Apuseni Natural Park

Apuseni Natural Park, Northwest Romania

Apuseni Natural Park - Northwest Romania

Apuseni Natural Park - Northwest Romania
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Cluj-Napoca, Romênia1.423 contribuições
Spectacular natural reserve
jun de 2020
Beautiful natural reserve in the heart of the Apuseni Mountains.Easy hike for families with kids, especially the trail up to "Valul Miresei" waterfall, one of Romania`s most spectacular waterfalls!
As for facilities: make sure to arrive as early in the morning as possible as there are only a few parking places: the cars are mostly parked alongside the road, facing the entrance in the reserve. In case you get hungry, most of the guest houses in the area serve food. Another option is to look for the small markets in the villages along the road.
Feita em 9 de agosto de 2020
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Owen Beckett
Belfast, UK14 contribuições
Transylvanian Wilderness
mai de 2019
The Apuseni Mountains are Romanian countryside at its best; flower-rich meadows, ancient forests and traditional wooden buildings. For the hiker they are ideal, as your walk can be as leisurely or intense as you like, with a great variation in the scenery and the landscape. too. The steep forested hillsides hide traditional villages and pristine streams and for the nature lover, the forests and meadows are full of flowers, butterflies, birds, mammals, amphibians and other wildlife.
The mountains are best reached from Cluj-napoca, where you can travel by car or train to Huedin before heading south into the hills. The roads can be narrow and bumpy at times and shops and amenities are few and far between. Most villages usually have at least one small shop or car/cafe.
I found walking here to be incredibly peaceful and would recommend it to anyone who loves the outdoors.
Feita em 31 de março de 2020
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Israel88 contribuições
Magique of a Apuseni national park
jun de 2019 • Casais
Apuseni national park is one of the best places in Romania . It is not developed the roads are narrow and the view is a wonder .
It is good for hikers and have many trails a lot of water and vegetation and ....the locale people are very nice and helpful .
In the villages along the roads you can find very good places to eat mainly local food .
Very good .
Feita em 17 de julho de 2019
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Romênia251 contribuições
amazing trails
ago de 2018 • Família
If you love the mountins you must try and take the trail yellow keys/ “Cheile Galbenei”
Here you would find on this entire trail the fan cascade/“cascada evantai”, the live fire cave/ “pestera focul viu”, deep pits ( avenuri, izbucuri)
I think is the most beautiful and adventurous route we have done along with 3 children aged between 12-16
Feita em 1 de junho de 2019
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Great Ocean Road
15 contribuições
jun de 2018
You need to spent at least fore days to explore thhs mountain range. You can go from Cloj Napuca and drive around: you can see great cinery, waterfalls, Canons, CristalCaves act.
Feita em 14 de abril de 2019
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Varsóvia, Polônia97 contribuições
Welon panny Młodej
ago de 2018 • Casais
Cascada Răchițele lub też Vălul Miresei (Welon Panny Młodej) jest ukryty w północnej części gór Apuseni (w przeciwieństwie do Twierdzy Ponor, która znajduje się na ich południu, opis w Dniu 2). Droga prowadzi wąską drogą, pięknym, nowiutkim asfaltem, w głąb jednej z apuseńskich dolin. Od miejsca, w którym zostawiliśmy samochód, do samego wodospadu szliśmy może 10 minut. Klimat gór znowu nam się udzielił. Szczyty strzelające w niebo, zimna szarość otaczających nas skał i zielone liście i igły wokół wprowadziły nas znowu w magiczny świat przyrody, którego najchętniej byśmy w ogóle nie opuszczali.

