GuBoXuanGuan ChenLieGuan

GuBoXuanGuan ChenLieGuan, Gong County

GuBoXuanGuan ChenLieGuan - Gong County
Museus especializados • Locais históricos • Locais religiosos
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Austin G
Chengdu, China118 contribuições
abr de 2018 • Amigos
I've never been to a place quite like this. One, the fact that it's essentially a cemetery makes it unique as a "travel destination", but the real thing is the proximity of it to the village. It's so striking to see people going about their daily lives literally in the shadow of these hanging coffins; if you want to drive from Luobiao to another of the small villages in the area, you HAVE to pass that. Think of that, and ponder the implications of it!

Practically speaking, you have to take a bus from Chengdu to Gong County (Gongxian), then from Gong County to Luobiao village. It's about a 8-9 hour trip. You'll have to stay in the big hotel in town and then go the next day. I'd advise walking there - taking the same road that passes the police station you go to in order to "sign in" upon arrival. It's 3km or less to get to the hanging coffins. About a 30-minute walk or so.

It's 20 yuan to get in, and that includes the museum. I'd say do the little museum first. No English, no photos, but they have one of the coffins in there as well as a few photos and a reconstruction of what the Bo people would have looked like.

The site itself is one or two cliff faces, as well as a cave that doesn't go back too far. It's not a huge place, but the view is fantastic, and imagining how the Bo people must have hung the coffins is mindblowing. It's really something special. I'd say it's DEFINITELY worth a visit.

Bring water - can't buy it or any snacks anywhere around.

Also, if you don't speak Chinese or have a Chinese person with you to help you out, forget coming here - nobody speaks any English at all. Please take this into consideration before coming. My friends and I all speak Chinese, so we were alright, but I cannot imagine how someone could go there without the language. This is deep China.
Feita em 10 de abril de 2018
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