Monastery of the Virgin Del Saliente

Monastery of the Virgin Del Saliente, Almería

Monastery of the Virgin Del Saliente - Almería

Monastery of the Virgin Del Saliente - Almería
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Beautiful but closed
nov de 2019 • Casais
A really beautiful place with amazing views but it was closed. The websites we had looked at told us it was open on Mondays but the notice on the door said it was closed from 11th November but didn't say when it was reopening. However the drive and the views were spectacular. Will have to go again when it is open.
Feita em 25 de novembro de 2019
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Lorraine S
2 contribuições
Stunning Views, Wonderful Food
set de 2019 • Amigos
We visited, for the first time today, inside the Monastery. Afterwards we had lunch and they were happy to cater for the 2 Vegans we had in our group. The Menu Del Dia has a great choice, very good quality food at a reasonable price. Would definitely recommend and will be visiting again. Just check availability as we have been before and Monastery was closed and a private party was booked so was unable to access the restaurant.
Feita em 5 de setembro de 2019
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Almería, Espanha72 contribuições
!!!! What A View !!!!
set de 2018 • Casais
We drove up from Albox last weekend just as the festival was ending the route from Albox is what you can only expect when driving up into the mountains in Spain its a really nice drive up and there are a number of pull-overs so you can take it the wonderful views dont let the road put you off as its really not to bad!! there is plenty of free car parking and whilst the festival was on they had overspill car parking with staff directing you and plenty of both local police and private security all around the place so felt safe!
The Monastery is well worth a look beautiful inside and we arrived just as the small madonna was been carried from inside the Monastery and taken outside there were hundreds of people around all trying to touch this very special person and laying flowers on the stand. the view from the Plazza outside the Monastery is one in a million you can see down the valley for miles and miles on a clear day, beautful !!
we didnt stop at the resturant as it was very busy but chatting to locals they all mention just how good the food is here and am told you can get a great Menu Del Dia for 13Euros just check there website if planning a trip up here as its not open 7 days aweek !! you won't be disappointed its well worth the trip.
Feita em 15 de setembro de 2018
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Cantoria, Espanha11 contribuições
You can see forever!
jul de 2018 • Amigos
New experience as I had been past the Monastery a few times but never tried the restaurant until yesterday. The height (1064mtrs) up in the mountains mean the views are fantastic but the road is good, although a bit winding as you might expect. The restaurant is inside the monastery, round two sides of the main building which is quite big and down a fair few steps. Maybe there is another way for wheel chairs as they would have great difficulty following the outside route.The Monastery is just over 300 years old but the resaurant is modern and spacious and a long bar maybe to cope with the number of people at the events they hold. We did have printed menus with a lot of the usual Spanish choices and the waitress was very friendly and helpful with some we didn't recognise. We were a party of 10 and had a round table in the middle of the room to get the best from the AC's at both sides.The menu del Dia was €13 and included a salad, bread and allioli, starter, main course, dessert and coffee. The drinks at the bar were reasonably priced and I would recommend a visit.
Feita em 19 de julho de 2018
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Espanha211 contribuições
Cuando los almendros tengan flor
jan de 2018 • Família
Se trata de un pequeño monasterio que guarda a la Virgen del Saliente. Se encuentra en lo alto de una montaña al pasar el pueblo de Albox. Una carretera estrecha y con curvas sube hasta allí. Cuando los almendros están en flor en una ruta preciosa.
Feita em 5 de março de 2018
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Bergamo, Itália97.137 contribuições
jun de 2017 • A sós
Il Santuario del Saliente è un antico monastero che si trova nella Sierra Estancias. La sua cappella ospita l’immagine della Virgen del Saliente. L'antico edificio del monastero, ora ristrutturato è trasformato in un ostello e ristorante. Il percorso verso il ritiro è un percorso ciclistico popolare. Sotto il Santuario c’è un’area ricreativa Huerto de la Virgen, che è essenzialmente un'area picnic con panchine e tavoli. L'arrivo al Santuario è indicato dai Dientes de la Vieja, una serie di rocce a forma di denti. Sia in bicicletta, a piedi o in auto le viste sono spettacolari.
Feita em 21 de setembro de 2017
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Toledo, Espanha7.548 contribuições
jul de 2017 • Casais
Este suntuoso templo se construyo en el último tercio del siglo XVII sobre una antigua ermita para albergar la imagen de la Virgen del Saliente. Según Uclés y Sintas, esta ermita se encuentra en el mismo sitio en que hoy se halla la hospedería.

Las grandes dimensiones del Santuario de Nuestra Señora del Saliente han hecho que la tradición popular le atribuya “tantas puertas y ventanas como días tiene el año.

