Osa Ron's

Osa Ron's, Palmar Norte

Osa Ron's - Palmar Norte
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2.2 km south of palmar Norte bridge, Palmar Norte 66566 Costa Rica

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Edmonton, Canadá2 contribuições
fev de 2017 • Casais
Bottom line - we would not recommend renting at Las Villas de San Buenas. A long explanation of the details is below but the main issues are related to the lack of response by the property management to questions or resolution of issues (and there were many!) - once they have your money I guess there is no sense of responsibility to ensure that the experience is positive or that you get what was advertised. We rented the house for 2 months and there was little effort to try and resolve any problems we identified. Unless you have the skills and ability to fix things yourself and want to spend your vacation doing so, this is not the place to be!

The positives:
- location of property is within a small Costa Rican village which provides an opportunity to experience the local culture and interact with local residents
- local residents and the workers on the property (who also live in the area) are super friendly and the workers do their utmost to deal with issues which may arise on the property (although they do not speak any English)
- there is a nice (although a bit challenging) hike to a water fall from the property and one of the workers acted as personal tour guide to take us there
- very peaceful location with lots of opportunities to see many different kinds of birds
- no 4x4 vehicle needed to get to the property (although certainly recommended if you want to do any further exploring of the area in the hills)
- house does provide the basic essentials and bedrooms have air conditioning
- small pool is great for keeping cool
- price is relatively economical
- several good restaurants within 15-20min driving

Reasons we would not recommend renting here and why we will
not be back:
1. Frequent water issues - the house we had booked had the water pump break prior to our arrival and therefore we temporarily occupied another house on the property, that also has water pump issues. A
new water pump was installed and we moved into the house we had originally booked but had ongoing issues for the 2 months we were there. On a daily basis, the water pump would overheat and suddenly we would have no water to the house - slightly inconvenient when you are in the middle of shampooing your hair in the shower! We live in the country back home and are well aware of sensitivities related to water conservation and maintenance of water systems so we take care to not waste water but expected that
the basic essential of reliable water availability was severely lacking. This was identified to the "local" property manger (who lives a couple of hours away and we did not actually ever meet in person during the 2 months that we were staying at the property) and to the CEO (located in the USA) who we had made our booking through. Despite a water pump maintenance worker coming to look at the pump
several times in the first week or so, the issue was never resolved and after that we never heard from anyone again about it. Luckily my husband tinkered with the pump himself to get it working to a reasonable level and we knew if the pump overheated, we just had to wait 15-20 minutes for it to cool down and eventually it would kick back in and we would have water again. We kept large bottles of
water filled around the house as a back up measure. We received a long explanation from the CEO about the fixes that were coming to the water system for the area now that they had received certain approvals etc - little comfort when you are living with the issue now.

2. No wifi - despite the property being advertised as having wifi, it did not work most of the time. While
internet connectivity in the country is sporadic and we accept that, this was not the issue in this case. The
other 2 houses on the property had wifi and we ended up being able to connect to the wifi from one of the other houses if we went out to the Rancho that was located on the middle of the property. Again this was identified to the CEO who indicated he would have someone look at it and try to get it fixed but we never heard from nor saw anyone to repair this. If you don't mind being "off the grid' during your vacation, this won't be an issue but when staying 2 months and having to connect in with family and
work occasionally as well as pay bills back home, it was definitely an inconvenience.

