Agua Trails Crossing Border Tours

Agua Trails Crossing Border Tours, La Fortuna de San Carlos

Agua Trails Crossing Border Tours - La Fortuna de San Carlos

Agua Trails Crossing Border Tours - La Fortuna de San Carlos
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Expat Border/Visa Run From La Fortuna to Nicaragua and back in one day.
jan de 2020
Depois que duas pessoas em La Fortuna me recomendaram Agua Trails / Polle, entrei em contato com ele para uma viagem de fronteira na Nicarágua. Isso é necessário para os expatriados que estão na Costa Rica. Sua comunicação comigo foi muito rápida e profissional. Eu tive que fazer uma alteração no cronograma e fizemos isso com facilidade e rapidez. Sua retirada foi pontual e, depois de pouco tempo, ficou claro para mim que eu não estava falando com o seu guia de turismo comum. No caminho para a fronteira de La Fortuna e no caminho de volta, conversamos sobre muitos tópicos sobre Costa Rica e Nicarágua e ficou claro que havia um poço de informações muito profundas em Polle sobre muitos tópicos da história da Costa Rica / Nicarágua, agricultura, política, locais de passeios, geografia, clima, passeios de barco, pássaros, procedimentos de fronteira, entre outros. Estava claro para mim que isso vem de anos de experiência e de um interesse genuíno na Costa Rica e na Nicarágua. Acho que Polle disse que ele faz isso há 20 anos. Polle pré-registrou nossa travessia na fronteira com o pessoal da fronteira nicaragüense, o que facilitou o processo. Ao atravessar a fronteira, alguns guardas / funcionários do lado da Costa Rica e da Nicarágua se aproximam e conversam com Polle como se fossem um amigo. Claramente, esse cara é bem conhecido e apreciado por eles. Finalmente, quando se tratava de seus honorários, eles eram muito razoáveis. Este é um guia certificado profissional de primeira classe que realmente conhece suas coisas, altamente recomendado e certamente o usaria novamente.

