Lagunas del Trampal

Lagunas del Trampal, Solana de Avila

Lagunas del Trampal - Solana de Avila
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Madri, Espanha27 contribuições
Maravillosa excursión a la Laguna del Duque
set de 2019
Fuimos este fin de semana (último de septiembre) y nos sorprendió gratamente la Laguna del duque Nosotros fuimos hasta la central eléctrica en coche (hay que llegar hasta el final de la carretera, donde ya no puedes seguir y después de abrir y cerrar la cancela para que no se escape el ganado). Alrededor de una hora de ascenso por la montaña, es fácil, pero exigente si no se está acostumbrado a "patear", pero merece la pena el esfuerzo os lo aseguro. Cuando aparece la laguna es realmente espectacular y Zsowy (nuestro perrete) lo disfrutó muchísimo!! Menudos baños se dio...jejej... Por favor, no dejéis restos de nuestra presencia allí.. es tan bonito que sería bueno que pudiéramos seguir disfrutando de su belleza (los plásticos, los vidrios o papales, que alguno había, se pueden bajar igual que los subiste).
Feita em 30 de setembro de 2019
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Madri, Espanha63 contribuições
Excursión accesible preciosa
jul de 2018 • Família
En una hora puedes subir y admirar el bello paisaje de la página. Fácil para subir con niños.
Merece mucho la pena
Feita em 29 de julho de 2018
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Jarandilla de la Vera, Espanha26 contribuições
ago de 2017 • Amigos
Nos fuimos tres parejas de amigos y resultó un fin de semana increíble. Hicimos noche allí y el baño en una de las lagunas fué maravilloso.
Feita em 24 de agosto de 2017
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José Gómez
Jerez De La Frontera, Espanha62 contribuições
Trampalers: Route from 2nd platform of Candelario to La Dehesa of Candelario: Path to Calvitero, Ceja, Hoyamoros & River
ago de 2016 • Amigos
Marverlus medium mountain route. Medium difficulty. You will absolute enjoy with the different views and the changes of the climate during the journay.
You can choose different options considering your strengths, training, experience of the group and of course the weather forecast for the chosen day. In the web you can find a circular route. Surrounding Candelario, Calviterio, La ceja (the eyebrow) and Hoyamoros glacial circus.
But we chose (27 August 2016) a more challenging path and not circular to expend a whole sunny day at the end of August. June or September could be also nice moments. But take care with storms and the changes of the climate. The high is up to 1,840 m. to 2,300 m. approximately. In winter this adventure will need a prepared team and mountain equipment. But in summer time could be achieved by most of the ages.
In summer and considering a sunny day and 18,5 kmt of route. is recommendable a trekking t shirt. A tecnic long sleeve tee (light crossover T shirt) in your bag, just in case the climate changes suddenly (most of the cases you will keep in the bag till the end back home, but mountain needs cautions and be prudent…). A camel bag with 2,5 litres of water or sport drink (water should be enough). There are different natural water sources, but take a bit of care if you often have intestinal issues... Our recommendation is to have enough watering in your camel bag from the beginning. 1/3 of ice and 2/3 of water will keep it colder most of the journey. Sandwiches, chocolate, nuts and fruit will help you to enjoy the day with your friends in the different stops to relax and take the necessary photos and shelfies.
Boots, trekking or old good running shoes is up to you. Personally I will always prefer old running shoes (of course in summer) with short trousers.
Special recommendations: straw hat, factor over 30 sun cream, utility knife, foot bandage (if you feel extra hot of even rush feeling in your feet, use it to prevent blistering…), plasters and ibuprofen, additional battery for your smartphone, walking sticks and finally long trousers that could be shortened (zip fastener). In the third part of the trekking you will path more comfortable with the long version, avoiding continuous scratches in your legs by the surrounding thorny bushes
Although this is not part of the mountain dress or equipment, you will need 2 cars. The first will be parked at “La Dehesa de Candelario”. Because this will be the arriving point in the afternoon. Note that probably in the afternoon you will arrive thirsty, then is most of useful to cold many bottles of sport drink, cokes or beers inside your portable cooler in the boot. After leaving this car, all of us went in the other car at the second platform of Candelario.
After that if you read any literature about this route and the area (Calvitero Highest point of Salamanca, La Ceja (Avila), El Torreón, Hoyamoros, etc) probably you are plenty of issues to enjoy a wonderful day with your team, friends or family.
Please be patient with the path. Sometimes is hard. And follow all the milestones across this mountain ride, otherwise you will lose the opportunity to achieve all the places and in better path conditions. This is not particular difficult but it requires a little of prudence. In case of doubt ask for confirmation to any other hikers. Besides is the best opportunity for chatting to other people for a while and have fun to other Spaniards or even foreigners.
It’s 9 AM, time to start. If you follow the milestones, or have the map in your smartiph, web route page or similar tracking device, you will arrive at Calvitero in 1,5 hours (you can hike till the top or leave at your right). The same regarding La Ceja and Trampal’s lakes –below at your left-; and finally you can see the Torreon and the 2 Little Brothers. You are arriving at Hoyamoros circus. The central moraine is extremely beauty, the granite blocks are enormous (more than 15 meters high, many of them), perfectly cut and it seems that they were put yesterday, instead of million years ago, posed meticulously in the thinnest and greenest grass. Sometimes the erratic blocks seem troglodytic monuments erected by our ancestors
You may enjoy shooting photos anywhere. There is also a mountain hut below a huge block. You can see many rock climbers, exercising among the interminable blocks or climbing at 2 Little brothers.
Is time to have lunch and take a very little nap to follow the meanders of Man`s body river (Río cuerpo de hombre). Following the river course you can leave the central moraine. Later the lateral moraine and you will start the descending from Hoyamoros circus to Candelario.
In this second part of the trip you will descend 3-4 platforms along incredible cliffs, following the course of the river and seeing many cows (relax and harmless, despite their horns). At the top of the second platform you can see below fossilized meanders. i.e. the river change the course of the water, giving up the old ones and creating new meanders and therefore creating an unusual an erratic river’s course. Really special and nice.
In any of the little ponds of the river, among the stone floor rushed million years ago by the glaciers, you may have the opportunity to soak and cool your bare feet. Take also time to eat something and put sun cream in your neck, arms and legs.
In the third part of the route you will progressively leave the course of Man’s Body river (at the left) and you will have to change the mountain to the right. Pay attention to the milestones to avoid needlessly lengthen the route. As you gain high you will see that the rock path changes to thorny bushes in both sides, so the way is almost 20 ctmts. in most of this area. Is the right moment to prolong the pants and dress your legs.
Because of the hour and sun (4-6 pm) is an extra-dry moment. Pay attention of being well hydrated.
At the end of this bushes way you will arrive to a forest track. Now you are close to the civilization. It’s a question of 1 and a quarter hour descending the track. Sometimes the “S” curves make you the idea to cross in right line, but don’t be neglect… You are arriving at the end. Do not jeopardize your ankles with a bad decision to shorten 8 minutes the trip.
Finally you will pass a green fence and certain rural constructions at the left. Also at the left you will leave a little river dam. 15 minutes later you will see your first car. You probably are excited with your capacity and resilience for this mountain trek and probably thirsty. You will thank now my recommendation to keep quite cold many bottles of sport drink, cokes or beers in your portable cooler in the boot…. Anyway the trek is over. Congrats!!!
Finally and after recovering the other car you can enjoy in Candelario to a relaxing and pleasuring walk, along its alleys surrounded by the mountain water. Finding special quaint corners, shooting to particular locals and knowing a little more about the cultural heritage of the village. It is recommendable of course buying anything of their craft shops and have dinner in any of the various restaurants. It is an obligation to enjoy the touristic trip and also help the locals to keep this place ready for excursionist like our case. Sustainable economy, as it is commonly said…
We enjoyed so much and we will predict you will have the same if you find enough decision to take up the challenge. Come on Trampaler !!!!! Are you ready?
Feita em 29 de agosto de 2016
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pedro r
6 contribuições
jul de 2016 • Família
Si tomas la carretera que te lleva de Solana a La Zarza , observaras a tu izquierda un camino para senderistas que te lleva directo a la Laguna del Duque, una esplanada que no te debes perder
Feita em 30 de julho de 2016
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jose l
69 contribuições
buen paseo
ago de 2015 • Casais
Pequeña ruta y comoda de corta duración para llegar a un sitio de los mas bonitos de gredos.
Lo peor... el acceso inicial. Luego, vale la pena.
Feita em 22 de novembro de 2015
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662 contribuições
Ruta dificultar media alta, recorriendo un paisaje casi lunar hasta las lagunas
jul de 2015 • Casais
Hay varios modos de acceder a las lagunas. Una es desde la provincia de Ávila pero quizás la más conocida es desde la provincia de Salamanca que es la he hecho en mi caso y es la que voy a explicar.

