Permian Reef Geology Trail

Permian Reef Geology Trail, Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Permian Reef Geology Trail - Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Permian Reef Geology Trail - Guadalupe Mountains National Park
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Arlon M
Por Arlon M
Nice walk up the mountain but near brutal in July heat
jul de 2013
Esta é uma excelente caminhada para o do ponto inclinado. Para alguém que não em geologia, é apenas uma caminhada com uma bela vista no topo. Esta trilha está perto de 8 km ida e volta com uma pequena caminhada na parte superior. Há cerca de 2000 pés de ganho de elevação. É uma caminhada difícil para alguém não utilizados para a elevação ou calor. Eu tenho feito esta caminhada duas vezes, uma vez na primavera com calor e gravar novamente em Julho com o calor normal. Eu não acho que vou fazer esta caminhada novamente no verão ou durante uma onda de calor se eu não estou na trilha em 8am. Penso que seria uma grande caminhada para o outono inverno ou primavera. Há pouca sombra própria sobre esta trilha. Tenha cuidado com o tempo, tempestades a maioria vem de NW e você não vai saber que estão a chegar se você está na trilha para cima ou para baixo. Eles podem vir para a montanha muito rápido. Comecei a caminhada às 10h e terminou às 3h com algumas paragens para ler sobre a geologia da guia de serviços do parque. Recomendo para baixo a carregar o guia para o mapa da trilha se nada mais. Levar um monte de água e um pouco de comida. Eu fui através de um 20 oz dink de esportes e toda a água em um 100oz camel back. Eu coloquei um monte de gelo no camel back e água fresca para toda a caminhada. Trazer pelo menos uma câmara de bolso, as vistas do topo são bastante agradáveis. Os banheiros bons no trail head.

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Robert J
Lake Jackson, United States440 contribuições
abr de 2018 • Casais
Start this hike at the visitor center where you ask the ranger for a trail guide that gives you the descriptions of what to look for at each numbered point along this trail. The guide is very helpful for finding fossils and interpreting the history and geology of this site. The hike takes you up to the base of the reef and then you climb to the top. You'll see different types of fossils at different locations in relation to the original reef. From the top, as well as all along the trail, you'll enjoy good views of the area to the east as well as of the McKittrick canyon area and the people hiking into it. You'll hear them talking but they have no clue you are up above looking down on them. Maybe this is how a mountain lion feels as it looks down on hikers from its mountain lair!
Feita em 29 de abril de 2018
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Glenmoore, PA5.088 contribuições
dez de 2017 • Família
We entered the Mckittrick canyon which is towards Whites city. We parked at the little visitir center where they have a movie and restrooms. We did the nature trail first which .5 miles. We had a wonderful day of hiking at the Permian trail. We passed a river full of pebbles. It's a long trail but you don't have to do all of it.
Feita em 27 de dezembro de 2017
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Oscar Arrunada
El Paso, Texas, United States66 contribuições
fev de 2017 • Amigos
Very nice and educational hike. Going up we were stopping at the marked points along the trail , and reading off the guide pamphlet about the geology and history of the reef, you can see beautiful fossils along the way. Once at the ridge , the vegetation is completely different , and the views from the top are spectacular , we hiked to the New Mexico side, set our tents, and went back to the ridge just in time for the sunset, with beautiful colors. Great hike with great views. !!!
Feita em 6 de fevereiro de 2017
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James M
Burleson, TX5 contribuições
out de 2014 • Amigos
I've been on this trail many times so it's difficult to pinpoint time and purpose. I've climbed to the ridge with friends, solo, and also for trail maintenance with a Sierra Club crew. It climbs above McKittrick Canyon and has some spectacular views down into the canyon and also of the Guadalupes themselves. I've had college geology but don't pretend to understand the scientific diversity and importance of this trail even with a guidebook and the frequent signage. I know it's always a relief to hit the top of the ridge and comtinue on a relatively flat trail to the New Mexico line. I've never camped there as I've always done this trail as a day hike but I'm hoping to remedy that later this year.
Feita em 21 de setembro de 2015
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Sean K
Ackerly, TX79 contribuições
jun de 2015 • A sós
Previous reviews have accurately noted that this trail has two distinct zones, the ascent and the plateau at the top. These measure approximately 3 miles to ascent 2000 feet and one relatively flat mile to reach the campground. Another three quarters of a mile along the plateau will take you to the gate that separates the park from New Mexico and the Lincoln National Forest.

