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Infuse Spa - Wellington
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Caleb T
8 contribuições
Very happy with infuse beauty spa
jan de 2018 • A sós
Infuse beauty spa review

Just had a wax at infuse beauty spa located in wellington, new zealand.

The lady who looked after me was called Neeta and she did an excellent job, very thorough and professional!

They even fit me in for a manicure, though I hadn't booked in and asked them at the last minute. They provided great service and were extremely friendly.

I would recommend infuse beauty spa to anyone travelling through, or living in Wellington.

Feita em 18 de janeiro de 2018
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Jasmine Jay
Lower Hutt, Nova Zelândia65 contribuições
Disappointing to say the least
nov de 2017 • A sós
To pay a decent amount of money for a 105 minute pamper package, you’d assume you’d leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and would have enjoyed every minute of the experience. I think not.

There was no music playing in the room, in the room above me someone was dragging a heavy chair over hard floor (although not any fault of their’s was still not a pleasant sound to hear while trying to relax). The therapist had a small chair with she pushed around during the session which also had a great sound against the hard floor. Banging in cupboards and the doors, the sound of full pressure water from the tap hitting the basin every time she washed her hands, and to top it off an odd buzzing and clicking sound that seemed to correspond with one hand being removed, and a weird pausing of the massage... Wild guess on a phone? I’d love to be convinced otherwise.

To walk into a ‘60 minute Swedish massage’ with no prior consultation, or even question on pressure preference or problem areas, to then be rubbed for an hour, but missing key areas such as feet and neck was pretty disappointing, although this part of the massage was definitely the only semi enjoyable part.
I was then given a ‘30 minute spirit revival facial’ which I could’ve done better myself at home and again no question of skin type, allergies, or sensitivity. A quick wash, scrub and moisturise and then weirdly touching my face for a bit too long was about the extent of it. No nice mask, or good exfoliation, again quite disappointing. She then proceeded to touch my head with one hand through a towel which also covered my eyes for a few minutes while this weird pausing and buzzing continued.
To finish was a ‘15 minute Indian head massage’ which i’d compare to a pathetic half assed attempt from a boyfriend who wasn’t even paying attention. She rubbed the front/middle of my head for the entire time, didn’t at all touch my neck or back of my head where all of my tension is (would’ve known if she had asked). Yet again, disappointing.

The only positive to the experience was the fact it lasted the whole 105 minutes- just would’ve been amazing to have been enjoying it.

Would not recommend.
Feita em 26 de novembro de 2017
Esta avaliação representa a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor, e não da TripAdvisor LLC.

Wellington, Nova Zelândia51 contribuições
Birthday bliss!
out de 2017 • A sós
I visited today and could not be happier with the next level care and pampering I received!

My expert Therapist was Neeta, and I was warmly welcomed in the first instance and also farewelled by Bella, the Frontdesk Co-ordinator. I deliberately didn't mention it was my birthday til the very end, as I wanted to see what an everyday general appointment at the Spa would be like...

From start to finish I had the loveliest experience, and I simply cannot recommend Infuse Spa highly enough!

I was thoughtfully and luxuriously looked after every step of the way, and both Neeta and Bella made me feel very special.

Great care was taken by Therapist, Neeta, with my sensitive skin and in selecting quality spa products that were optimally soothing and also non-allergenic. (I'm allergic to all bee products.)

The spa room was beautiful, softly lit, and I was lulled into a state of complete relaxation by gentle music, divine scents, and Neeta's incredible expert touch!

The massage and facial made me feel like a new woman! All the tension left my body and my skin was soothed, silky smooth and radiant afterwards. Neeta tended to my comfort thoughtfully and seamlessly throughout both spa treatments, and her professionalism, knowledge, and experience were evident in all she did.

In closing, Spa Therapist, Neeta, was superb in every way, as was Bella! Even before I visited Bella made me feel pampered via email! ...She has a beautiful manner: warmly professional, wonderfully calming, thoroughly engaging, artfully communicative, and 100% genuine. Her manner shines through in all she does.

A fantastic and memorable experience all-round which has left me feeling revitalised and excited about my next visit!

Thank you Infuse Spa! Recommend highly to all.
Feita em 5 de outubro de 2017
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louise w
Wellington, Nova Zelândia8 contribuições
Worse Spa Experience I have ever had
mai de 2017 • A sós
As a Beauty Therapist of 10 years I have never experienced such a disappointing treatment. No consultation was carried out so the therapist had no information about my areas of concern and if i had any contraindications. I had a Swedish massage and was just awkwardly stroked for an hour, large areas on my body were missed and halfway through the therapist left me exposed on the bed while she left to see to someone in reception who was shouting hello. I was then given a facial and was left alone in the room while the mask was left on. She didn't advise she was leaving the room or for how long so I just lay there freezing waiting for her to come back. I was then to given an 'Indian head' massage which was merely a few pressure points to my forehead. I emailed Infuse Day Spa explaining my concerns and asked for a refund. The way they handled this was more disappointing that the treatment itself, No refund was given just excuses and they tried to turn this back on me. Would not recommend this place to anyone.
Feita em 27 de setembro de 2017
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