The Westleigh Hotel

The Westleigh Hotel, Bradford

The Westleigh Hotel - Bradford
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Emma H
Bristol, UK12 contribuições
mai de 2017 • Família
This is one of the worst places I've stayed. We were shown to our room by a friendly chap, who I think was the manager. The first problem was that there were no curtains-not great when the sun rises at 4am. After buying some sellotape, I managed to fashion some curtains using my husbands suit cover, some towels and the ironing board. We then decided to shower after our long trip. Unfortunately, the shower only ran a dribble of raging hot or freezing cold water, but nothing in between. We could cope with all of this, but were not prepared for what was to be an awful night. The music from the bar was blaring until 2.30am and the whole room literally shook. I rang down to the bar at about 1am as as we were all still awake and my children were really exhausted and tearful by then. We were told by the bar lady that she would speak to the manager, but that the music would continue until 2.30. Following this, the crowds outside our window finally dispersed at around 3.30. Doors slammed in the hotel throughout the night and we all got up exhausted the following morning. The hotel staff refunded our second night as there was no way we were going to repeat the experience. We checked into the premier inn which I would highly recommend as an alternative. Its a shame, as I would usually go for local business over a chain, but in this case a total mistake. We emailed the manager to request a refund for the night we stayed and to make him aware of all the issues. We never heard back, so presumably he thought it was acceptable for us to pay for our experience. If you are up for an 18-30s holiday experience, this is probably the place for you. If not, then avoid at all costs.
Feita em 10 de junho de 2017
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Bradford, UK6 contribuições
mar de 2016 • Amigos
I tend to pop in from time to time, usually on weekends. The Westleigh Hotel serves some of the best food and drinks in Bradford and all of the staff are friendly and welcoming. Plenty of TV's for sports fans and pool tables for kids and pool enthusiasts alike. I would highly recommend a visit here to anyone.
Feita em 30 de março de 2016
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