3. Many other "smaller" annoyances/inconveniences:
- no information available in the house with basic instructions such as what to do with garbage, wifi password, whether toilet paper can go in toilet, etc. Keys are given to you by the local workers and you're pretty much left to your own devices after that!
- no outside furniture - in a country where you want to spend the majority of your time outside, it is unbelievable not to have some patio furniture or hammocks to enjoy the outdoor living space, our neighbor and us both had to buy chairs for outside
- couch in the living room of the house is TERRIBLE!
- kitchen amenities are quite basic - less than a setting for 4 for most dishes, no oven, no blender (we had to buy one), we had to ask for a coffee maker (which one of the workers was able to get for us from one of the other houses) - again more of an issue if you are staying longer term and/or you have other
people staying with you
- to get hot water we would have to bang on the heater a couple times and it would start
- BBQ in Rancho is very poorly designed - requires charcoal which is fine but located far from grill so you can't get enough heat or you have to build it up with firewood and access is such that you pretty much always burn your hands
- maintenance of the yard and the pool is sporadic due to management either not paying workers or not providing money for gas for the weed eaters or chemicals for the pools; several times there were issues with the pools for the various houses and at one point our neighbor went out and bought his own chemicals for his pool
- advertisement boasts "gated community" with 24h guard - this is not the case. There is a guard house but it is not staffed and although there is a remote controlled gate at the front of the property that blocks access from the road, the back part of the property is totally open from the side road for anyone to drive in. Having said that, it seems a relatively safe area and we never felt at risk for theft from the property.
- CEO arrived in person and stayed in one of the houses on the property approximately a week after we arrived. We had been sending him emails since our arrival with questions and/or issues, most of which he never responded to. It took 3 days after arriving on the property for him to even come over and introduce himself to us and the other renters on the property.

4. Other considerations
- gravel road that runs by property can have fair amount of traffic on it especially in the early mornings so be prepared to be woken up starting around 5am
- location is within a farming community - cattle may wander through property; locals often use fire to clear land or burn garbage so air can be smoky at times

We love Costa Rica and this was our 7th trip to the country. This was the first rental property that we
have ever encountered where there was so little concern/response from the property managers to make the experience positive. We plan to return for several months each year now that we are retired but as a
consequence of this experience, Las Villas de San Buenas will not be the benefactors of any repeat usiness from us.
Feita em 13 de março de 2017
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Lisa C
Houston, TX2 contribuições
jun de 2015 • Casais
We did the Waves & Waterfalls tour with Ron and saw wonderful beaches and waterfalls. Ron is very knowledgeable of Central and Southern Costa Rica and has a wonderful relationship with local shop owners, restaurants, tour guides and boat captains. On top of a wonderful day at numerous beaches and waterfalls he took us to a couple of restaurants off the beaten path that were exceptional. He gave us numerous tips on things we could explore on our own time during our stay, good restaurants and shops for souvenirs. Ron never steered us wrong! We thoroughly enjoyed our day with Ron. We also booked a Mangrove Monkey River tour which was a good distance from our Villa. Since we were not familiar with the area Ron met us the morning of the tour and had us follow him to the tour location. He stopped at a wonderful hidden gem which is the national spheres museum. This was not part of the tour but Ron generously offered his time to get us in to the museum and let us spend 30 minutes or so watching a video and touring the museum. He then took us down to the river and made sure that we hooked up with our tour guide and captain. None of these kind gestures were part of the tour but what we discovered with Ron is that he is a very kind and conscientious man and will go the extra mile to make sure that you have the best time possible. Our mangrove and monkey tour guide Oscar is a native of the area and speaks english very well. He and the captain took a lot of time to stop along the shore and let us see numerous birds, monkeys, crocs and even a Boa Constrictor. Oscar was very knowledgeable of the wildlife, trees and plants that grow along the river. He is also a great photographer!! We had a wonderful day on the river!! My husband and I had a great trip and credit a lot of the fun we had to Ron and his team. We highly recommend Ron and Osa Ron's Tours & Information!!
Feita em 14 de junho de 2015
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Jeff T
13 contribuições
jan de 2015 • Família
Osa Ron is a gringo that set up shop just north of the Osa Peninsula. He offers a number of different tours including waves and waterfalls (that gives you an intro into some of the great beaches and local waterfalls in the area), deep sea fishing, Corcovado, Cano Island, and others. He seems to have successful relationships with most or all of the local guides and boat captains. He can also give you great guidance on where to go for a quiet day, where to get groceries, ect. We also rented a villa from Ron that was located in Osa Mountain Village and was and excellent place to stay.
Feita em 27 de janeiro de 2015
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Kay G
Satellite Beach, Flórida4 contribuições
jul de 2013 • Casais
The waves and waterfalls tour was very relaxing and refreshing; and a little exciting to go under and behind the waterfall. This was a very unique experience, i highly recommend it, especially if you are like me and love waterfalls and the beaches too.
Feita em 2 de junho de 2014
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