Desde Salamanca hay que ir al pueblo de Bejar, y de ahí subir hacia Candelario. Una vez en Candelario hay que buscar la carretera que sube hacia el Hotel Cinco Castaños. Continuamos por esa carretera y si es verano podremos subir hasta la 2ª plataforma llamada El Travieso. (si es invierno probablemente no puedas subir tanto y tengas que dejar el vehículo en la 1ª plataforma que tiene un restaurante)

Una vez allí dejamos el vehículo y hay dos subidas bien señalizadas que suben hacia la cima. Cualquiera de las dos suben hacia el pico llamado El Calvitero. Una vez arriba continuamos por la cumbre también llamada Cuerda del Calvitero, hasta el Canchal de la Ceja. No hay pérdida porque según nos vamos acercando al Canchal iremos viendo las lagunas.

Todo el camino está bien señalizado por mojones de piedra. No esperéis las típicas marcas pintadas en árboles o piedra de otras rutas de senderismo.

Recomiendo no obstante ir con un GPS o alguna aplicación para smarthphone tipo Mapsme que indica los senderos porque si no es fácil pasarse de largo y no encontrar bien el sendero que baja ya que hay varias rutas por la zona.

La ruta tiene bastante desnivel y es bastante exigente. La primera subida hasta la cumbre precisa que hagamos un esfuerzo importante, y por el tipo de terreno (mucha piedra) hay que ir con buen calzado. Luego la bajada hasta las lagunas también es exigente y con bastante desnivel. Y todo lo que baja...tiene que volver a subir, y al revés.

Para que os hagáis una idea nosotros tardamos 7h en hacer la ruta ida y vuelta, a buen ritmo. Paramos para comer en la primera laguna y nos refrescamos un rato mientras disfrutábamos del paisaje.

Las vistas son impresionantes, y la ruta hay tramos que parece que uno va caminando por un paisaje lunar. En las lagunas solo se escucha la naturaleza, apartado totalmente de cualquier ruido de esta civilización. Cuando llegas ves que el esfuerzo ha merecido la pena.

Absolutamente imprescindible manga larga, protector solar y visera, gorro o gorra o lo que se prefiera. Agua hay en un par de sitios para rellenar botellas, pero sombra NO hay por ningún lado, a eso sumado que vas a casi 2.500m de altitud hace imprescindible que vayas bien tapado si no quieres quemarte.

Como conclusión, diría que es una ruta que si la haces no te arrepentirás, y el esfuerzo merece la pena. Pero sí que es cierto que es exigente, y que tienes que ir bien protegido.
Feita em 27 de julho de 2015
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