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Sanook Spa - Londres
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10:00 - 19:00
10:00 - 19:00
10:00 - 19:00
10:00 - 19:00
10:00 - 19:00
10:00 - 19:00
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Bairro: Soho
Bairro imperdível para bons momentos em Londres, o Soho abriga vários teatros de nível internacional e uma atraente diversidade de cafés, restaurantes, pubs, bares e clubes. No centro do Soho, você encontra o Red Light District original de Londres e o epicentro da cultura LGBT e, portanto, a vida noturna mais badalada da cidade. Para os entusiastas de compras, o Soho não só possui a maior concentração de butiques da cidade, como também é o lugar mais estratégico para visitar as lojas de departamentos mais famosas do mundo. Ao sul está Chinatown, com restaurantes deliciosos e preços acessíveis. Mais próximo do Rio Tâmisa, o bairro é composto por ruas estreitas e iluminadas por lanternas que vão até o movimentado centro de Leicester Square.
Como chegar
  • Oxford Circus • a 3 min de caminhada
  • Piccadilly Circus • a 8 min de caminhada

42 avaliações
Muito boa

Londres, UK108 contribuições
dez de 2021 • A sós
Unfortunately, over a year later (December 2021) and I agree with all the bad reviews. The massage treatment was brilliant and the staff were friendly and accommodating. But I was TRIPLE booked and had to wait AN HOUR for my treatment. The staff were so lovely and apologetic but they said the booking system frequently does this?!
Plus the pool is a tiny shallow thing - not appealing at all it barely touches the ankles lol. the lockers in the changing rooms don’t lock and the gym is just a couple of awkward cardio machines placed right by the treatment room so I dread to think how loud it must be if you’re in the room while someone is running on the treadmill!
I understand it’s a small hotel making the most of what space it has.. but it’s putting its facility up on websites like Virgin Experience Days like it’s some kind of luxury facility which it most definitely is not I’m afraid (see photos)
Feita em 3 de dezembro de 2021
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Londres, UK8 contribuições
ago de 2021 • Casais
One of the best hot stone massages ever and a lovely facial using great products . Thank you Rania for such a good experience. Plunge pool just a bit too cold for me but sat in for a short while . Spa itself is well equipped and pleasant but because it is in basement and it is painted in brown shades , it’s a little dark . But doesn’t detract from the great treatments .
Feita em 26 de agosto de 2021
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Imran Khan
6 contribuições
fev de 2020 • Casais
I visited the spa for a massage , facial and afternoon tea. The spa staff were friendly on arrival but it’s immediately apparent the spa is very small and the look and feel of the spa is definitely not what you'd expect from a 5* hotel. The facilities didn’t look very clean and the pool was very off putting. The massage and facial were good and the staff as I said earlier were friendly throughout. After your treatment you have the use of the facilities for 60 mins but as there were 2 hotel guests in the area at the time it felt crowded. There are only 2 seats by the pool shaped as shells and not very comfortable or relaxing. There was one lounger but as you will see from the attached pictures the area around it looked dirty and put you off using it. The pool didn’t look much cleaner and quite small.

The afternoon tea is not in the hotel but in the adjoining hotel the Soho Wala. If I was rating my experience on just the afternoon tea there I would be scoring 1*. I booked expecting afternoon tea in the 5* hotel but the restaurant definitely wasn’t 5*. Food was average (cakes definitely didn’t taste very fresh) and the service was poor. Despite it being quiet we struggled to get service or for anyone to come and speak to us. I had to get up twice and go get someone. We ordered an extra drink and waited so long that We ended up leaving before it arrived.

Overall not a fantastic experience and most definitely not a 5* feeling.
Feita em 15 de fevereiro de 2020
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Londres, UK195 contribuições
set de 2019 • Amigos
I visited here recently with my sister as she had been given a voucher offer for her birthday. The spa is situated in the Courthouse hotel which is really near Carnaby street. The spa area and pool are quite small, however fine for a couple of hours and worth the money. The therapist was called Alexandra and she made the experience very relaxing. We had a hot stone back massage and and a facial. There were 2 treatment beds in the room, so we were able to both relax in the room while one of us was having a treatment.
Feita em 30 de setembro de 2019
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Greater London, UK14 contribuições
fev de 2018 • Amigos
I got a voucher for the spa, but I was disappointed as I was expecting more from a luxury hotel in central London. The spa is very small and the facility looks dated and not well kept. You visit this place to relax a bit but if there are more that five people there is not sufficient space for everybody! Only positive note is the massage we had. I believe this spa is ok only if you have a voucher.
Feita em 18 de fevereiro de 2018
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Londres, UK51 contribuições
dez de 2017 • Casais
This was a Groupon Romancing the Stones deal for 2. The massage and facial was great, sadly the changing area was average and it got worse when the shower trickled luke warm water, in other words did not work properly! As the girls had left for lunch there was no one to mention this to so hurriedly changed and left. Avoid if possible or forget the shower completely! The pool is small and did not use it.
Feita em 18 de dezembro de 2017
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Sarah S
Oxford, UK294 contribuições
jan de 2017 • Amigos
We visited the spa as a treat day for my friends birthday. We had booked for the hot stone massage, facial and use of the facilities.