Opis naszej całej wyprawy do Rumunii na: stopynadesce.pl
Feita em 22 de janeiro de 2019
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Bacau, Romênia70 contribuições
Wonderful mountains
jul de 2018
The Apuseni Natural Park and especially the Galbenei area, have a special status in which they are protected, species of moss, snails, bird species, such as the white-backed orchard and the orchard or the linx and even the black goat.
Feita em 6 de novembro de 2018
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Cluj-Napoca, Romênia64 contribuições
out de 2018 • Família
Apuseni Natural Park, is beautifull and some places wild. Is the perfect place to disconnect and relax. There ar to visit a lot of beautifull places and caves that are unic in Europe.
Feita em 4 de novembro de 2018
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Menahem K
Tel Aviv, Israel99 contribuições
Perfect adventure combination for parent & adolescent experience
set de 2018 • Família
Suits Bat/Bar Mitzvah trip or any other purpose
We share our experiences of a week-long Bar Mitzvah trip in Romania. The trip suits families in favor of and experienced in nature-focused trips, comprising some adventure and physical effort.
We have chosen son & father trip in Romania following previous year family trip, when we experienced Romania for the first. Following a very satisfactory experience we wanted to come for more. Note that we have no Romanian background and no family links there.
The guiding principles planning the trip were:
• No driving
• Guided days and days on our own interleaved
• Equivalent effort for all days; no exceptional effort day followed by lazing
• One week duration
We planned the trip with the help of Cristina of travelguideromania.com, whom we met first on couple of guided days during the family trip. Cristina has proposed few alternatives and we chose browsing through information & photos available on the web. Let me stress that sites & landscape are far more beautiful & impressive than depicted in images one finds on the web.
Trip are were Apuseni mountains in the West of Romania. Apuseni are best accessed flying to Cluj-Napoca. Apuseni are different form Carpathians, even if often considered part of. These are low mountains with few peaks above 1600 meters. The mountains comprise mostly Karst rock, intensely worn by water, creating amazingly dense concentration of natural phenomena in a small area – caves, gorges, waterfalls, cliffs as well as a unique formation of completely enclosed by slopes dales or valleys, locally called “dolina”.
• Day 1: Picked at Cluj-Napoca airport in the afternoon and driven to Suncuius, about 2.5 hours away. Originally we have planned climbing a via ferrata there, however rain has started upon arrival and dark skies indicated more to come. Therefore we postponed climbing to the next day and strolled along the river instead. Then enjoyed dinner on a terrace overlooking the river. We have stayed and dined at Lavinia Pension, a very nice, quiet & pleasant place. Tip: there are no shops through the entire trip; make any needed shopping on the way from the airport. Particularly important a local sim.
• Day 2: After early breakfast a short drive to via ferrata location. Climbed for about an hour, descended back to the car and driven to rafting meeting point. Rafting lasted about 3 hours. Water is very shallow at the end of the summer, hence we have chosen a canoe for 2. I guess that visiting earlier in the year one better chose a large rafting boat with a guide. Rafting has been enjoyable and not challenging at all. After rafting we were driven to Vartop, a tiny ski resort where we chose to stay for the night. On the way a short stop at our guides’ Cristina & Bogdan at Beius to equip us with hiking map and instructions.
• Day 3: After an early breakfast we set off from Vartop to Padis, a tiny vacation resort as well. The walk was about 12km and included crossing two ridges and climbing a third. The route traverses diverse landscape: dense and sparse forests, pastures on steep slopes and hilltops, small creeks, wide dale crossed by a stream. There are neither villages nor individual house on the way, except Cabana Cetatile Ponorului – a hostel in the midst of the forest. We have stopped there for a short rest and a hearty soup. All cabanas serve soups as hikers’ lunch and they have never disappointed us.We have stopped for another rest at Poiana Ponor, a wide and very pleasant dale serving as pasture. Arrived at Padis in the late afternoon hours, finding our suitcase already there brought timely by our guides. Through the entire hike we met a single elderly local picking mushrooms; btw these are plentiful. Padis is located quite in the center of the trip area. Therefore we have chosen to stay there for 4 consecutive nights. This time we have stayed at Pensiune Bradet. We liked the nearby 5 Casute where we stayed the year before, better; even if it is very basic comparing to Pensiune Bradet.
• Day 4: Pick-up by Cristina after breakfast and drive to the starting point of Galbena river hike. Marched couple of kilometers along Galbena valley high above the water, enjoying views of the slopes and cliffs above. Arrived at valley bottom, where track comes close to water. There put on water socks, rubber boots & helmets on and entered the river. It is beautiful unmarked trail, including walking in the water and bypassing obstacles experiencing little technical difficulty. Completed the hike where we left the car, wet, tired, hungry and happy. Driven back to Padis; good shower, dry clothes, basic yet tasty dinner and early bed.
• Day 5: The original plan was hike to House of Stone, a tiny village concealed in a secluded valley. Studying the map we decided to forsake the original plan because it fairly mandates forth & back on the same route. We haven’t found circular route alternative within our capabilities. Instead, we have chosen a circular route traversing Pietrele Boghii; these are cliffs with amazing views down into Boga valley and onto mountains above Boga & Galbena. The trail starts with flat pastures, goes uphill through dense forest, arriving at the cliff, where we stopped to experience the landscape. Descent to Varsoaia valley, first through dense forest on a steep slope, then through pastures. The valley hosts Cabana Varsoaia, a very basic hostel suitable for backpackers. Stopped there for soup meal, as customary. Apart from an elderly couple, which keeps the cabana we have met nobody along the route. Returned to Padis for an early afternoon nap, the only one on this trip. Late afternoon climbed to Biserica Motului, a tiny prayer site on a hilltop above Padis with nice views on Padis & surroundings. The ascent looked short, yet proved to be tiring.
• Day 6: Pick-up after breakfast and driven to Glavoi, where the route to Cheile Galbenei starts. The hike starts uphill to Piatra Galbenei cliffs. The cliffs are a popular and fairly easy to reach site. Hence one should expect meeting other hikers there and on the way. The cliffs offer great views into Galbena valley below and the higher mountains above. From Piatra Galbenei a long descent through varied forests interleaved with some small pastures till arrival at the gorge, the prime objective of the hike. The gorge comprises waterfalls of various sizes and shapes. Most of the walk through the gorge is on stones and narrow path on the steep slope above (great care advised). There are some technical segments, equipped with cables or chains. This hike was probably the most beautiful we have experienced on our two visits to Apuseni and definitely the most tiring one. At the end pick-up and driven back to Padis. There we rapidly showered, packed and handed the suitcase to our guides, leaving with us only the essentials or the next day hike.
• Day 7: After early breakfast set-off for the hike from Padis to Stana De Vale, the longest hike on this trip with greatest altitude differences – about 20 km with over 600 meter ascent. This route differs from the previous ones – through most of it there are wide views into distance, as forested segments are small and mostly to the end of the trail. One must be well equipped with water & food for this hike. Walking on the ridge one may experience chilly wind, even on a warm day. Appropriate clothing advised. Views on the way very impressive – number of ridges in either direction, valleys hundreds of meters below, remote mountains on the horizon. Along the route we have met a single couple with mountain bikes. We’ve seen herdsmen far away and heard they dogs; nobody else. Descended into Stana fairly hungry. Though we haven’t planned that, we settled for a meal at the restaurant of Iadolina hotel. The restaurant excellent with great selection of surprisingly elaborate dishes. Our guide Bogdan has picked and driven us to their place in Beius for a short rest before our flight back.
• Day 8: Departed after midnight to the airport. Unfortunately our flight departed from Cluj-Napoca at 6:10. This has been the sole deficiency of the trip.

