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abr de 2014
Estamos hoje e eu realmente não tinha planos para chegar lá, mas o meu marido disse-me que a taxa de entrada não foi tão caro. por isso eu digo "bem, vamos lá! ". Foi uma viagem de 30 minutos de viagem de motocicleta da nossa casa, nós trouxemos a nossa 3a filha com nós que é tão animado para ver os macacos (porque nós lhe dissemos que vai ver os macacos). Mas quando chegar lá eu estava realmente chocado com a taxa de entrada, era P150.00 e penso que é caro, porque a aparência do signages do zoo, não muito atraente para que eu pensei, "Ok, o que eu iria fazer, já estamos aqui, não, apoio para fora." Em Primeiro lugar eu pensei que o zoológico foi apenas normal até que vimos tartaruga mantidos em um apertado aquarium, que não até mesmo nadar muito e o aquário tem um aspecto sujo e a água é verde. Por isso, demos uma volta. E percebi que todos os aquários foram em que condição, você não pode sequer ver o peixe em mais lá, eu não sei se eles simplesmente não têm o conhecimento para limpar aquários para estas criaturas porque parece horrível. A parte onde você vai ver os tigres aromas como um mictório público sujo, tenho um cheiro tão sensível que já dói no meu nariz. Eu ainda odeio uma sinalização que diz "mais limpas e local mais feliz da Terra" uma vez que é uma grande mentira. Eu não sei como algum TV shows proporcionam para anunciar gratuitamente um lugar como este. Eu fiquei decepcionado. Não até mesmo têm boas instalações de banho para os visitantes e não existe apenas uma pequena loja que vende cachorro-quente, refrigerante e junkfood e no entanto não há nada mais que você pode comer se você não pack qualquer.

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ivy m
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jan de 2022 • Família
We visit yesterday, jan 1st, 2022 nagulat ako kasi entrance fee is 300.00, posted online was 150 lang, wala naman choice kasi excited na ang mga bata.
Feita em 1 de janeiro de 2022
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Lota B
1 contribuição
dez de 2021 • Família
I'm disappointed, nagtaas kyo Ng entrance fee at P300 pero halos vacant mga cages, no special attractions, not as nice when I visited you're place years ago. Please improve....
Feita em 12 de dezembro de 2021
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Yokohama, Japão130 contribuições
set de 2019 • Família
Feita em 26 de setembro de 2019
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Mebane, Carolina do Norte358 contribuições
mai de 2019 • A sós
While staying a couple blocks away in Malabon City, I took the opportunity to walk down to this little zoo, having seen the sign for it while visiting the adjacent Jollibee fast food store. At some point, it appears that the owners simply ceased to do maintenance on the facility, and it has begun to decline. The enclosures are on the small side, and many of the animals appear to be getting on in years. The deer particularly seem elderly and/or inbred, judging by the antlers of the males. Some of the more interesting specimens were of long nose gar and monitor lizards, which were noted as being food for Filipinos. The 200 peso entry fee ($4 American, more or less) might have been a little steep, considering it only takes an hour or so to go through, but it wasn't bad. Some of the signs and dinosaur displays were a little quirky, but I was glad I went. If you are put off by animals displayed in smallish enclosures, you might want to take a pass on this one. The Pirarucu fish from South America was impressive, looking to be around 7' long and like something out of a book of prehistoric creatures. There are snacks available on site, and Jollibee is right around the corner if you want more than that.
Feita em 27 de maio de 2019
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383 contribuições
mai de 2018 • Casais
Feita em 6 de março de 2019
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346 contribuições
fev de 2019 • Família
The owners of "Malabon Zoo" should be ashamed of themselves. They keep on reiterating that they're operating the zoo because of their love for animals or wildlife and they want to share the experience of being near them to the public. After visiting the zoo with my wife, my daughter and my nephew, I realized that all those statements were false and just a way to hide a grandiose "money making scheme".

According to an article, the "crusade" to save the animals started when owner saw a hunter preying on endangered birds. I don't know if the owners had some memory problems that made them to deviate from their advocacy or shifted now and deliberately taking advantage of people who want to see rare animals.

Yes, it's "Noah's Ark" in flood prone Malabon but the flooding is not all year round. The animals deserve better treatment. I love the wildlife. As a matter of fact, I been on an African Safari. Africa is a long travel. The only way for me to share my fascination of wild rare animals is visiting zoos. I already visited almost all the zoos and wildlife conservation areas in the country, Malabon Zoo was by far the most hideous and depressing.

Kabul Zoo is one of the worst zoos in the world but Kabul is in the middle of war and Malabon is not. I can't compare the place to private zoos in the Philippines like Zoobic Safari. Probably the closest is the Manila Zoo but still Manila Zoo is way way better than Malabon Zoo.

The animals were already deprived of their natural habitat, the least that they can do is make the surroundings comfortable for the animals. It's already a fact that zoos cannot provide the amount of space animals have in the wild. This is particularly the case for those species who roam larger distances in their natural habitat like tigers and lions.

