Canvas Gallery

Canvas Gallery, Karachi

Canvas Gallery - Karachi
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D-40 / 1-A, Block 4, Kehkashan, Clifton, Karachi, Karachi 75600 Paquistão

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sohail o
Karachi, Paquistão12 contribuições
set de 2016 • A sós
Canvas has the largest display space for a private gallery that I have ever seen, and I have visited galleries in Cuba, Jordan, Paris, Sri Lanka. It has 3 floors of display space including an open air terrace. Entry is free. The ground floor is used for exhibitions curated by Sameera Raja who owns the Galllery. The other floor offer a permanent display space. Air conditioning is good, lighting is also done well, and the gallery staff are very helpful. The Gallery owner is very knowledgeable about art and is happy to share that knowledge with you and introduce you to the artist exhibiting at the gallery. I know she is invited to countries like Germany, UK, USA to give talks on art. It is a great honour for artists to exhibit here and can give them quite a boost, but the gallery is booked for years in advance, holding around 2 exhibitions a month. Many artists who have gained international recognition have exhibited here. All kinds of work are encouraged here- installations, digital art, miniature art, abstract, impressionist, even difficult to define art. Traditional landscapes are not usually displayed here and are available for view at some other gallery. IT is a very successful gallery but one thing I like is that the gallery is not dictated by commercialism and has held shows which it knows will not sell, but holds them regardless to encourage creativity in art. Because of my interest in art, I have been a regular visitor to the gallery over the years. I always take my friends visiting from abroad or from other cities of Pakistan to this Gallery, and they have always enjoyed the visit, and many have ended up buying art from here.
Feita em 3 de outubro de 2016
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Haamid J
Zurique, Suíça3.171 contribuições
jan de 2015 • Amigos
Our friends, avid art-collectors from Chicago and we went hopping galleries that had exquisite treasures and some awesome pieces of local artistes works on paper, canvas and acrylic.

Canvas has moved to a purpose built place, much larger than their previous location. The area is dotted with another few galleries.

Ground floor had a display of photographs, an exhibition that must be on for some days. The first floor and another level had many paintings of upcoming and well-known local artistes. A couple of calligraphic works were very colourful and pleasing to view. To acquire any of the 'grand' ones, I would have preferred to see them individually and not so close to other equally good 'distractions'.

It was well worth a visit to see the display.
Feita em 9 de janeiro de 2015
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