In summary – we had a great experience, which could have hardly been better. Cristina & Bogdan have done a great job planning our trip and guiding us through it.
Feita em 24 de setembro de 2018
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Manama, Bahrein11 contribuições
Huge, beautiful, and tranquil
mai de 2018 • Amigos
Apuseni National park is massive, you would need a car, (preferably 4x4) or you will need to base yourself somewhere convenient (near the trails you wish to take as we haven’t seen any taxis or public transportation). We stayed here in a small Cabana (Denisa Cabana) near Ariesini which has very friendly owners and stunning mountain views.

If you plan to visit some of the main attractions, be prepared to do a lot of driving between location on very rough roads.

Regarding the roads, you would do well to rent an ATV or 4x4 Jeep if you wish to save time. Some of roads leading to attractions are not accessible by normal cars and hiking between them can take days.

Overall, we visited in May, the weather was beautiful, the people friendly, and the scenery is breathtaking, some of the best you’ll ever hope to see.

Make sure to do a lot of research before coming, as hiking information is not readily available, as an example, hiking maps were not available in the local shops we visited, we got ours at the entrance ticket counter at the ice cave.

The entire place is very beautiful, it brings you back to a simpler time where the local farmer families tend to their livestock and gather wood from the nearby trees, almost nobody speaks English.

Note: don’t drive at night. GPS or google maps is a must.
Feita em 2 de maio de 2018
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