I have visited a number of spas and was expecting good things from a 5* hotel but I was suitably disappointed. The pool was small and cold and the changing room was only ok because there was only the two ic us in it. Had we have had to share with other guests it could have been a little too Cosy.

The staff were not very chatty and gave out smiles that felt a little forced. The facial was lovely though I did have to mention that the massage was a little too rough and I did end up with a crick in my neck for the rest of the day.

Slightly disappointed with the experience and so relieved that it was heavily discounted from Groupon otherwise I may have had to ask for a partial refund.
Feita em 3 de setembro de 2017
Esta avaliação representa a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor, e não da TripAdvisor LLC.

Londres, UK525 contribuições
jul de 2017 • Amigos
Was a little anxious about this visit judging by some of the reviews. However, we were pleasantly surprised! I can only assume that a new staff team are in place. It is small but they tend to work it so that only two people are in at any time. If the staff are not in the reception area then they are doing treatments. There is a notice saying this with the paperwork that needs to be signed. The changing area is small and you share a locker but it is what it is. This was a joint mother's day gift from our children so we wanted to enjoy it which we both did. The hot stone massage and facial were about 20 mins long and they two together in a pleasant room. Both treatments were excellent. The staff were fabulous and had good customer service. I'd want longer treatments next time! There is only one shower and a big enough sauna. We did not use the pool or the chill- out space but could have done. No robes but towels and slippers given. Very easy to get to - nearest tube is Oxford Circus and it is close to Carnaby Street and Liberty's. You must take the Groupon code with you not the confirmation email. They need that. We had it on a mobile and she asked us to email her with it which was helpful. Lovely way to spend a morning.
Feita em 1 de julho de 2017
Esta avaliação representa a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor, e não da TripAdvisor LLC.

Northampton, UK26 contribuições
abr de 2017 • Amigos
This is an excellent spa but I was glad I read up on the facilities and other reviews before attending. (hence the title of my review!)

-In the hotel its down the steps to lower level but ask at reception and they will point you in right direction.
- If you are using a Groupon PLEASE print and bring it with you. They do not accept anything but a hard copy for their records. Don't waste time by having to go away and print and come back.
- When you arrive the ladies will be finishing up with previous clients so use your initiative and start filling out the paperwork set out while you wait to save time. If not the previous appointment will eventually finish and they will hand you the sheets anyway.
- The area for getting changed is small however unless guests from the hotel are there it is only the 2 of you there anyway so plenty of room. They give you 1 locker between 2 but we found that plenty of space. The shower is lovely although there is only 1. They give you a towel and slippers so wear your bikini or swimming costume or like me you will be in your bra and pants. (to be fair I wasn't planning on a swim!)
- They expect you to use the facilities before your treatment which we did. The pool is a bit chilly but the pool area is boiling so if you want to sit and have a relax it is nice.
- The treatments were amazing and done in 1 room. Therefore if you go with a friend don't go with someone who is a prude! Modesty is covered mostly so don't worry. I wouldn't go in bigger groups as only 2 treatments at a time in 1 room. The romancing the stones package is fantastic and the hot stone massage was lovely. I have never had a facial but they checked with me, my skin type and confirmed it would be natural products as I have sensitive skin.

Overall it was enjoyable but as mentioned preparation was very important and we were lucky that no hotel guests were using the facilities at the same time. (It was a Monday!)
Feita em 12 de maio de 2017
Esta avaliação representa a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor, e não da TripAdvisor LLC.

Londres, UK7 contribuições
fev de 2017 • Amigos
Went to the Sanook Spa as a birthday gift for my friend and boy was it terrible!

We arrived just on time but spent 30 minutes trying to get Groupon voucher code for the inexperienced staff to redeem the voucher.

Had a terrible massage which ended up giving me back pains and had to go see a back specialist because I was left bruised.

The facilities are tiny so I now understand why you are only allowed an hour after the spa session.

So after we finished the spa we were told that the voucher did not match and I will need to make another payment; so much for searching for my Groupon voucher code when we first arrived.

I would not recommend at all to people because what you pay is what you get - AWFUL SERVICE and EXPERIENCE!
Feita em 16 de março de 2017
Esta avaliação representa a opinião subjetiva de um membro do Tripadvisor, e não da TripAdvisor LLC.

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