the corporate suit assigned to reading these things will put up a boiler plate reply.
Save your precious time and get to work on your home turf.

I read a review

"the best part about this place is that it is clean and not creepy"

Well the clean part is correct.
Feita em 19 de agosto de 2016
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Margarita S
Los Angeles, Califórnia70 contribuições
Probably the least trashy adult store you'll ever go to.
Don't get me wrong they have every imaginable adult toy, some clothes, masks, and a variety of interesting gadgets.

You'll find people of all ages in there, most giggling at one thing or another but no creeps just hanging out.

The staff is incredible, they understand that most likely it's embarrassing so they really can answer any question without you feeling weird.

I recommend couples go here together and pick out something you both want to try. It's fun!

If you're visiting Los Angeles you might automatically go to the hustler store on hollywood because it's so commercial but they have no where near the quality and selection of toys and intimates as pleasure chest. I highly recommend it, even if just for a thrill.
Feita em 18 de fevereiro de 2015
Esta avaliação representa a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor, e não da TripAdvisor LLC.

Los Angeles, Califórnia1 contribuição
dez de 2013 • A sós
the best part about this place is that it is clean and not creepy. I don't like going to adult stores where people are fooling around in the back or trying to pick you up as you just run in to grab some lube. this place is clean and professional and all the staff seems very helpful.
Feita em 17 de dezembro de 2013
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