Also as noted, the trail us inaccessible until 8:00 AM Mountain Time, meaning the summer heat WILL be upon you. My trip, mid June, started out quite warm and ended up downright HOT. I carried a full gallon of water for the 10 mile hike and drank very nearly all of it by 2:30 PM when I got back to my car. Along the ascent and descent, there are essentially no areas shaded by trees. You will have some shade in the AM as the mountain grants some shade, but with the sun overhead after 10 AM or so, that's it. The gate is closed before the setting sun goes beyond the western features.

The ascent has 28 numbered markers that note geological features, events, and fossils. An annotated trail guide is also available, to describe each marker's significance. A geology person could have a nice cooler hike in winter, focusing on the rocks instead of the flora.

I, however, deliberately waited for summer to be sure that all the plants would be greened up and others blooming. If one is making the hike and not particularly interested in the geology, this one is a test of will. With one notable exception, the first half of the hike has essentially one view: The drainage wash of McKittrick Canyon. The second half of the ascent overlooks two smaller drainage features north of McKittrick. Neither of these views is "astounding" and neither changes appreciably along the ascent, so one has got to be internally motivated (or travel with friends) to finish the ascent.

Once the climb is over, the scenery is instantaneously greener, along the flatter mesa atop Wilderness Ridge. Meandering a few tenths of a mile takes you to a rocky overlook, where you can see deep into South McKittrick Canyon, although North McKittrick is still not completely into view.

Continuing another few tenths takes you to other overlooks and the Wilderness Ridge campground. The campground is among the trees and shady, and the overlooks give very impressive views of North and South McKittrick Canyon.

A few more tenths and you reach the boundary of Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

Please take a peek at the images, which are the mail reason I waited for the heat to hike.
Feita em 29 de junho de 2015
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Rio Rico, AZ50 contribuições
jun de 2013 • A sós
I agree with everything Arlon said in his review. Just thought I'd add a few additional comments and photos. I did this hike the 2nd week of June, and as Arlon said, it's hot and there's no shade. The problem with doing this hike in the summer is that you can't access the trailhead until the McKittrick Canyon gate opens at 8AM. So there's no starting at daybreak (or earlier) to beat the heat. I was on the trail by 8:30 and it took me until almost 1PM to get to the top of the ridge with a 30 pound pack. I stopped several times for rest/photo breaks. I spent the night at the Wilderness Ridge backcountry campsite. Nice campsites. Plenty of shade. Don't know how much protection there would be from the wind, it was pretty calm when I was there. The campsites are pretty close together so if someone else was around you wouldn't have a whole lot of privacy, but there was no one else there so I had the whole place to myself. :) After setting up camp I hiked over to the New Mexico border, about a mile or so. Beautiful views into McKittrick Canyon all along the ridge top. The trail keeps going into the Lincoln National Forest in New Mexico if you're wanting some more hiking. Saw some elk along the trail right around sundown. If you want a nice view into the canyon without doing the entire trail, the 1st photo I'm posting was taken about halfway up the trail.
Feita em 6 de setembro de 2013
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Arlon M
Midland, TX250 contribuições
jul de 2013 • Amigos
This is an excellent walk for the geologically inclined. For someone not into geology, it's just a hike with a nice view at the top. This trail is close to 8 miles round trip with a little walking on top.
There is about 2000 feet of elevation gain. It's a tough hike for someone not used to the elevation or heat. I've done this hike twice, once in spring with record heat and again in July with normal heat. I don't think I'll do this hike again in the summer or during a heat wave unless I'm on the trail by 8am. I think it would be a great hike for fall winter or spring. There is VERY little shade on this trail.

Beware of weather, most storms come from the NW and you won't know they are coming if you're on the trail up or down. They can come over the mountain pretty quick.

Started the hike at 10am and finished at 3pm with some stops to read about the geology from the park services guide. Highly recommend down loading the guide for the trail map if nothing else. Carry a lot of water and some food. I went through a 20 oz sports dink and all of the water in a 100oz camel back. I put a lot of ice in the camel back and nice cool water for the entire hike.

Bring at least a pocket camera, the views from the top are pretty nice.

Good bathrooms at the trail head.
Feita em 8 de julho de 2013
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