Feita em 18 de julho de 2017
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Christine M
Velez Blanco, Espanha94 contribuições
Wonderful place for views, visit to the monastery and food
mar de 2017
I came across this place whilst idly searching TripAdvisor: so glad I did, and we saved this visit until a Satuday, when I could see that they were more likely to be open. We aimed for the town of Albox using our sat nav, and it took over an hour's drive from San Jose where were staying. Simply aim for Albox and then follow the pink directions signs within the's very easy. The monastery is up in the mountains some 25 minutes or so out of town, and the drive is relaxing, showing lovely properties and farms built in the vales and hills all around. When you do see the monastery, you will have been looking at fields planted on the mountainsides and hillsides, making for an interesting journey. It also makes for a patchwork-quilt style vista. The drive isn't a scary white knuckle ride up the mountain, so if you don't like chicane-like winding roads you'll be fine here. It's also wheelchair friendly up at the monastery, as everything is flat. The restaurant and hotel entrances are on a level below at the rear, but there are sets of steps plus a curved sweeping drive down which starts to the right of the stairs. It's also child friendly around the restaurant, but you will need to be careful with watching them around the monastery area as there aren't good railings around some of the areas, so don't relax and let them be unsupervised. It's not dangerous by any means, but it will depend on the ages of your children.

Once you have reached the monastery, you will find a huge old building set in a huge square, but please be aware that there is no shade unless you use the shade of the building itself. It looks very much like a village plaza, but without trees, but very easy to walk as it is a completely flat area. Every few metres there was a commemorative plaque to a saint, and it became clear that this building and plaza have had a lot of refurbishment recently, and it is beautiful. There are spaces to park up there, free of charge, so do park up and walk around: there are railings making it safe, but looking at the view from the monastery it is truly worth the journey and very spectacular. You can walk to all sides of the square and when we went the air temperature was about 22 degrees in early March 2017, and due to the altitude we benefitted from a lovely breeze. Down on the beaches that day reported 26 degrees, so the altitude made the temperature more comfortable. Unfortunately we didn't know that the monastery itself closes at 1pm, opening back up again at 5 pm, so an inside visit will have to wait for our trip next year.

Part of the monastery has been turned into an hotel, with a very popular and comfortable restaurant. When I say popular it's wasn't heaving, but considering its position up a mountain, in the time we were there local people turned up for lunch inside as well as drinks on the terrace in large family groups. Anywhere popular with the locals is good in my book, so we sat outside (with our dog) and ordered lunch.

I loved this part. We leisurely sat on the terrace at a table, taking in the lovely view of the mountain itself in the shade of the building, and were served a '3 course' meal which actually consisted of a salad, starter, main course, dessert, coffee and liqueurs, which was more than expected. They kindly brought a bowl of water for our dog, and stayed to ask about her, chatted, and made us feel most welcome. The price was an astonishing 12.50 euros each, for the best meal we'd had in our 3 month trip!

If you can, take the time to go, timing your arrival at about 11:30am, and you will be able to marvel at the view, then see the monastery before going down to the restaurant to eat or drink. This is a lovely place and well worth the time to find. After our meal, we drive back down to Albox, timing our journey so that we then strolled about Albox streets, shopping and sauntering. Lots of signs in both Spanish as well as English, so there is a healthy number of expats living around here, obviously. All in all, a lovely day!
Feita em 21 de março de 2017
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Almería, Espanha7 contribuições
Views restaurant
mai de 2016 • Amigos
Wow! This place is incredible it's a long drive up but well worth it,fabulous views great food at sensible prices, the church itself is beautiful quite small but religious or not is a must, they are happy for you to take photos and wonder around the church.
We live in Spain and have been many times.
Once a year there is a pilgrimage from albox to the top. A long walk I believe it's around 18k
Feita em 23 de agosto de 2016
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Hastings, UK119 contribuições
Stunning views and on the right day good coffee. The old monastery is well worth a visit.
ago de 2016
I visited the monastery many times over the years and still I derive a lot of pleasure from going. The views are magnificent, both on the approach from Albox and to a lesser extent from the Chirivel direction. The monastery is interesting and has a small "gift shop". There are toilets, which are clean and well stocked with necessary items e.g paper and soap.
Our latest visit was on a Saturday and the restaurant was open, but we were there too early to eat, so settled for coffees and soft drinks. We took a copy of the menu which at €12.50 for what was, in effect four courses with a drink, coffee and bread included, seemed excellent value and the smells emanating from the kitchen smelt wonderful. We will certainly return to sample the food.
Feita em 21 de agosto de 2016
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