Église Saint-Pierre-de-La-Bonneville

Église Saint-Pierre-de-La-Bonneville, La Bonneville-sur-Iton

Église Saint-Pierre-de-La-Bonneville - La Bonneville-sur-Iton

Église Saint-Pierre-de-La-Bonneville - La Bonneville-sur-Iton

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Gordon W
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Beautiful examples of François Décorchemont's unique windows
abr de 2018 • Casais
Whilst the windows in this church by François Décorchemont (1880-1971) have neither the vastness or the magnificent grandeur of those in the Église Sainte-Odile in Paris (which we have also reviewed), they are nonetheless beautiful examples of Décorchemont's unique work.

Décorchemont pioneered – and remains today – the only exponent of the pâte de verre technique, which utilised crushed glass to create windows of extraordinary luminosity and detail.

The five windows depict different events: the Virgin receiving the Three Wise Men; St Genevieve provisioning Paris; Etienne Boileau presenting the 'Book of the Trades' to King Louis IX; Joan of Arc returning (?) to Pius II; and an unnamed window depicting children on their way to mass at a church.

The detail in these windows is extraordinary.

In the Boileau window, for example, Décorchemont has depicted the tools and measures used in the gold and silversmithing trades. Boileau was the author of the 'Goldsmiths Statute of 1260', a collection of statutes of the Parisian trade guilds, including those for gold and silver alloys. (What did we do before Google!).

Similarly, in the 'Mass' window, you can see details such as the rosary beads held by the children and pleating in a little girl's skirt. Quite extraordinary!

The windows are a 'must see' for lovers of church windows (like us)!
Feita em 29 de agosto de 2018
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