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Kazungula Ferry

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Gari K
62 contribuições
This is not a review of the Kazungula ferry, but of the Kazungula border post, because the beautiful bridge has been completed and we felt so great crossing it - and then we hit the Zambian customs... The border is big and new, the Botswana side completed our papers in 5 minutes, then we crossed the hall to the Zambian side, where our passport did not require a visa and we got stamped in 5 seconds.
And then, we transferred to the customs for clearing our rental car registered in Namibia - and finished in 4 hours!!!!!
These people apparently do their job, they respect the insane procedure, controls, they issue you with receipts for all the payments, and apparently it is all legit, but it is an insanity in their slowness, occasional incompetence, and the incredible process where they enter all the car details and your details multiple times into multiple computers, asking the same questions that you just provided to their colleague at the previous window... it takes as much time as if they were entering everything manually and in pencil, absolutely insane. They were walking us from one window to another for full 4 hours, we finally got some exercise after days of driving.
If you do not have to drive through Zambia but are only going for activities in Livingstone, take the shuttle from your hotel in Kasane or Zimbabwe and do not cross into Zambia in a car. We made a big mistake and learned our lesson.
Feita em 21 de julho de 2022
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Great Brak River, África do Sul2 contribuições
A sós
What a nightmare - I got swindled badly with fixers demanding more than K4000 as payment after promising their services will not cost me more than K300 and refusing to give me my needed papers which they are holding on to. Never trust anyone here and avoid if you can
Feita em 24 de dezembro de 2020
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Frederico S
Curitiba, PR199 contribuições
I been there last month and it was pretty easy and ok. People complain about the disorder and chaos around but I disagree. People go unprepared and lacking sense of reality. This is not Switzerland ofc. I wasnt self driving so I cant tell about that experience. But if you go walking, just arrange a reliable taxi driver in Botswana and he/she will arrange you another driver on zambian side, or vice versa. Any kind of person who comes to you offering and asking things just say no thank you and move forward. Remember: border officers are only inside the offices. Outside they never comes to you. Other thing is, ferry costs only around 1.5 us dollars, so dont pay to anyone but the ferry guy. Pay in pulas or kwachas preferably. My main advise is: never show you are vulnerable. If you let a person carry your bag another will come and offer another stuff and goes on and on. So far I never felt unsafe there, its just crowded and messy as any other border usually is. Customs were easy and fast, without any kind of problems.
Feita em 8 de março de 2020
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Mashumi K Mzaidume
1 contribuição
We were in Zambia as tourists from 12 to 15 February 2020. It was our first time in the country. Beautiful place, but I cannot say the same of our reception at the Zambian side of the Kazungula Border Post. Admittedly our experience is not altogether unique and I have to concede that we should perhaps have been better prepared. Our lives may also have been complicated by incidents of xenophobia directed by South Africans at other Africans.

Be that as it may, and despite the fact that the Web is littered with not very dissimilar accounts to ours, I believe it is altogether necessary for a South African, a black South African to lay bare the posturing and hypocrisy of institutions such as the Southern African Customs Union (SACU), Southern African Development Community (SADEC) and the African Union (AU).

The severity of the unsolicited warnings that we were given by the immigration officials on the Botswana side of the border about the treatment that was going to be meted out to us if we were not vigilant could not have prepared us for the ordeal that followed. The treatment was 10 times worse than our experience at the Ressano Garcia Border Post in Mozambique, a country which as a result I have sworn I will never visit again, God permitting! Like someone said, the whole experience was “soul sucking” and “painstakingly difficult”!!! It is not for the timid. It is like running the gauntlet!!!

I would have thought that one of the strategies for attracting and retaining tourists by a country whose economy relies to a degree on tourism is to make the reception of tourists friendly - transparent, inexpensive, uncomplicated and efficient. There is no need for tourists to jump through hoops before gaining admission and having access to amenities. After all, what the tourists are bringing to the country is their hard earned discretionary income, income which they have the choice of spending some place else. They do not have an obligation to spend it in a particular country. That does not appear to be understood in Zambia.

We were at the Kazungula border post for the better part of 4 hours being harassed and taken advantage of by locals - touts and buskers as somebody said - fixers, conmen and knaves to me - within sight of and most probably the complicity of Zambian immigration officials, customs officials and the police. In fact, the whole system appears to have been deliberately designed to be a trap for the unwary.

First, one can only pay the ferry fee when already on board the ferry. The exchange rates dictated by the operators of the ferry are preposterous and worse if you do not have the correct currency. I also find it strange that a national border crossing facility is privately owned and not controlled by 2 purportedly cooperating sovereign states.

Second, the supposed “verification” of the ownership of our vehicle by a representative of “Interpol” who insisted on “Police Clearance” from South African authorities was ludicrous. We did not have such “Police Clearance”. What we did have were the original registration documents for the vehicle and the vehicle was paid-up. The “representative from Interpol” (a probably false designation intended to awe and intimidate) eventually and with a little show of deference/docility from us and nothing more, had the vehicle cleared. The whole exercise was a show, it was a sham.

Third, there was the currency exchange office which was conveniently closed or unattended when we needed US$20 to pay for a road toll. Strange that a sovereign country with a sovereign currency would insist on being paid in a foreign currency and not the domestic one for a tax which is 100% domestic!!!

Fourth, a third party “insurance agent” (a “pastor” or “prophet” I am made to understand) was shadowing us from the time we boarded the ferry and was obviously acting in collusion with the representative of “Interpol”. He was on hand to advance us a US$20 loan to pay a toll fee. He insisted that the loan was worth twice the going exchange rate when I needed to refund him.

Fifth, the same third party “insurance agent” later insisted on selling us third party insurance for 3 months at 3 times the cost when we were only going to be in Zambia for 3 days.