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Silvia A
4 contribuições
dez de 2019
Last December I went from La Fortuna to Granada with Agua Trails, it was supposed to be a shared transportation, but finally I was the only passenger. Everything went perfectly fine. Polle is super nice, precise, on time, funny. We had nice chats during the trip, he explained me many things about Costa Rica and we stopped to take some pictures. At the border his colleague in Nicaragua came to pick me up and everything went smooth. It was a pleasure meeting Polle and I definitely recommend Agua Trails!
Feita em 14 de fevereiro de 2020
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Brent Munro
1 contribuição
jan de 2020
After two people in La Fortuna recommended Agua Trails/Polle to me, I made contact with him for a Nicaragua border run trip. This is necessary for expats who are in Costa Rica. His communication with me was very prompt and professional. I had to make a schedule change and we did that easily and promptly. His pick up was on time, and after a short while, it became apparent to me that I was not talking to your average tour guide. On the way up to the border from La Fortuna and on the way back we chatted about many topics regarding Costa Rica and Nicaragua and it was clear that there is a very deep well of information in Polle on many topics from Costa Rican/Nicaraguan history, agriculture, politics, tour locations, geography, climate, boat trips, birds, border procedures you name it. It was clear to me that this comes from years of experience and a genuine interest in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. I think Polle said he had been doing this for 20 years. Polle pre-registered our crossing at the border with the Nicaraguan border personal which made for a smooth process. While crossing the border, some guards/staff both on the Costa Rica side and the Nicaraguan side come over and talk to Polle like they would a friend. Clearly this guy is well know and liked by them. Finally, when it came to his fees they were very reasonable. This is a first rate professional certified guide who really knows his stuff, highly recommended and would certainly use him again.
Feita em 27 de janeiro de 2020
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Londres, UK9 contribuições
dez de 2019
This was a superb private transfer from La Fortuna to Granada and very fairly priced. Both Polle for the
Costa Rica leg, and then Rafael after crossing into Nicaragua, provided a friendly service with all the assistance required at the border to make the crossing straight-forward, as well as good advice for things to do at our new destination. Making all the arrangements with Polle was easy and I would recommend this for anyone heading from La Fortuna to Nicaragua or vice-versa.
Feita em 16 de dezembro de 2019
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Tóquio, Japão5 contribuições
mar de 2019 • Família
  La Fortunaに滞在している時、ニカラグアが比較的近かったので何とか行きたいと思いましたが、ホテルで聞いても国境に近いCano Negroに行くツアーはあるものの、国境を超えるツアーはなかなか見つかりませんでした。そんな時、Aqua Trailsを見つけ、ニカラグアに行きたいのですが、と連絡すると、何とかアレンジしてくれるとのことで、家族3人のプライベートツアーとなりました。1人135ドル。
 朝、ホテルに迎えに来てくれ、ニカラグア国境まで2時間ほどのドライブ。途中、イグアナがいる橋で休憩。Las Tablilasの国境は2年ほど前に開通したらしいですが、午後5時には閉鎖、車両は貨物トラックのみなど制約の多い国境でした。それまでは手前のLos Chilesからボートで国境を渡りニカラグアのSan Carlosに入るルートがメインで、今はほとんど使われていないとのこと。ちなみに、この陸路での国境越えは日本の援助で橋が完成したことにより可能となったもので、橋にはその旨の記載があります。日本のガイドブックではまだこの陸路の国境の紹介は記載されていませんでしたが、英語のガイドでは書いてありました。国境で査証代として合計1人20ドルちょっと徴収されます。
 ここでAqua Trails社のポールというオランダ人の背の高いガイドとはいったん別れ、ニカラグアではポールが手配してくれた女性のガイドが待っていました。ニカラグアに入ると、コスタリカとの格差が感じられます。
 San Carlosまでは30分ぐらいで着きます。こじんまりとした街でのんびりしており、治安は良さそうです。ボートに乗ってニカラグア湖を遊覧します。カワウやミサゴなどの鳥の他、サルなどの野生動物を見ました。3月下旬でしたが、昼頃の日差しは結構強くて暑くなってきたため、鳥たちもさほど多くなかったかもしれません。街に戻ってレストランで食事。Wi-Fiも使えます。その後、マーケットまで歩いて地元の市場を見学しました。
 Arenalからニカラグアは近いものの、最近まで陸路の国境越えがなかったためか、まだあまり行き来はないようですが、Aqua Trails社ではニカラグア内のガイドと連携して臨機応変にツアーやトランスポートをアレンジしてくれます。
Feita em 3 de junho de 2019
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Atenas, Grécia23 contribuições
mar de 2019 • Amigos
We were 3 friends on a 20 day trip, starting from Panama, where we spent 6 days and then Costa Rica for 8-9 days. After San Jose, we went to Manuel Antonio ( nice but very touristic, mainly artificial, we hardly came across to some monkeys and 2 iguanas), we had a very interesting and unforgettable Pacuare river rafting for 2 days and then we reavhed La Fortuna. We were rather unlucky, as it was raining, very misty and we didnt see the volcano. Our next destination was Nicaragua and we have searched a lot to find a way to cross the borders. If you rent a car you have to leave it on the borders, at the hotel in La Fortuna told us that we had to take a bus or a taxi to go to Liberia and then take the aaTica bus to Rivas. We searched for a shuttle bus but the prices were extremely high, on the other hand they would drop us off at Rivas. However, we wanted to go to Granada Nicaragua. Surfing the internet and completely discouraged, I saw the Aquatrails and their statement that they make this kind of transportation. I sent an email, expecting a negative reply or an offer which we could not afford! When Polle, the person in charge of Aquatrails answered us ( immediately) and saw his quotation, we couldnt believe it! Fair prices, consistency, kindness, more than enough serviceable. Polle picked us from the hotel ( he gave us 3 souvenirs from Nicaragua!!!!!), on time, he stopped whenever we asked for, he helped us with the procedures at the border, he had a splendid sense of humor, he had arranged with another car on the other side to carry us to Granada he had informed us about the taxes we had yo pay, everything perfect, in good order. The other guy who took us to Granada ( to the door of the hotel) was also excellent.
We truly recommend the services of Aquatrails!! A great solution, if not the only one for this case!
Feita em 31 de março de 2019
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Reece G
3 contribuições
nov de 2018 • Casais
I did not end up using Agua Trails for a trip over to the Solentiname Islands from La Fortuna (simply because we did not end up going - the decision had nothing to do with the company at all), but the service from Polle was so good I felt compelled to write a quick review. Went way above and beyond our expectations in every way to find out the best and most cost-effective way of taking the trip, to a level I have not really experienced from any other company worldwide. I have no doubts at all that the trip would have been fantastic, and cannot recommend Agua Trails enough
Feita em 8 de novembro de 2018
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Natalie P
Washington DC, DC2 contribuições
mai de 2018 • Casais
Everything went very smoothly on the way up and back! Having Marjiory was definitely helpful as she knew everyone working at the border and helped us sail through customs with no problem. Due to the gasoline shortages and road blocks, there were no buses waiting at the border and no other taxis to be seen. I do not know how we would have made it to San Carlos without her. On Friday we easily found her waiting by the waterfront, and crossed back to Costa Rica. When we arrived we had just enough time to take a quick walk around Los Chiles and get a shake before meeting the other passengers for lunch and heading back to La Fortuna. Everything ran right on schedule if not ahead of time. Thanks so much for all of your help!
Feita em 15 de junho de 2018
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Gerard M
Sydney2 contribuições
mai de 2018 • A sós
I absolutely recommend getting the flight into Ometepe from San Carlos. With the help of Polle at Agua Trails, and the very friendly guide on the Nicaragua side, the process was seamless. The airport at San Carlos is quite an experience to say the least! Not exactly Heathrow or JFK that's for sure... but loved the authenticity... certainly reminds you where you are. The approach into Ometepe and the views of Volcan Concepcion are breathtaking.
Feita em 15 de maio de 2018
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La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica1 contribuição
abr de 2018 • Casais
We were very late in discovering Agua Trails for our shuttle from San Carlos - La Fortuna, so we contacted them only the evening before we wanted to travel. But they arranged everything last minute for us and it was great! Great service, by kind people and comfortable travel. Highly recommended.
Feita em 26 de abril de 2018
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First of all, thank you for taking the time to write something about our service, we really appreciate it! We always try to find a solution for our clients even with last minute reservations so I am glad we managed to do so with your shuttle request from San Carlos (Nicaragua) to La Fortuna (Costa Rica). Thank you very much for your kind words and we hope to serve you again in the future!
Feita em 27 de abril de 2018
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Nova York, Nova York34 contribuições
mar de 2018 • Amigos
I'm very impressed by Agua Trail's professionalism. I originally contacted them because I was trying to go in reverse (Granada to La Fortuna), and could not find any operators that went on that route.

(Tip: Their number is WhatsApp-able, so I recommend using that to contact them directly)

Over a lengthy WhatsApp conversation, Marjiory Cáceres answered all my questions, gave me several suggestions, and stuck with me to try and figure out a way. Thanks to Marjiory's hard work and patience, we've finally figured it out - couldn't have done it without her. I highly, highly recommend contacting Agua Trails & using their services!
Feita em 5 de março de 2018
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