The Malabon Zoo trained some of their animals to perform tricks as if they were in a circus. Yes, I must admit they're entertaining and astonishing but it also made me think about, at what expenses and consequences for the animals for all those entertainment just to amuse zoo goers like me and my family.

I can definitely say that Malabon Zoo is a certified "TOURISTS TRAP". I felt scammed with the Philippine Peso 210 entrance fee per person two years old and up. There's no discount for toddlers. The experience was not worth the entrance fees I paid for all of us. When I thought that the 100 pesos that I paid for each of us to enter the Manila Zoo was a ripped off. The entrance fee of Malabon Zoo was an exploitation of us who traveled several kilometers north just to see the poor status of rare animals there. The cages were like cubicles or hotdog stands on school fairs. They're too small for the animal or animals they hold. It's like less than 3 square meters each thus making city pounds in Metro Manila looked better than the Malabon Zoo.

They said the highlight of Malabon Zoo was the animal interaction. They even have signs that say that it's a "feeding zoo". The only animal interaction we experienced was shaking hands with "Marimar", they're Orangutan. They also fed two medium sized crocodiles with two sets of chicken drumsticks and thighs each (the cost of 1 entrance fee ticket). While the few Arapaimas got two sardines or galunggong each. Shameful knowing how much they charge each zoo goer to enter.

The so-called "Aquarium" section was nothing but a big joke and a big lie. It's just several lines of aquariums similar to those that can be seen in houses. Wondering if they're trying to mislead visitors by pretending the zoo have an oceanarium. Those little fishes, really? Those are like the fishes we can see on the typical setups of home aquariums except for the few Arapaimas and for Albino Catfishes.

How about the advertised "Botanical Garden". It's of non-existence. Yes, they have trees and plants around their property but I don't think it can pass as a botanical garden. Maybe the informative banners that annoyingly served as obstruction to our view of the animals were the only things that enlighten visitors about plants.

I hope they return to the wild or bring to a conservation center they're Orangutan named Marimar for all species of Orangutans are declared "Critically Endangered" and "Highly Threatened". Hopefully, it goes the same for the sole Bear" in the Malabon Zoo, for it to be freed or transferred to a facility that can elevate the population of the specie. Honestly, I'm not sure what specie of bear it belongs to but according to some write ups, it's a "Himalayan Bear" which is like the Orangutan, it is classified as a "Critically Endangered" and "Highly Threatened".

Last warning, the zoo's parking attendant is a conman. He demanded 20 pesos for a not really parking space parking space. He just sits down and don't even bother to check the security of the vehicles parked. He also doesn't issue tickets or receipts. What a hustler!? It's not really about the cost but I rather give my loose change to those who needs them.

As per analysis, it looked like that the owners just pretended: 1. to really care about animals, 2. to build a suitable shelter for animals and lastly, 3. to share rare animals for everyone to experience. I understand that every institution needs financial capacity to sustain operations but I hope they just price the entrance fee to a more realistic level and make the experience equitable to the costs visitors paid for.

If there's a rating that is less than 1 or terrible, I would have given that rating to "Malabon Zoo".

In the end I would say that stay away from all those tourists traps like the Malabon Zoo. Tourists and families should be given the chance to enjoy the best time at any of the tourist's spots. Tourist sites that levy visitors with some kind of entrance fees should make sure that their places are actually worth exploring.
Feita em 26 de fevereiro de 2019
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Kay D
1 contribuição
abr de 2017 • Família
I'm sure the owners' intentions for the animals are good but this place isn't where I would like to be if I was a tiger/bird/bear/giant fish/etc. The animals barely have any place to move in their cages (more like jails). God knows how cramped those poor animals must be, spending endless days stuck in a shoe box.

When I think of tigers, I imagine them running through vast grasslands. When I think of monkeys, I imagine them dangling and jumping from one tree branch to another. When I think of birds, I imagine them soaring high in the sky. That's why I felt like Dante going down the circles of Hell when I visited this place.

It could definitely use a lot of better maintenance and development. Better yet, they can just release the animals back into the wild where they belong.
I felt really sad after my trip here. I wouldn't recommend it as a fun place to go to but if you have tons of money then please go and donate. The animals need you.
Feita em 2 de março de 2018
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Cookie P
Makati19 contribuições
jul de 2017
Expensive entrance fee at 150 pesos per head and poor maintenance. You will take pity on the animals especially the bear.
Feita em 30 de julho de 2017
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Malabon, Filipinas40 contribuições
ago de 2016 • Família
This zoo is quite intriguing as it is always featured in medias before. It has a decent number of animal species in captivity inside the zoo. There's also an interactive activity with the animals. A must visit place in the area.
Feita em 17 de julho de 2017
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Malabon, Filipinas370 contribuições
jan de 2017 • Casais
Quick trip since we have nothing to do during the weekend. You can have a photo with the Tiger, Orangutan and Snakes which you'll have to pay. There were more animals the last time we've visited which was 10 years ago.
Feita em 8 de julho de 2017
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