Sixth, the policeman to whom we reported the fraud purported to register our complaint and promised to refer it to a detective the following day only to discover on our leaving Zambia 3 days later through the same border post that he had done no such thing.

Seventh, the policeman who eventually registered our complaint on our return obviously thought we were either fools wasting valuable police time or that defrauding foreigners was of no consequence. We still have not heard from the Zambian Police.

To be fair, two customs officials who identified the fraudster as a known clearing agent did try to assist us with recovering what we had been defrauded, but by then the swindler was nowhere to be found, was not answering his mobile phone and his office was closed for the duration of our stay in Zambia.

I am honestly of the view that all of these problems can be easily and permanently resolved by the Zambian authorities. Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho offer a good example of what can be done. The problem with Zambia and Mozambique in my view is that there is a total lack of political will to do anything about them by the authorities. The authorities basically condone criminality. All the activities take place in areas where they have jurisdiction and complete authority.

Perhaps the Zambian government can afford to be complacent about this matter. After all it is said that tourism is the fastest growing sector in the Zambian economy contributing more than 6.3% to GDP. Let’s hope it lasts.

It is regrettable though that I will not be visiting Zambia again any time soon!!! Pity too that visitors that are not from the African continent view this whole episode, this aberration, as an African phenomenon, an African thing that one has to live with. It reminds me of the African National Congress in South Africa voting in Parliament against a motion of no confidence in Zuma when there was incontrovertible evidence that he was incompetent and corrupt, and Republicans in the US Congress voting to acquit Trump of impeachment charges in the face of evidence suggesting otherwise.
Feita em 29 de fevereiro de 2020
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Danny V
Utrecht, Países Baixos24 contribuições
Hectic, lots of people, lots of fixers. Yelling police officers etc. Does someone would like to know more or want to receive more info... pls let me know
Feita em 9 de fevereiro de 2020
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22 contribuições
Not for the faint-hearted.
Custom was such a breeze though, the problems was getting the car cleared.
Make sure you look up on all the required documents before making your trio past the border.
You cannot tell who the officials are and who are not.
You will be robbed easily by those pretending to be officials and officials will not even protect you.
Be prepared to pay a bribe just to be cleared even when you have the required documentation.

Always make sure that you get to the border way in advance before the closing time as they will delay and frustrate you until closer to their knock-off time.

A wonderful and frustrating experience being in the different part of the world.
Always remain calm and respectful when communicating with officials
Feita em 11 de novembro de 2019
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Londres, UK462 contribuições
We were travelling from Botswana to Zambia with a 4x4 hire car... in total took us 2.5 hours so not too bad! As previous posts you don’t queue with the lorries or you’ll be there for weeks! With the bridge being built there are a lot of road works on the Botswana side so it was a little complicated with how to get there but managed it in the end! After getting our exit stamp we drove right to the front and were first onto the next ferry! Quick as anything!
Ferry cost us 200Pula. Then you drive up and park outside the immigration building, lots of people saying they’ll look after your car, the usual. So then we queued for visas(KAZA) which was $50. Then we had to get interpol to inspect our car and documents and stamp a piece of paper, then customs signed the form. Next we went through to the council building and filled in another form, then paid our carbon tax (200Kwacha) then we realised we were $4 short for the road toll... so then we got some cash out and headed for the bureau de change just outside the gate. Exchanged some pula for dollar. At the same time bought our insurance (there are various private businesses but it’s the same price K162) so then we came back inside the border, paid our council levy (K30) then finally our road toll... $38 for our Namibian vehicle. One last inspection of all our mountainous documents at the gate and we were outta there! So you NEED cash in the following:
Dollar for visa and road toll.
Kwacha for carbon tax, insurance and council levy.
Anything for the ferry but NO CARD anywhere so be prepared.
Despite all this was a great experience, in no rush to do it again and thankful for each of the officers telling us where to go next! Haha
Goodluck to anyone doing it soon! My advise would be to read a blog beforehand, we did and felt way more prepared than some of the other tourists doing it by themselves with a hire car.
Feita em 7 de outubro de 2019
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Kumi M
Palo Alto, Califórnia1.465 contribuições
there are border crossings, and then there are border crossings.
this one is truly different.

For this crossing, you need to board a ferry to take you across. chances are, you're going to cross that day.
But from what our tour guide explained to us, if you're a truck driver, you may not even cross within the week. Some trucks wait for almost a month before they can get ferried across by the two large boats moving back and forth between the borders.
It seriously looks sketchy too!

The Zambia side is pretty crowded. Once you get to the Botswana side, things mellow out a bit. The crowds may pick up a bit in the evening when tours are returning.

Get your KAZA VISA in advance and online before you travel. SERIOUSLY. GET it ONLINE if it's possible. Waiting for almost 2 hours in the airport isn't fun. Or if you think it might be fun, then just get it at the airport.
Feita em 20 de setembro de 2019
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Santiago, Chile42 contribuições
bueno, es un paso fronterizo no es bonito pero es interesante cruzar por que se experimenta lo que hacen a diario los habitantes de la zona cruzando el rio zambeze (el mismo que cae en las cataratas victoria) entre zambia y botsuana , ademas es paso obligado para llegar a Kasane y visitar el parque nacional chobe, desde livingstone llegamos en taxi demorando una hora aproximadamente.
Feita em 7 de setembro de 2019
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Jenny i
Katima Mulilo, Namíbia614 contribuições
It is a great service that is effective. The bridge does not look like it will be completed soon. If there are massive truck queues as a car you can drive past and get preferential treatment. The Zambian border is a nightmare and very badly organised. Be patient and go through the 8 steps you need to do. Do not use the runners it is not necessary.
Feita em 15 de julho de 2019
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